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Author's Chapter Notes:

Pasting from a phone is a pain but you'll see that at the end. Hope you guys enjoy and remember to not be too harsh on the review because this was done by phone.

Monday morning came around, and Stacy couldn't wait to meet up with her friends. After spending well over an hour trying on all of her new outfits, Stacy decided on a dark blue spaghetti strap top. Easily emphasizing her expanded bust, Stacy gave her chest one last squeeze before she left her room. Walking out into the living room, Stacy wasn't surprised to find a note from Rachel. The note told her that their group was going to meet at lunchtime outside of the local diner. Quickly grabbing a granola bar for breakfast, Stacy ran out the door to get to her class on time.

Stacy had a blast her first class period. It was a chemistry lab in which they had to create a ferrofluid, but with her expanded bust and a little flirting with the lab assistant, Stacy completed the lab in no time. The best part of the lab was seeing Amber seeping with jealousy. Amber was a girl that Stacy hated because she would look down on other, smaller girls. Amber was a natural D, but because of last night she was now the second largest girl in the class. Amber stook at an even 5'4" with short blond hair. At one point, Stacy squeezed by Amber letting her breasts rest on Amber's smaller ones. After saying "excuse me tiny", Stacy would continue flirting throughout the class.

By the time lunch came around, Stacy couldn't wait to meet up with her friends. Especially Jessi who was a blessed E cup. Jessi stood at 5'8" with short black hair and glasses. Jessi was an innocent girl, but she.
wouldn't be the biggest anymore if Stacy had anything to say about it. Walking up to their usual table, Stacy beamed at her friends. Rachel, Jessi, and Ashley had already started when Stacy got there. Ashley was a tiny red head who could barley fill a bra.
"What's wrong Jessi?" Asked Ashley noticing Jessi's discomfort.
"Nothing, my bra's just a little tight is all." Said Jessi adjusting her shirt.
"Will your chest ever stop growing? You only just bought that thing two weeks ago." Said Ashley.
Feeling the tingling sensation start in her chest, Stacy admired them grow into an E cup right before her eyes. Grabbing one in her hand, Stacy felt it grow until it settled into a large F cup. With the most recent growth, Stacy's top now stretched nicely across her bust. The strapes on her top had thickened to support the new weight that it held.
"Look on the bright side, if she continues to grow like this then Jessi might be able to wear one of my bras one day." Said Stacy wrapping one arm around Jessi's shoulder.
Pressing her left breast into Jessi's right, it was easy to tell that Jessi's was in fact smaller than her friend. Enjoying the sensation of Jessi's small, in comparison, breast pushed against her, Stacy was content on her size for now. No one on campus that she knew of was bigger than her, but Stacy thought of visiting a strip club one night just so that she could truly dwarf her busty friend one day. It wasn't until she heard Rachel snicker that she broke out of her daydream.
"What's so funny Rachel?" Asked Stacy.
"Just the fact that your best feature isn't that impressive." Said Rachel leaning forward on the table.
Pressing her own breasts against Rachel's on the table, it was easy to tell that Rachel was by far outclassed.
"Don't know what your talking about Rachel, being an easy F cup is quite impressive." Said Ashley looking that the two.
"I've always thought that mine were big until I met Stacy." Said Jessi.
Feeling a vibration in her pocket, Stacy pulled out her cellphone as Rachel started talking. Reading it real quick, it was from Rachel and said "do you remember my wish ;)". Looking back at Rachel, Stacy pondered what this ment.
"Yeah they are big for someone her size." Said Rachel.
At this instant, Stacy felt Rachel's bust rub against hers. Looking down Stacy was shocked to see that Rachel's bust starting to catch up in size. But it finally dawned on Stacy as Rachel soon surpassed her that Rachel's breasts weren't growing, Rachel was.
"But when compared to someone as big as me, my natural D cup makes hers seem tiny in comparison." Said Rachel.
"As I was saying, being an F cup is impressive, but against a D cup of someone who is fifteen feet tall, they seem tiny in comparison." Said Ashley.
Feelings of arousal and jealousy was flowing through Stacy as she took in how big her roomates chest was. Thinking of nothing, Stacy had to think of something.
"At least I have the biggest cup size in the group." Said Stacy.

Suddenly Stacy wished she hadn't had said that. At that instant, Rachel's chest expanded further dwarfing Stacy. By the time it stopped, Stacy estimated that Rachel supported a perfect G cup. At Rachels size, Stacy couldn't hope to ever compete. The top of Stacy's breast wasn't even close to where Rachel's nipples were. The width of Stacys breasted was insignificant compared to the four feet of breasts laying in front of her.
Grabbing Stacys hands, Rachel pressed them into her chest.
"When you sport something that is close to this size, then you can brag tiny." Laughed Rachel.

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