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The bus slowly came to a stop outside the tall yellow sign allowing the small group of three people to board. Being a rather slow day the bus wasn't overly full and so the new passengers were able to sit where they liked.

Two of these passengers, Emily and Casey, were two gorgeous, young and highly confident women. They strode onto the vehicle without paying and strutted down the isle, sitting on the back seats, surveying the prey. The bus driver either didn't notice that these girls just jump aboard without payment or he didn't care as he went about charging the last man for his ticket.

In fact none of the passengers seemed to notice the two girls with not a single glance or head turn their way which was very peculiar as these women were noticeable in even the biggest crowds. They weren't exactly individuals you saw on a daily basis and yet the other people acted as if they didn't exist, as if only one person had boarded the bus, and there was a good reason for this.

With long flowing black hair, Emily was the very definition of fierce. Although her appearance didn't suggest anything sinister her eyes showed all that was needed being filled with confidence, charm and wickedness, along with their usual green hew. She wore and red bow upon her head which matched her red shirt under and black jacket and jeans. She could be best described as a predator, not showing her teeth until her prey was inches from her.

Casey however was almost the exact opposite with longer brown hair and dark blue eyes. Like Emily she had a wide smile but hers was filled with innocence and kindness, able to make any man instantly fall for her. Her clothes her also a deep contrast with Emily's as instead of being beautifully casual she looked as if she were going to a ball. The strange thing was that instead of a dress, as women would usually wear to such an occasion, she sported what could only be described as an amazing brown suit (Matching her hair) Which opened up in the vest to show her ample cleavage and tap shoes. Yes, that's right, Tap shoes. Everywhere this strange woman walked there was the clear sign of Tip, tap, tip tap.

The bus vibrated and roared back into life as the machine began to move down the road, the smaller cars zipping past the heavier vehicle. Casey looked excitedly out the window looking at the cool cars zooming past her as Emily remained transfixed at her prey below. The entire crew of this pathetic ride had no idea what just boarded their bus and that's the way she liked it. Using simple magic she was able to disguise their presence to everyone aboard by filling their heads with a daze. She could walk right up to them and slap them on the face and they wouldn't react. How perfect.

Casey continued her staring at the traffic with occasional "Ohh"s and "ahh"s as she entertained herself but Emily had more vicious means of fun. Not looking over at her friend Emily spoke To Casey.

"My dear Cat, what do you think about them?" She asked smoothly and calmly, her eyes fixed upon two individuals. Casey tore herself away from the window and looked at her friend, following her gaze down the isle until they came upon a teenage couple dressed in their uniforms heading for school, hands intertwined.

"Hmm, they look bo~oring" She spoke in a strangely quite tone. For someone who was so excited you would have expected her to be more high pitched and energetic and yet her face showed nothing and unenthusiasm.

"Well, they do kind of look dull all happy together" Emily said as she twirled her hand in the air. Almost instantly the boy disappeared from sight and the girl quickly began turning around trying to look for him.

The thing about daze magic is that the quickest way to snap someone out of it is to surprise them with something so sudden it shocks them out of it. However, Emily's magic was so strong that even though her boyfriend just disappeared the girl seemed overly unconcerned and merely started searching for him as if this was normal.

"Awesome!" Casey's face lit up in delight "How small did you make him?"

"Oh, dust size. I didn't really care what happened to him so I didn't really hold back. He's probably being inhaled through her nose by now. But that's unimportant to what we were discussing. How is our candidate now?"

"Hmm, well it would be interesting to see how she responds. It might even drive her insane! That'd be sweet"

"Then it's chosen. Our game shall start with her" Emily announced, pointing her finger directly at the pretty young blonde.

This game, they mentioned, was something that the two girls had developed over years of experimenting with their magic. Being more powerful then any human they were pretty unconcerned with the consequences of their actions and did what they please. However, they found that the best source of entertainment came from observing how people react, and eventually lose their minds, when subjected to unexplainable things.

It was a slow and exciting process as they watched each person try and explain what was happening around them without using magic as an explanation, which of course was the answer. And the best way that the two girls achieved this was by using their born powers, the magic they were born with, as their weapons.

Emily and Casey were actually the perfect team as their powers complemented each other so well. Casey was born with the ability to grow objects to any size but was unable to reduce the effect. Emily, was able to shrink things but unable to change them back. Once they discovered each other they became instant sisters to one another and developed their powers together until they had a mighty arsenal at their disposal.

But what exactly does this game entail? How do they drive their victims insane? Well, they stalk their victim and every so often make someone in their social circle disappear. First it's just random class mates, but then the teachers, then friends, lovers and family. Over the course of months this persons entire life disappears bit by bit and by using the daze spell the two witches can make it so that no one else notices anything. The only person to fully experience what is happening is the victim itself.

Emily would always laugh as she thought about her past victims and was always eager to start a new game. In fact, Casey would often have to stop her from going overboard too early on in the process, shrinking people left, right and centre to course a reaction. That wasn't how the game was played, and now that they have chosen a victim they could finally start again.

The bus stopped as the cute blonde got up, exiting the vehicle and heading for school. As she left she rubbed her nose, sniffing. Something must have irritated it. The two girls followed her off the bus, releasing the daze off the passengers and the blonde girl. Slowly she would realize that her boyfriend was gone and would remember nothing of what happened. 


Marie was beautiful 14 year old girl who attended WetWaker High with her boyfriend Mikeal. She was quite popular, being the class president and head of the cheer leader team, and one of the brightest students in the school. Many people said that she was gifted but in actuality it was due to her hard work and dedication that had allowed her to become so good at everything. She even had an amazing boyfriend who went to school with her and was head of the football team. Everyday they would ride the bus together but for some reason he didn't get on today. Or, well, he did get on but he had to go somewhere ... or something. Whatever, she'll probably see him in class or later today.

Walking up the steep steps to enter the court yard she was greeted by a giant campus which had enough space for a football field. Which was quite funny since their football field was right next to the campus and it was actually twice as big. She made her way towards the biology department as she started to feel this strange presence about her, like she was being watched or something. Of course this was nothing out of the ordinary as people looked at her all the time, being so popular, but this was different. 

Turning around she saw no-one but the usual crowd of boys flocking to the field of gaggles of first years running to get to their classes; nothing out of the ordinary just as she thought. Must just be her mind playing tricks on her.

Chapter End Notes:

Tell me what you think of this story. I don't know if it is actually going to become anything but hopefully I'll get some ideas. If you just want me to continue on my other works them feel free to tell me that too.

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