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Author's Chapter Notes:
I'm currently on a three hour car ride with only a phone. So I decided to make a short 2-3 chapter story. Sorry about any grammar mistakes and nogrowth this chapter. I am doing this by phone. Let me know what you think.
"My god Rachel, it really did work!" Exclaimed Stacy.
Stacy was your average freshman standing at 5'8". She was really pretty with gorgeous long blonde hair, but stacy was as flat as a board. Rachel on the other hand was a stunning brunette with short hair. Rachel spotted a nice rack, easily a d cup. Formerly standing at 5'1", Rachel now stretched her 6'2" frame in front of her stunned roomate.
"Best 40 bucks I've ever spent." Said Rachel admiring her new height.
"So how does it work?" Asked Stacy.
"You get only one wish and the statue takes care of all the rest. My wardrobe has changed to fit me, along with everybody's memory, except yours of course. To everyone else I've always been tall." Explained Rachel.
"But do I get a wish?" Asked Stacy.
"Of couse, you paid for half. Just hold the statue in both hands and speak your wish out loud." Said rachel.
"What did you wish for?"
"To change the body to the way that I wanted." Smiled rachel.
Looking down at the statue, Stacy started to examine it. It was a statue of a king of some sort, standing at 8" tall. One of its eyes was glowing a dull blue while the other was completely black. Thinking of what she wanted, Stacy found her self looking at Rachel's chest. She was always fond of the big ones, and now she could have one of her own. Why not go bigger, Stacy was a boob addict after all. Grabbing the statue in both hands, stacy held it out in front of her.
"I wish to have perfect boobs bigger than all my friends And those that I want to show up." Said Stacy.
Bursting out in laughter, Rachel couldn't help but finding that her friend made such a bold wish. Stacy was turning slightly red and was starting to feel uncomfortable until a tingling feeling started up in her chest. Both girls looking down now, they admired as Stacy's chest streched out into a C cup and still growing. Finally resting at an DD, Stacy couldn't help but notice how perfect they seemed. They didn't sag in the least and seemed to defy gravity. Grabbing one of the mounds in her hands, Stacy was satisfied with its firmness and weight. It wasn't till another hand started feeling her other one that she remembered she wasn't alone.
"Nice and firm." Said Rachel with approval.
"Your just a little smaller than Jessi is now." Said Rachel.
"But I wished to be bigger than my friends." Pouted stacy.
"You will be when you meet up with her, but you'll have to wait 8 hours." Said Rachel.
"Why 8 hours and when I see her." Asked Stacy.
"The magic needs time to recharge with each use, and by the type of wish you made the person has to be close to you. Of course they won't notice the change." Said Rachel.
"But I gotta go to bed for my class in the morning. Don't stay up to late playing with your little assets." Said Rachel.
"They'll always be bigger than yours." Laughed Stacy still feeling her chest.
"Only for a moment every 8 hours." Said Rachel closing her door.
Stacy couldn't care less of what she ment by that, but she
Chapter End Notes:
now had what she always wanted.

Next chapter will involve growth and some friendly one side competition. I'll also post a link to the picture that inspired this story. Again be nice in the reviews because this was done in a car on my phone.
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