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Story Notes:

This is a explanatory channel with the good stuff towards the end. The next chapter will be all good stuff.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Well I was planning one this only being one chapter but I got lazy and will probably write the rest some other times. Now i know that some other people have wanted me to continue my other stories and I shall get around to them soon but right now I'm just too lazy.

In the distant future, technology has advanced to the point that interstellar travel is a part of everyday life. Moving from one distant solar system to the next is just another means of transportation. With earth being seriously over populated the means to transport millions of people off world for good felt like some gift from god and so many humans left earth and colonized new planets. The first solar system they came across had 15 earth like planets which all soon became new homes.

This sister solar system (The Aura system) became a beacon of civilization and the people their flourished for hundreds of years. The moons orbiting the planets become terraformed and too housed human life. Things seemed to be going good until a disastrous discovery was made which would soon be the end of their paradise.

Scientists discovered that the sun at the centre of the Aura System was about to go Nova and it wasn't going to be long before every planet in the system was swallowed up by its' expanding form. With the population and technological developments so great it was unthinkable to simply up and leave the system for a new home. They didn't even have the technology to transport most of their people and their ships were too small to carry everything they needed. All hope seemed to be lost, until a message came from their birth planet: Earth.

Having heard about the news of their impending doom the scientists of Earth had come up with an interesting solution for their problems. They were going to transport the entire Aura system to Earth and then teleport them to a new star that wasn't anywhere close to imploding. Now, the scientists on Ouran (The leader planet of the Aura system, were very sceptical of such a project and didn't believe that any technology even existed. However, with an imminent death approaching the council had almost no choice but to agree to such a proposal.

Back on earth a large laboratory was being used to study particle dimensions and discovering new ways to interact with atoms in ways never thought possible. This lab was going to be used to transport the Aura system from light years away and shrink the whole system down so that they could be housed for a short period of time then teleported to another system.

Now, very few people knew that anything to do with the Aura system was taking place. No one knew that they were being transported in such a way and most people believed that the sun had simply imploded and destroyed the entire system. Only key personnel and the head scientist (Dr. Clark) knew what was taking place. This was obviously so that no one would even think about breaking in and taking the most valuable thing known to man and the technology that caused it. However, they didn't count on a mother and her daughter arriving.

Susan was a 38 year old single mother who worked at the laboratories as a theoretical physicist. Well, that was her cover at least. She was actually an international spy who had infiltrated the la to steal government secrets and she was going there today to do just that. With her was her teenage daughter Megan who had just finished a soccer match and was coming with her mother while she dropped off some files at work (Or at least that's what she thought)

Now, you might be thinking "Wait, an international spy taking her daughter on a mission to steal government secret? Really?". Yes, since no one would expect someone like her to actually be a suspect. The reason why it seemed strange that she would take her daughter along was the exact reason why she was taking her. 

Entering the building, Susan swiped her card into several doors and left her daughter in the waiting room. The waiting room was more of a crossroads which lead to the exit and then branched out to several key areas in the facility. This child was in a place that the general public would never stand and all she did was kick her chair in boredom.

"Megan, don't move, okay?" Susan was about to step through the thick bolted doors which lead to her information sector. "Don't do anything. I'll be out shortly"

"Yeah, yeah. You know us children just love sitting around doing nothing. I'll be fine"

"If you get bored just kick your ball around" With that Susan pulled the door shut which gave a 'whirring' sound as the thick mechanical locks sealed it and the pressure readjusted.

"Just kick your ball around" Megan imitated her mother irritated. Had she forgotten that her team had lost to the Fungii?

The Fungii was the nick name her team called the people from the planet "Fungun", a small planet in the Aura system. Their team had trashed Megan's having a lead of 20 points. Once the game was over the team had transported back to their planet with their trophies held high above their heads. In irritation Megan kicked her ball hard which bounced off the wall and hit her in the head, annoying her further.

"Not fair, their world has better gravity!" She grumbled, rubbing her face "Of course they were going to be stronger and faster than us!" Fungun did have higher gravity than normal planets which made its people naturally stronger than others. However it also made then several inches shorter than earth children, something that Megan's team took personally. After all, they got beaten by a bunch of munchkin people!

As Megan was huffing her breath in bordem, Susan was sneaking through the labs without being seen. She had clearance to be here but she would prefer if no one saw her anyway. When she made it to her console she pulled out a small disk she was hiding in her bra and inserted it into the computer. Once loaded up the effect was immediate with all the lights going out and all the computers going down. This meant all the locks were disengaged.

Closing her eyes hard, Susan activated her secondary pupils which she had illegally planeted into her eyes so that she could see better in the dark. Waltzing down the corridors she easily avoided everybody she came across since they couldn't see her and made her way to the hive computer. The place which held all the information she needed.

Now, you might think that wouldn't there be security to prevent people braking into the Hive system? Well, there would, but they were slightly preoccupied. The virus that Susan had uploaded had disengaged all locks and there were many areas more valuable than the one she was heading for. all the security would be heading there and the minor security forces would be trying to get power back on. The Hive room would be completely deserted except for a scientist or two who wouldn't even be able to see her.

Back to Megan, she was in total darkness and freaking out. She had no idea what was going on and wanted her mom right now. However, as she hugged her ball in fright she noticed a strange blue light coming from one of the no longer concealed chambers. Walking through the door she came into a large room the same size as her school gymnasium and there were bright colours everywhere with something strange floating in the centre of the room.

Now, the reason why this rooms power wasn't completely switched off was because it was running on a completely different system. A system that wasn't even techically part of the labs. This was so that people wouldn't go "Hey, where is all that power being diverted to and go snooping around and find that an entire Planetary system was being held in the labratories. And so the entire had almost full power except for the standard units that ran off of base labratory systems. Such as the security cameras and the door locks.

The room was also completely deserted (Well, excepted for the trillions of people on the plents and moons) because Dr. Clark had decided to take a small potty break. The security doors for the bathrooms ran on different systems, more localised, systems and so instead of being unlocked they were now locked shut and unable to be opened even with a security card. Susan decided this would be effective as it would limit people's movements and give her more time to get what she needed, However, it also happened to leave the Aura system completely defenceless.

The room was large and oval with a huge tranparent blue barrier surrounding the system. This barrier was designed create false signals for the people on the plaents. Only key officials on Ouran knew what was happening while everyone else still beleived that they were circling their imploding star. But they weren't, they were shrunk down to the size of marbles and circling a small yellow fusion generator which was creating the appearance and acting as their sun. However, with Megan now entering the room things were readily noticed.

She didn't know what she was looking at and so simply walked through the blue barrier over to the control panel. Not knowing that as she strode through the system her body collided with the Piscus and Malan moons of the Freza planet (One of the furthest out planets). Piscus crashed uncerimoniously into the little girls damp shoulder, being destroyed immediately, while Malan whizzed by her head and crashed within her ear. The entire civilization met a horrific end deep within the girls ear wax.

Megan approached the console and scanned it, reading the few lare words she could. "Aura", "Contaimnet", "-- Adjustment". The level which said "Adjustment looked like it was ripe for pulling and Megan wanting to know what it did. Once her hand made contact there was an immediate reaction of bright lights flashing and the large blue barrier behind her developed another strange barrier. Large white lines surrounded the system creating a complete rectangular prism. This was the system showing what it was locked onto (Which was the entire system) and was a similar action as clicking on an icon on a computer and that icon changing colour slightly. Now, once she touched the lever the security system should have gone off because her DNA didn't match up with Clarke's but the security was obviously down.

Pulling the lever, Megan noticed strange round balls growing within the blue containment field until the smallest ball was the size of a tennis ball. They looked oddly familar and she wondered where she had seen them from slowly walked up to a small, marble sized one. It hard blue and green stuff all over it and she swear she sawing tiny shimmering lights. Bending over closer to it she gave the strange object a quick sniff before immediately pulling back and giving a snotty sneeze on the tiny ball. Having allergies she should probably avoid things with dust on them,

For the tiny planet itself the exprience was far different. Looking up into their once dark sky they saw the terrifying image of a giant girl approaching their planet. Her large face taking up the entire sky with her beautiful black hair sinking down below the horizon. Her face showed innocent curiosity as she stared down at the civilization but that didn't stop riots from breaking out as terror ensued. And their terror was well placed as the face approached impossibly close until a single nostril took up the entire sky with the whole country having a perfect view into her snot filled sinuses.

Then she started to breath and it seemed like the entire continent was being ripped up from it's foundations. Buildings, cars, trees, people, mountains and oceans all rose up into the air with the entire atmosphere as it entered her cave of a nose. Rises up at tremendous speed, the country flew into her nose and collided with her 'tiny' child nose hairs and spread through her mucus, sinking as more debris fell through. The dust civilization seemed to have a bad reaction to their goddess as her entire face contorted and shook as she pulled back, inhaling deeply until she finally let loose and planet wide hurricane. Sneezing onto the planet almost destroyed the entire side she was facing and her snot easily spread to the rest of the world. It's warm stickiness too powerful for the planets military forces as it consumed everything.

Chapter End Notes:

Tell me how you think. I'm always open to new ideas and suggestions.

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