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Author's Chapter Notes:

Some transformation and vore but mostly it's the girls investigating their victim.

Emily and Casey continued their stalking of the young blonde, observing her friends and fellow classmates, trying to determine who they should make disappear first. Of course they had already made her boyfriend disappear but she was under the influence of the daze spell at the time and so she might actually forget about him completely, either that or she'll just push him from her mind. No, what they needed was a person she would clearly remember and instantly recognize their sudden disappearance.

As they walked around the campus surveying their prey the two witch girls took in the magnificent sight of the school. The courtyard truly was quite beautiful and Casey's eyes were open with joy as she face lit up with excitement.

"Look at all these people! And the buildings! and the pretty, pretty flowers! They're everywhere!" She truly did look like a child on her first picnic and Emily  shook her at her friends actions.

"Cat, it's just a school. You've seen better-"

"Just because I've seen better doesn't mean I can't enjoy this one. Ohh, I know, let's get a person from here! As a souvenir!"

"You're losing focus, my dear" Emily lovingly patted Casey's hair "We're here to observe our lovely blonde. Not to pick up pets"

"Hmm, I guess you're right. But promise me that when we're finished with her we'll come back and get some people! You know I love students!"

"I promise"

The blonde appeared to be talking with a grown man with short grey hair and glasses. Judging from his professional clothing and straight posture he was most certainly a teacher. Her teacher, maybe? Lifting up her hand Emily cast a simply spell to be able to hear their conversation from this distance.

"-But sir, we still haven't done all the preparation. We need at least another week before know everything. Right now all we know is that it is going to be in the teacher's lounge"

Teacher's lounge? Preparation? Are they holding an event? And even more our blonde appears to be head of the committee organizing it. My, she must be smart, it'll be fun watching her mind change.

"Of course, if you need more time then that's acceptable. They still aren't leaving for another two weeks so you have until then to finish everything-"

Leaving? Someone is leaving? Of course, and this is a going away party that they're holding. It must be a student leaving, why else would another student be planning the party. Interesting.

The teacher walked away and the Blonde continued to talk with her friends. Emily turned back to Casey to tell her what she had learned and she found Casey stuffing her face with a hotdog at least 4 times larger than what it should have been.

"Where'd you get that?" Casey pointed over to a small vendor shop selling the hotdogs, but of course those hotdogs were normal sized.

"You shouldn't interact with the people, you'll remove our shadow spell"

"I didn't buy it from him! The man selling was so cute I could have just eaten him up!" With that the beauty gave a cute wink and went back to eating her enlarged meal.

Emily looked back at the vendor stand and noticed that the shop keeper was in fact missing and it didn't take her too long to guess where he was. Transformation was another gifted spell that Casey had developed which Emily did not possess. She was able to turn people into Objects. Looking back at the hotdog in her friends hand an evil smile curled across her face as she once again patted her on the head and continued her observation of the Blonde.

A group of students had now gathered around the vendor shop trying to find where the shop keeper had gone. Some had taken it upon themselves to quickly steal a few meals while others waited patiently for his return. However, he would never return as he had now found himself being the unsuspecting meal of Casey who was making "Om Nom Nom" sounds with each bite.

The Blonde looked at her watch and immediately stopped the conversation she was having with her friends. She turned and left for the main building in a slight hurry, leaving the small group of girls behind. She wanted to continue watching the Blonde but also wanted to speak with her friends. Get to know them, see what they were like, maybe find out which of them would disappear first. Turning to Casey (Who was putting the last of the hotdog in her mouth) she asked her to speak with the group of girls.

"Disguise yourself and speak with them. I want to know what each of them are like and what their relation to The Blonde is. I'll continue stalking her while you have your chat, o.k?"

Putting her hands up in a salute, Casey said "Sure thing, Milly! Just make sure you don't go shrinking anyone. That's naughty, Hmm?"

And so the two witches separated to investigate their separate cases; Emily with The Blonde, and Casey with the group. Being a kind looking and caring individual Casey was able to befriend most people quite quickly which is why she was the best when getting information out of people. Walking up to the group she cast a quick disguise spell to make herself look different and stood behind a short red head.

"Ahem. Excuse me!" The group turned around at the sound of the soft voice of a girl dressed in what was obviously not a school uniform. However, she looked young enough to be in this school. Maybe she was a new student who didn't know the dress code. "Could you tell me who that girl was?"

The group consisted of five girls. The youngest was the short red head who wore pigtails and had a shy expression on her face. She looked unnerved standing so close to a stranger. There were two oriental twins who looked to be in the same year as The Blonde and stared at Casey with curious eyes. Another Blonde who was the meanest look of the group and was possibly annoyed that a stranger interrupted her. Either that or she just had a naturally negative look. And last was a dark skinned girl who was the tallest of the group by far. Not only did she look like she was a year higher than the rest but looked naturally tall for her age. Casey knew that Emily would love to meet her.

"Why do you want to know?" The blonde said. "If you want to know her go talk to her"

The two twins spoke one after the other.

"Hey, come on Angela-"

"She Just asked a question."

"You really need to learn to speak more nicely"


The twins spoke simultaneously.

"You'll never get a boyfriend" The girl laughed at their little teasing and turned to face Casey once again.

"But is there a reason you want to know? It is strange to just ask about someone randomly" The dark skinned girl asked.

"Oh, I'm just curious-"

"Well we're not a library. Like I said if you want to know who she is go and ask her yourself" Angela said, not even looking at Casey.

"Be quiet" Casey said, her finger pointing at angela's face and pushed up against her nose. The girl went silent. She then bent down and hugged the red head. "Couldn't you just pretty please tell me who she is.

"Um ... She's Marie Nite" The red head squeaked, completely taken aback by her sudden situation "She's just our friend"

"Hmm? Are you her only friends?"

"Well ...Uh, no. I guess everyone would be her friend. She's really popular."

The twins looked at Casey and once again spoke simultaneously

"You're kind of weird, aren't you?"

"Yeah, are you like-" said one.

"From another country, or something?" said the other. 

"Oh, I just think she's super cute" Casey said, squeezing the red head tightly "What's your name cutey?"

"Uh ... Sandra?"

"Can I keep her?" Casey asked the group

"Um, no" Said the dark skinned girl "Anyway, I think we should get to class. bye" The group moved away like a herd of sheep moving away from an annoying animal. 

However, it would appear that Angela was having trouble walking. Apparently her shoes, pants, shirt and even underwear were suddenly a few sizes too big for her and she was having difficulty moving at all. Skipping towards the main building, Casey laughed as the disguise spell faded away and her gut gave a small groan as it digested her past meal.


Emily was stalking the halls of the school, glided past teacher and student alike without anyone even noticing her presence. The only person who would be able to see her would the Blonde and that's only because the rules of the game dictate it. The rules are that when you choose a victim you cannot use magic on them until the game is over, which is why you use magic on everyone else around them in order to drive the victim crazy. Plus it added some excitement to the game as there was the constant threat of being discovered by your prey.

The Blonde had stopped walking and entered a small room at the end of the corridor. Casting a spell, Emily listened in to what was happening.

"-It's so sad that she's leaving. I wish she didn't have to move" That was definitely the Blonde.

"Well her dad got a promotion which automatically means his entire family has to change for him. That's the way it always is" another female voice. This one was lighter but upset.

"Does Sandra like chocolate or strawberry best?"

"Um, I think it's caramel, actually" Who is this Sandra?

There was some more useless chit chat about decorations. Emily was starting to get bored.

"What are you doing after school?"

"I'm going to stay back and work on my project. It's almost due. I haven't had much time to complete it with all my other duties, and plus it's really hard."

"You haven't finished either, huh? I'll stay back with you and finish mine as well. It'll get done faster if i have someone to keep me focused" What's this? The Blonde is going to stay back with another girl. This could be a good opportunity.

Suddenly everything went dark and a cheery voice yelled "Guess who!"

"My lovely Cat, can you not do that?" Emily removed Casey's hands from her eyes and looked at her. "What did you learn?"

"Well, her name's Marie, she's apparently super popular and everyone's her friend! I don't think there's anyone who's her close friend, or at least none that I could see. But I did find this adorable little girl I just want to keep for myself"

"You always want to keep people for yourself"

"But being a cute little red-head automatically makes Sandra desirable. How can you resist her adorable little body." Casey sounded very much like a pervert at the moment, holding her hands up as if she were squeezing and tickling the small girl. However, Emily ears twitched at something she had said.

"Sandra? She has a friend called Sandra?"

"Um, I'm pretty sure that's what her name was. Isn't it such a cute name for a cute little girl, Hmm?"

"Yes, very cute. However, I do believe that they're throwing her a going away party. So, I'm afraid that you cannot keep her"

"Aww, that's sad. But if they're holding her a party that would be perfect for some magical fun, right?"

"That was my thinking, yes. How fun will it be to send her away permanently at her going away party?"

The door to the small room opened and the light voiced girl and the Blonde exited the room. Emily diverted her eyes to the posters on the wall but could tell that the Blonde still noticed her. However she continued walking down the corridor with the girl towards class. 

Chapter End Notes:

Tis is shaping up to be kind of fun.

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