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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is mostly a short foundational chapter to establish part of the cast.

 "This is bullshit," Marion said, slamming her fist against the fine wooden wall she was currently leaning on for support.


"And that's the tenth time you've said that in as many minutes," a voice answered from the impenetrable darkness of their confines, but Marion didn't need to see the owner to know who it was.


"Oh shut the fuck up, Stephanie," Marion growled. "If you haven't noticed, we're in some fucking girl's jewelry box and she's probably going to fucking kill us!"


Stephanie seemed to go quiet as Marion shrieked out that last bit, but only for a moment.


"Doesn't mean you have to be annoying as hell about it," Stephanie murmured. Marion kicked the wall with the back of her foot in response.


Things went quiet again for a few minutes, but for all Marion knew it could have been hours. It was hard to tell time in the pitch-black confines of this box, and all of their phones had been smashed upon their capture. They didn't even know how long they had been imprisoned at this point. Their captor had removed them occasionally for food, water, and a restroom break, but they had yet to see any indicators of the current time or date.


The young woman that was imprisoning them had also barely spoken to them. The first time she'd taken them out, she told them very frankly what she was letting them do and that was that. The only other thing she had said to them was that she had "more important things to deal with than you three" as she unceremoniously dumped them in this box for the first time.


Speaking of "you three," a third voice suddenly broke the silence.


"It's not like we don't deserve it," it uttered, the voice heavy with resignation. Marion's anger instantly flared.


"Deserve what, precisely?" Marion demanded, her voice dripping with venom.


"Her killing us," the voice replied somberly.


"Bullshit, we didn't do anything worth being killed over," Marion seethed. "Has your stupid fucking brain already started to rot, Naomi?"


"We assaulted a guy, Marion. We broke him," Naomi replied, her tone drenched in disgust.


"Well, that answers that fucking question," Marion yelled in frustration. "It was a fucking Beta, Naomi, why shouldn't we be able to do whatever we want to it? That was how it used to work."


The frustration in Marion's voice was palpable.


"Yes," Naomi replied, an edge of annoyance entering her voice, "that was how it used to work. It's also why the Omegas appeared. It's why they have absolute authority when it comes to Beta safety. And it's why we're here right now, because we were too stupid and arrogant to let go of that past before we fucked everything up for ourselves."


Naomi seemed to spit out those last few words, and Marion wished she could find the girl in the darkness, because she desperately wanted to lay her out. Where was all this shit coming from?


"It was still just a Beta, Naomi," Stephanie piped up, her voice the definition of apathetic. "They're little toys to us, and may as well be dust mites to the Omegas. I won't say we didn't go a little overboard, they obviously feel pain, but they aren't our equals and it's silly that we're expected to treat them like they are."


"They're people, Stephanie," Naomi responded, her annoyed tone now shifting to one of quiet anger. "I watched his face - his face, not it's face - the entire time. The fear, the pain, him trying to understand why we were doing that to him...that's a fucking person, Stephanie, and he should have been treated like one, even if he is smaller than us."


Naomi's breathing was audible now. She really was getting worked up, Marion thought, but she couldn't help but sneer at this bullshit from her friend. Maybe she'd take the opportunity to wind her up a bit more, she thought with a smile.


"The fact that he didn't understand why we did what we did isn't really a point in your favor, hon. We did what we did because we could, and if the little shits were even half as smart as us, they'd realize that and welcome it," Marion drawled, her tone mocking Naomi at every syllable.


She didn't have a chance to see how well her bait worked.


"That was unfortunate," a voice suddenly boomed from outside their prison. Marion instantly froze in terror. That voice had been directly behind her position.


"Shit shit shit," Marion thought, "please don't fucking tell me she was listening in on all that."


Their confines suddenly shook, gently but with enough suddenness to cause Marion to momentarily lose her footing before catching herself. The grind of wood against wood and the sudden illumination of their confines marked the removal of the box's lid, and all three girls were momentarily blinded as their eyes adjusted to the light. Slowly, they all looked up, and were greeted by the pretty, disgusted face of their captor, her head resting on her hand as she looked down upon them as if about to render a judgment from God.


She was silent for a few moments. Marion found herself focusing on the young woman's dark brown eyes, her attention caught by the steady constriction of her pupils. She knew what this was, the woman was simply focusing her vision on them, magnifying what she saw so that she could look at them in greater detail like only an Omega could. It was unnerving as hell to watch.


Finally, she spoke.


"I think it's about time we discuss your futures, little ones," she said, her voice clear and commanding. "Particularly the detail of whether or not any of you actually have one."


Chapter End Notes:

Actual interaction next chapter. I'm mostly writing this on a whim, but comments and criticism are welcome. I'm not expecting a large gap between chapters.

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