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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here is the final chapter of the story! I hope you enjoy!

My waking was as gentle and gradual as my falling asleep had been. Though I slept deeply and soundly, I never forgot where I was or who was holding me. The feeling of Jackie being there, the big spoon so strong holding onto me so protectively, made me feel the most secure I had ever felt. She continued well above my head and well past my feet and was like a universe to me.

I was aware of time passing and I leisurely drifted into and out of sleep as morning approached. It was a good long while before I slid full-time back into the land of the waking. The transition was so gradual I could have never pin-placed the exact time.

Light was streaming in through the windows though it was blocked by the shades. I was able to see part of Jackie’s room now. It was decorated in a tasteful country style, just feminine enough to show that a girl lived here, but there was also a football poster on the wall which kept the room from becoming actually girly.

I felt Jackie stir behind me. She moaned gently as she slept. I could hear and feel her slow rhythmic breathing as I lay in her arms. Her bicep was relaxed and soft and I felt comfortable upon it. Slowly, I shifted myself to face the other way, to face Jackie. Her eyes were closed and she looked utterly peaceful. I admired her face and still felt the impact of how large it was.

Her lips enticed me the most. They were so large, luscious, and inviting. Leaning forward I put the tiniest little kiss on them. I thought I could feel a reaction out of Jackie, so I placed another, and another. The tiniest of satisfied moans came out of her. I continued kissing her gently. Her breathing changed. She took in a deep breath and started to shift. She began to kiss back in a way that was so unbelievably gentle and subtle. I got more into it, getting my tongue into it just a little. She kissed me back again, then her eyes opened to reveal her large, brilliant eyes, as bright as a sunrise.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Jackie said, the words a calm breeze across my face. I smiled as I looked into her eyes. I felt her arm come around me, stroking my back. I didn’t say anything, just laid there gazing into her eyes.

“Sleep alright?” Jackie asked.

“Yeah,” I said, breathily. She smiled. I felt the entire bed shift as she rolled slowly from her side to her back, still keeping her eyes on me.

“Well, it’s about time to get up,” Jackie said. “I’ll call the office about your little problem, and then we’ll get some breakfast, alright?”

For a split second I didn’t know what she meant about “my problem”. In my state of bliss I momentarily forgot that I wasn’t supposed to be 35 inches tall and that this was an issue.

“Okay,” I said. Slowly, majestically, Jackie rose. Her breasts stood out proudly in the morning sun, and I was able to admire her naked body in much better light than we had had last night. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and she stood up, facing away from me.

I watched as she walked around the bed and picked up a green robe that was hanging on a hook by the door. She took it and wrapped it around herself, her bare skin disappearing behind the soft fabric.

“Stay right there,” Jackie said. “I’ll handle everything with the corporate people. Don’t you worry about a thing.” Giving me a reassuring smile she put her hand on the doorknob, opened the door, and stepped out of the bedroom.

I felt a rush of gratitude for Jackie for starting to sort this out for me. Surely I could have called the office myself, but Jackie’s attentiveness made me feel cared-for. It was a very warm feeling. However, as I laid there, hints of the real world started to crack my feeling of bliss. Being this size was a real problem, no matter how wonderful my night with Jackie had been, and if they couldn’t find a way to get me back to full size, then my life as I had known it would be over.

Jackie re-emerged in the doorway a few minutes later. Her robe was loosely tied around her so that the middle of her torso was visible. Her nipples were concealed but the outer curves of her breasts were there, tantalizing. The look made her seem strong, powerful.

“Well, I talked to the office and they said to bring you in in about two hours,” Jackie said. “The lab’s only half an hour drive away, so we have some time.”

“Did they say they’re going to be able to fix me?” I asked. Jackie smiled reassuringly.

“They didn’t say anything but to bring you in,” Jackie said. “Though by the way they talked it didn’t seem like they thought it was too serious a problem.”

“Oh,” I said, not knowing what to think. “I guess that’s good.”

“I’m sure we’ll have you back to normal in no time.” Jackie said. “Come here.”

Jackie moved forward, arms outstretched. I let myself be lifted by her strong arms as she brought me up to her chest in a hug. She held me tightly for a few moments before looking down at me.

“I was thinking we should take a shower,” Jackie said. “We got pretty sticky last night, after all.”

I looked up at her, a twinge of excitement flowing through me. “Sure!” I said, the excitement apparent in my voice.

Jackie carried me back into the bathroom, the place where I had first seen her topless the night before. She placed me on the ground and then reached into the shower to start the water. The water flowed from the nozzle high up on the wall. Jackie put her hand in, testing the temperature. She then removed her robe, revealing her stunning, curvy naked body. Even though I had just seen her nude the reveal sent new waves of excitement through me and I found myself becoming hard.

Jackie stepped over the edge of the shower and the water started flowing over her. It was a stunning sight. She offered her hand to me and holding her hand I stepped over the lip of the shower. Instantly the water started falling on me as well. Now that I was inside Jackie closed the shower, closing us both in the same little stall.

Seeing the water running down Jackie’s body was a truly breathtaking sight. I watched as little droplets raced across her breasts high above me, and other droplets ran over and around her trimmed vagina. The water was soaking her hair and running down her legs. She looked completely irresistible.

I must have looked irresistible to her as well. She looked down at me with the same greedy expression she had first worn when she came onto me in the back room at work last night. Slowly she squatted down to get closer to my level. She brought her hands out feeling my hair, wet from the water, and ran them behind by back and over my butt. I then found her pulling me to her, plunging her lips into mine and giving me a powerful, engulfing kiss as she had done on the couch last night.

The water on both our bodies created an astounding sensation as we were squeezed together. Her hands ran up and down my wet body as if she couldn’t get enough of touching me. I couldn’t resist reaching my own hands forward and touching her breasts, enjoying the tactile sensation of the large, warm boobs under my hands as the water ran down.

Finally Jackie straightened up, looking down on me. Her head was almost as high as the sprocket and the water cascaded off her body, much of it bouncing onto me. I stepped forward putting my hands around her legs and rubbing myself into them. Her crotch hung just above my face and I knew what I wanted to do.

Putting my face up, I opened my mouth and licked the outer folds of Jackie’s pussy. A gasp from above told me that this took her by surprise. I licked it again, her great womanhood at the level of my face with water coming down all around. Holding her as hard as I could around the legs I opened my mouth wide and started sucking her as hard as I could.

I could feel the muscles in Jackie’s body spasm as she reacted to this. She lowered herself just a tiny bit and I had even greater access to her womanhood. I heard her continue to gasp and moan as I sucked. I felt her hand come behind my head and firmly hold me against her cunt as I continued the cunnilingus, trying to bring the intensity as well as I could.

Jackie moaned louder and louder and breathed heavier and heavier as I sucked her, her body moving in rhythm with her arousal. The water cascaded down over us but my mouth was covered in a different kind of moisture, her hot, feminine fluids. The amount of cum she could create was incredible and it was going all over my face and dripping down my chin.

Jackie gasped as she came closer and closer to climax. My hands explored her vast butt cheeks while my elbows remained firmly locked around her legs, and I sucked and licked so hard that I felt my tongue was going to be sore. Her rhythm got stronger and stronger until finally in one seizing moment she climaxed, my face smashed against her cunt by her hand and her thrust.

Jackie let out a deep sigh as she enjoyed her orgasm. Her hand came loose from the back of my head and I slowly moved away from her womanhood. She stood there, slumped against the side of the shower, a satisfied and grateful look on her face as she peered down at me.

Jackie reached forward and lifted me up by the armpits. She held me right in front of the shower head, admiring me. The water hit me gently here as it had less distance to fall, but there was a ton of it cascading down my back and coming off the ends of my feet like little waterfalls, dripping into Jackie’s legs where they continued their journey to the drain.

This time Jackie didn’t say anything at all. She leaned in and slid my cock right into her mouth. It was my turn to gasp with surprise—I didn’t expect it to happen so suddenly like that. I felt her giggle the smallest bit at my reaction. Then, she began sucking gently and teasing me with her tongue. And there I hung, high above the floor of the shower, in Jackie’s grasp as she sucked me off in the air.

Being only eight hours since the last time I came I didn’t cum so readily this time. But in this case it made it all the better. Jackie’s fellatio started out gentle but became more intense as she continued. I heaved in her hand as she continued, my awkward position in the air only contributing to my strongly beating heart as she licked and sucked.

I felt myself building and building towards orgasm. Finally I burst, cumming in her mouth once again. Jackie held me there while she took the semen. I sighed and wilted in her hands, coming down from my orgasm as the water flowed over our bodies.

Jackie lowered me and brought me to her, once again bringing me into a hug. I gratefully accepted the support of her full body and grasped her tightly, at least as tightly as my puny body could.

Finally Jackie lowered me down to the base of the shower. I stood and watched upwards as Jackie washed her hair, little flecks of soapy water falling down onto me as I watched the spectacle. She then washed my short hair, rubbing a tiny amount of soap into my hair and grooming me as if I was a little child incapable of taking care of myself. At the end of it she lifted me up again, rinsing me off below the shower nozzle.

Putting me down, she finished the last of her rinsing and turned off the water. I watched as the water dripped off her, leaving a wet glaze behind. Jackie opened the shower door and grabbed a towel. She crouched down and dried me off first, engulfing me in the gigantic towel and rubbing me vigorously. I then was treated to the view of Jackie toweling herself off, her boobs shifting voluptuously as she dried them.

“Come on,” Jackie said, reaching for my hand. She led me out of the shower and out of the bathroom, back into her bedroom. She lifted me up and placed me on the edge of the bed again as she had done last night, and she turned to face the mirror on her dresser and started to comb her hair. I was treated to a view of her ass—a foot in front of my face—as she did this.

“Looking forward to getting fixed?” Jackie asked, looking at me through the mirror as she combed her drying hair.

“I suppose,” I said, though as Jackie’s ass hung so large, so close to my face, I really wondered if I ever wanted to leave this world.

“If you grow I’m going to miss you like this,” Jackie said, smiling.

“I guess I’d miss it too.” I admitted.

Soon Jackie finished combing her hair. She rummaged through her drawer for a pair of panties, pulling them on and concealing her pussy behind them for what all I knew could have been the last time. She picked out a pair of blue jeans—as tall as I was, of course—and pulled them on. She then put on a bra and light grey long-sleeved shirt. She looked as normal as could be, ready to take on the world, and I was the little three-foot naked man sitting on the bed.

She turned to me and said, “Come on, let’s get some breakfast.” And lifted me up, placing me against the soft fabric of her shirt as she carried me to the kitchen. I was completely capable of walking, of course, but she really seemed to like carrying me by this point.

She sat me down directly on the kitchen table. Obviously my twenty-two pounds were not going to break it. She rummaged in the kitchen cupboard, the same one in which I had hid the night before during our game of hide and seek.

“Toast all right?” Jackie asked. I nodded. As I watched Jackie prepare breakfast I thought how wonderful this was in any context—I slept with the girl last night, and this morning she was making me breakfast. A guy couldn’t ask for better.

She returned with a piece of toast for each of us, which I felt was teasing a bit because there was no way I could eat an entire slice, it being the equivalent of half a loaf for me. She poured orange as well—a large, full glass for herself and half a little squat glass for me. She laughed slightly as she handed it to me.

The toast was thick and crunchy but tasted as good as ever. Jackie’s bites seemed so big to me and gave me one more reminder of the size difference between us. She smiled at me as I made slow progress on the toast. At least I was able to finish my meager share of orange juice.

“Aww, not hungry?” Jackie teased as I stopped after eating a little more than a quarter of my piece of toast. “Well, I guess you’ve already had two pieces by your standards. Here, let me finish.” And Jackie took the piece of toast and chewed down with a bite that almost equaled my entire meal. She really did laugh this time.

“So you feeling nervous at all?” Jackie asked me as she finished.

“A little,” I admitted. I hadn’t been thinking about it because my mind was so fixated on Jackie, but I was a bit nervous what was going to happen to me when we got to the lab. Would they be able to fix me right away or would they have to keep me there a while, running tests on me and such? The warm care of Jackie was one thing, but it was a terrifying thought to think of being held by some faceless scientists being seen as nothing more than an oddity to study.

“Don’t worry,” Jackie said firmly. “I won’t let them do anything to you. Other than fix your size, that is.”

“Thanks,” I said warmly. Jackie’s strength really did reassure me.

The time to leave was rapidly approaching. “You all ready to go?” Jackie asked me. “I’ll throw the bag of normal-sized clothes into the car so you can put them on after you grow.”

“Umm,” I said, looking down at my naked body, “Shouldn’t I be wearing something when we go?”

“Oh yeah,” Jackie said, laughing. “I’ll grab you something.” Jackie disappeared into her bedroom, returning a moment later with another one of this shirts. “Drape this over yourself.” She said. “It should be fine for now.”

I felt silly putting on a girl’s shirt the size of a robe but I guess it was the best we could do in the situation. It’s not like clothes for a three-foot man would be sitting around somewhere.

“I suppose we’d better get going,” Jackie said. “I’ve already thought about the question of how we’re going to transport you because I obviously can’t have you sitting my lap the whole ride. Wait here.”

Curious as to what Jackie was going to concoct I sat waiting on the table as she rummaged around in a closet for something. To my great confusion and embarrassment Jackie pulled out a child’s car seat and carried it out into the kitchen.

“You’re going to make me sit in that?” I asked incredulously. “Why do you even have one?”

“This is my roommate’s,” Jackie explained. “Her sister sometimes visits with her little niece so she keeps this spare car seat here.”

“But I’m not a little kid!” I complained.

“You’re the size of one.” Jackie said, “And regular seatbelts wouldn’t fit you. Besides, do you really want a cop pulling us over and questioning why there’s a little midget in my car without a booster seat?”

“Fine,” I said, realizing there was no way around it. Jackie smiled and ruffled my hair.

“It’s only for the ride there.” Jackie said. “I promise I’ll let you sit in the front on the way back once you’re a big boy again. Come on, up you go.”

Jackie leaned forward and lifted me one-armed off the table. With the car seat in one arm and its soon-to-be passenger in the other Jackie carried me to the door. We were leaving Jackie’s apartment—it was sad to leave the place where so much magic had happened over the last night but I wasn’t going to regrow if we just stayed here.

Deftly balancing me with one arm, she managed to open the door and lock it once we were outside. She walked down the front steps to her car in the cool morning air. I wondered briefly what Jackie’s neighbors would think if they happened to see her carrying me out to the car, but Jackie didn’t seem to care. It was unavoidable anyway.

Jackie opened the back door of her car, first tossing in my bag of full-sized clothes and then placing the child seat on the back seat, securing it in place. “In you go,” Jackie said, and sat me down upon the hunk of plastic. My borrowed shirt was riding up my body as Jackie placed me in the seat and I tried to pull it down, trying to give myself at least the smallest dignity in this arrangement.

“I’m going to buckle you in,” Jackie said pulling the straps across my lap. She made sure it was good and tight and I was securely in place. She stepped back and smiled at the sight of thirty-five-inch me sitting strapped into a child seat.

“Awe, I’m sure you’re probably tired of hearing this by now, but you look so cute,” Jackie said. She leaned in and gave me a kiss on the forehead. Well, it was still embarrassing, but this might be bearable for the ride.

Jackie closed the side door momentarily leaving me in the car by myself. She walked around the front and got into the driver’s side. I could feel the car shift slightly as she got in. She turned on the car with a rumble and turned back to look at me. She smiled and squeezed my leg reassuringly.

“Here we go,” Jackie said. With that, she backed out of her spot, pulled away from her apartment, and a minute later we were on the road on the way to this mysterious lab.

Jackie put on the radio and we didn’t talk much on the ride over. As she drove I found myself more and more anxious about what was to come. Certainly if they knew how to shrink a person they knew how to grow him back, right? It only made sense. Shrinkgliceride was a chemical, right? Certainly it could be removed, or broken up somehow? Jackie looked back at me through the rear-view mirror frequently as she drove, but her reassuring smiles did not completely quell my fear and uncertainty.

As we drove I got a look at the drivers and passengers in all the other cars. Everyone was so huge, a fact that I was still not used to. It was different when Jackie and I were alone together—she was more than a person, she was a world to me during those times. But all those people in those cars made me feel like the tiny person I was. I would really hate to spend my whole life like this.

“Ha, everyone else on the road thinks I have a kid!” Jackie laughed. It was true, that’s what someone would think if they didn’t get a close enough look. In one car that we were next to on the highway two kids were peering out the window at me. They must have been only five or six, but already they were probably larger than me. That was a scary thought. Thankfully, Jackie pulled ahead of the car so they were no longer able to stare.

“Just a few more minutes,” Jackie said as she pulled off the highway into a two-lane road. I knew where we were—one of our corporate labs for testing new drinks was here, though I had never been there. My apprehension grew as we approached the driveway for the lab and pulled into the parking lot where Jackie’s car joined that of several others.

“Well, here we are,” Jackie said, looking at me meaningfully after she turned off the car. She got out her side and came around to mine. She undid my straps even though I was perfectly capable of doing it myself—I wasn’t that weak after all—but I felt a bit shaky.

“Here, I’ll carry you in.” Jackie said, reaching for me.

“I could walk,” I said, not wanting to appear completely helpless to the employees of the lab.

“You’ll get your feet dirty,” Jackie said. “I don’t have shoes for you. Come on.” Reluctantly, I let her pick me up. She did have a point—I didn’t have any shoes.

Jackie carried me to the automatic front doors which slid open for us as we approached. There was a small lobby with a few benches but no one present. Ahead was a small reception desk with a young professionally dressed woman sitting. Her face broke into a big smile when she saw us. I felt a shade of the embarrassment I had felt yesterday while working return.

“You’re the little guy who drank Shrinkuccino and never regrew, right?” She asked, looking at me with a deeply amused expression.

“That’s right,” Jackie said, answering for me. “Do we have to wait or can they see us right now?”

“Dr. Rena can see you in a moment.” Said the young woman, who couldn’t keep her eyes off me. “You can follow me.”

The receptionist walked off into the hallway and Jackie followed her. She led us into a room that looked like a small doctor’s office. I found it odd that this was even here, and the receptionist must have seen the look of confusion on our faces because she said: “We added this when we started developing Shrinkuccino. It was a state law of some kind. Go ahead and put the little guy on the table; Dr. Rena will be in shortly.”

Jackie lowered me down onto the padded examination table and took a seat herself by the door. We looked at each other, Jackie giving me a nervous smile. We waited a couple minutes without speaking, and just when I was starting to wonder how long we would have to wait for Dr. Rena the door opened.

A woman of about thirty-five with a white doctor’s coat with a clipboard of notes walked in the door and looked down at me, beaming. I’m sure her smile was just professional courtesy, but I couldn’t help but feel she was as curious about me as all the other women who had stared at me yesterday.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Rena,” She said, extending a giant hand for me to shake. I extended my tiny one and she clasped my hand in hers, shaking it very lightly. She turned to Jackie “Hi,” She said, and they shook hands. The look in Jackie’s eyes was intense, almost like those of that of a momma bear. The fact that she was in the room made me a lot safer.

“So, you drank Shrinkuccino around three in the afternoon yesterday and you’re still small now, is that correct?” She asked me.

“Y-yes, that’s right.” I said. Dr. Rena looked down at her notes. Nervously, I blurted out: “Why didn’t I grow back? It said four hours on the package!”

Dr. Rena looked down through her glasses at me as if slightly amused by my panic. “Yes, it should have been only four hours.” She said. “I think I know why you didn’t grow back, but I’ll need to do a few tests. I’ll need to check your vitals first. If you could just remove your shirt.” A surge of embarrassment and nervousness shot through me. It was scary enough being this small, but I was going to have to be naked in front of this female doctor in my tiny and vulnerable state.

To make matters worse, Dr. Rena turned to Jackie and said: “If you could just wait outside, miss, so he could have his privacy…”

“I want her to stay!” I blurted out, panic-stricken. The thought of being alone, tiny, and naked with this doctor filled me with fear. I was glad I had said something because Jackie was just about ready to speak too and there was fire in her eyes.

“Very well,” Dr. Rena said, turning back to me. The look in Jackie’s eyes probably did more than my words to make the doc reconsider sending Jackie out. “Take it off, please.”

Clumsily, I took the robe-like shirt off my body and put it beside me. I now sat naked in front of Dr. Rena in this slightly chilly air-conditioned doctor’s office. I thought I saw her eyes flash down to my cock for just a second but I could have been imagining things.

“All right.” Dr. Rena. “Just going to do the standard things, take your blood pressure, check your heart.”

Dr. Rena fetched a few instruments from the side counter of the office. Dr. Rena took my blood pressure, my arm comically tiny in the giant black band that Dr. Rena inflated. Dr. Rena then took my pulse, holding my hand and putting two gigantic fingers over my artery. I made sure to keep eye contact with Jackie during this, and she looked back at me with a reassuring expression.

“Time to check your heart,” Dr. Rena said. She brought out her stethoscope and put the ear pieces in. The round metal part was huge and she leaned really far into me to get my heart reading; I could almost feel the doctor’s breath. The metal was cold on my chest. She checked numerous parts of my chest. I kept glancing down at the sleeve of her jacket, which was inches above my dick and at risk of touching it at any moment.

“Sorry,” Dr. Rena said. “You’re just so little that it’s hard to get a good read on your heart.” She leaned in closer, and I felt my heart beating fast enough that I’m sure it would have given a skewed reading. Dr. Rena seemed to hear it because she backed off at last. She returned the stethoscope to the countertop and brought back a thermometer.

“Open up and say ‘ah’,” Dr. Rena said and slid the thermometer into my mouth. I noticed a little picture of a teddy bear on the end and realized with embarrassment that this was a child’s thermometer. After a moment Dr. Rena pulled it out.

“Well, everything checks out fine given the circumstances,” She said. “I’m just going to have to take a little blood to confirm my suspicions.”

“Is it going to hurt him?” Jackie asked, breaking her silence. Dr. Rena looked over at her, an annoyed look crossing over her face.

“I’m going to use the same kind of syringe that we use on young children, and I only need a couple drops,” Dr. Rena said coldly. She walked over to the counter and brought back a needle. Her large hand wrapped easily around my arm as she exposed a vein. The needle sure looked large enough to me, but I didn’t panic as I felt the prick and watch her extract just a little blood. She pulled the needle out and immediately wipe the spot clean and put a kid’s bandage on.

Dr. Rena brought the sample back to the counter and started tampering with something. Unable to hold back my question, I asked: “How long before we know the test results?”

Dr. Rena looked back on me with a pitying grin. “I should know in just a minute.” She said. “It’s a very simple test and I can do it right here. I just have to check for one thing.”

As I watched Dr. Rena dropped my blood sample into a little machine. I felt her pressing a few buttons and then stood by waiting for a few moments. She dripped another chemical into the machine and a few seconds later nodded in satisfaction.

“Just as I thought.” She said. “Your body isn’t metabolizing the shrinkgliceride.”

“Anyone could’ve said that,” Jackie said, coldly. “Why?”

Dr. Rena’s expression darkened, but she continued. “There is a very specific enzyme in the blood that breaks down the shrinkgliceride. This little guy here doesn’t have it. He has what we call a QD Deficiency. About one to two percent of the population has it but it doesn’t have any effect on your health whatsoever except for your ability to break down shrinkgliceride.”

“But I can still grow back, can’t I?” I asked, feeling a little panicked.

“Of course you can.” Dr. Rena said. “All you need is a little synthetic QD. I should have some right here.”

Dr. Rena reached into the cabinet and pulled out a little bottle. Was that the antidote to my smallness, right there in that simple bottle? The label read simply “Synthetic QD” with a bunch of small writing under it.

“These were supposed to be sent out with the Shrinkuccino sample packets.” Dr. Rena said. “But they accidentally sent them out before we could put these in. We figured it wasn’t a big deal because a QD Deficiency is very rare and we’d get the SQD out there before the Shrinkuccino was up for sale. Bad luck for you I guess.” Dr. Rena gave a little laugh. I was getting a little impatient. I had been small for a few hours short of a full twenty-four hours.

“All right.” Dr. Rena said, seeing the looks on both mine and Jackie’s faces. “Open your mouth, I’m going to squirt a little onto your tongue.”

Dr. Rena opened the bottle. On the underside of the cap was a little squeeze bladder. She used it to pick up a very small amount of SQD. I opened my mouth and she squirted the liquid inside. It tasted bitter and medicinal on my tongue.

For a moment nothing happened. I sat on the examination table, nerves mounting. Could something have gone wrong? But then the world started to shift. I felt my butt start to slide on the examination table, but slide outwards in all directions. Jackie gasped putting her hand to her mouth. Everything around me was getting smaller. The room was slowly closing around me and the two women were becoming less and less of giantesses every second.

Everything continued to shrink around me, slowing, and finally stopping. I breathed out—I didn’t even know I was holding my breath. It had happened—I was no longer small. The room was now just a room with normal-sized ceilings and Jackie and Dr. Rena were merely women, not powerful giantesses.

“Oh my god!” Exclaimed Jackie, excited at the spectacle of me growing right before her very eyes.

“Piece of cake.” Dr. Rena said. At that moment I realized that I was sitting there naked in front of two women my own size. That ironically embarrassed me more than when I was naked as a small person. My hand shot over my genitals so fast that Jackie actually laughed.

“Uh, do you have my clothes?” I asked Jackie feeling myself turn a little red in the cheek.

“Here you go,” Said Jackie, handing me my bag of work clothes with a bit of an embarrassed laugh. It was strange that after the night we had had together she couldn’t look at me directly while I was naked.

While I was getting dressed hurredly I noticed Dr. Rena give the bottle of SQD to Jackie. “You’ll want to bring this back to your store in case something like this happens again.” She said. “A couple drops should be enough to dissolve the Shrinkgliceride in anyone’s system.”

“All right.” Said Jackie, not so cold anymore towards Dr. Rena now that I was full-sized and no longer needed looking-after. I finished dressing and turned around to look at the women.

“So, uh, is there anything else we need to do?” I asked.

“Nope, you’re free to go.” Said Dr. Rena. She opened the door for us. I followed Jackie out into the hallway. It was weird—I had gotten so used to seeing her as a towering giantess that it was now strange to see her the same size as me. She was a few inches shorter than me, in fact. It had always been that way over the couple of months we had worked together before this experience. It just seemed weird to be back to that.

Jackie and I walked down the hallway. The receptionist recognized us and waved goodbye. I responded weakly. We walked through the sliding doors and out to the parking lot, where Jackie’s now-small car sat next to other now-human-proportioned cars. Jackie looked at the child seat in the back, looked back at me, and snorted. Looking at the child seat now it was hard to believe I was ever small enough to fit in it.

“Well, I guess it’s time to head back.” Jackie said. “I’ll take you back to work so you can pick up your jacket and your car.”

“Sounds good.” I said. Jackie got into the driver’s side of her car and I got into the passenger’s side. I felt really odd about the whole thing, even a little sad, as though I had lost something magical.

“How does it feel to be back?” Jackie asked as she pulled out onto the main road.

“It’s—it’s good.” I said. It was true that I was relieved to not be stuck shrunk, but I felt that something had changed. Jackie didn’t look at me the same way when I was full-sized. We had had an insane night together, something beautiful, something I’d never want to forget. But now that I was full-sized she was merely a co-worker that I was friendly with, and the whole night we had was like a dream, or something that happened to somebody else that I read about.

We didn’t talk much as Jackie drove back. I wondered if she felt as surreal about the whole situation as I did. I wanted to ask her, but didn’t have the nerve. Instead we merely listened to the radio as Jackie drove us down the road back to our workplace.

Finally Jackie pulled into the parking lot of our work parking directly next to my car which had sat in that lot overnight. For a moment neither of us moved, then Jackie opened the door to step out and I followed her. We stood there in the parking lot, each feeling awkward, or at least I did. Because my car was to the left of Jackie’s I walked around to her side.

“Well,” Jackie said, trying to break the awkward silence. “I guess this is it, isn’t it.”

“Yeah.” I said. “I guess you’re headed home—you weren’t scheduled today either, right?”

“I wasn’t,” Jackie said. We stood there for a few moments more. Suddenly I felt a welling of courage. I knew I had to try, and I knew that I would regret it forever if I didn’t give it a shot.

“Hey,” I said, my voice sounding slightly shaky. “Now that I’m, uh, full-sized together, how about we go out sometime? Get to know each other the normal way, you know?”

Jackie didn’t say anything for a long moment. I could hear the sound of traffic around us and the trees rustling in the wind as I waited for her answer. But as soon as I saw her face change I knew what the answer was going to be and my heart fell.

“Look,” Jackie said. “You’ve a very good guy. I’ve just had a couple bad relationships recently and I’d just like to take a break for a while, you know?”

I nodded. I felt as though a weight had sunk into my heart. Maybe our beautiful night was just a one-off special moment that would stand on its own and we would both have to move on from here. It just hit me hard in that moment that she didn’t want to give dating a go.

However, it seemed that all was not lost.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a smile creep onto Jackie’s face. It was a tiny grin at first, but then it grew into a large, Cheshire-cat style grin that was full of mischief and excitement.

“I don’t want a boyfriend right now,” Jackie said. “But I wouldn’t mind my toy back for a while.”

I felt a welling come up from the depths of my heart, that familiar feeling of manic excitement tinged slightly by the rush of sheer panic, but I knew where I wanted to be.

Smiling just as wide, I motioned to our workplace and said: “I guess then I’ll go inside and brew myself another Shrinkuccino.”


Chapter End Notes:

Well, that ends the main story of Jackie and our nameless protagonist. I mean I could probably continue, but I'm satisfied with this ending and I'd like to move on to other things.

Speeking of which; I am thinking of writing a spin-off story set in the same "universe" as Shrinkuccino but at a different store where an employee accidentally fills the expresso machine with Shrinkuccino beans rather than regular beans. To make it more interesting, various drinks Shrinkuccino is put into effects it in different ways. This opens up many possibilities!

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