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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the first chapter of 12, I will be posting daily and if everything goes right, part two will soon follow.  Part two has 12 chapters as well, and is the last chapter to this two part story.  

So here goes....  My first story on GiantessWorld!

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Bob's Ultimate Experience

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." ~ Jimi Hendrix.

Bob sat back at his desk chair intently scanning the final chapter to his latest story. The story, was another of his fantastic tale's, another giantess story for a certain specific group. He was an occasional fanatic about his fantasy....he enjoyed scripting out these tales as much as his reader's loved reading them.

He had been posting these 'GTS' tales for several months and he had hundreds of complimentary reviews. The readers of his work's were mostly men whom enjoyed the fantasy as much as he did, the requests kept popping up for more of his imaginative situation's.

The foot fetish was a very common request. The fact that a giantess standing before a tiny man would most definitely display her tremendous feet, and to the fetishist this would be his ultimate fantasy, trapped beneath the enormous leathery sole, tormented for hours by the giantess' warm, moist, foot. Relinquishing the casual way that the enormous feminine foot exploits his miniscule size.

Some wanted to be eaten alive, or 'Vore' as it is called. The helpless victim being swallowed alive, allowed to desend down into the huge female stomach, slowly becoming a part of the enormas woman's body.

However, for a smaller 'sub-set' of the fetish, their interest's, are slightly more complicated.

They like to be completely helpless to the giantess as well, though at a much deeper level. A girlfriend, or even the wife of the shrunken man, suddenly captures or 'finds him' in this new fasinating state of being- 'A tiny little doll sized Man'- terrified, and cowering down to her, as she is shocked to discover him,{her former lover}in such a defenseless predicament.

At once, the weaker sex becomes a 'giantess' and is now easily in charge. Her tiny little man is gently and quickly, plucked-up, in-between her finger's, carelessly lifted up high into the air. His futile squirming only amuses her, as she examines his miniscule little body.

His helplessness, being at just a fraction of his former size, is so overwhelming from his perspective that the thought of being totally at the mercy of this magnificent woman is both terrifying and tantilizing at the same time...

Moreover, the sheer simplicity of knowing this enormas female 'personally', at her 'normal' size, and realizing that all her little eccentricity's could now become life threatening for him, even if the last thing on her mind would be to do any kind of harm to her tiny little male, her best intention's aside, she could inadvertantly, or accidently crush him with very little effort.

The way that she carelessly kicks off her slipper's and effortlessly flings them across the room, isn't even performed with so much as a single thought...

Althought, this seemingly natural everyday action could become deadly for a tiny man...

The slipper, flying across the room would be the same as a small 'car-crash', happening right before his very eye's. If he were to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Being so small and helpless, is also completely emasculating. The tiny male is swiftly overpowered by her smallest fingertip. The tip of her pinky finger pins him down as she effortlessly presses down upon his breast bone and traps him inside the palm of her other hand.

This automatically triggers a motherly response in the giant woman as soon as she lays eyes on the 'cute' little male...his tiny naked ass pressed firmly into her cupped palm.

She has no sexual desire towards him, he's just so, "So Cute!"

She wants to protect him and 'keep him', in a 'motherly sense' completely taking over his entire world and doing everything for him...

On the other hand, if her personality is such that she likes to sexually dominate, then she could become so 'turned-on' by suddenly becoming so 'powerful', that her dominant female lust could take over, her sexual appetite would completely overwhelm her...

The tiny naked male sitting inside her hot hand's would become the sex toy that she never HAD!

This was the type of story that Bob felt driven to write. The intellectual giantess fantasy that could draw the reader so deeply into it that they would actually feel an instant connection with the author himself. The personality type of the male being much like his own. The 'giantess' that he created though, would vary greatly in personality type.

Sensative and caring, to completely crazy with lust, and everything in-between...


Bob's wife "Carly", had been completely oblivious to his little GTS sideline. She had married him almost two years ago, after the two of them had graduated college and found themselves on a converging path...

Their partnership was more a 'marrage-of-convenients' then anything else, and Bob felt very comfortable in their relationship. He knew that Carly's family had a fortune when she had told him of her trustfund. A monthly subsidy that could nearly support half of the people in China, and have enough left over to take a month long vacation in Mexico...

Although Carly didn't need to work, she had been raised in a very onerous and striving family. Her parent's had been skilled in bussiness and proprietorship very early on, and had both accumulated a very admirable bank account themselves.

Although, Carly's grandparent's were the executor's that had handed down the overflowing trustfund, setting up all of their grandchildren. The interest alone on the premiums, paid out dividends to seven people, and the balance continued to grow at a steady rate, even during the economical downslides!

All of the investments had been locked-in and sealed up. The third generation of Carly's family had become multi-millionaires before they were even born!

Carly was very quiet, and her meeting up with Bob was something that had fallen into her lap by sheer chance alone. Bob had been chosen by the teacher to be her lab parter in chemistry class.

The light eyed brunette blushed with shyness as he sat down next to her and casually introduced himself.

Bob knew nothing about her at the time, other than the fact that she didn't seem to have many friends. Her short skinny nose and curly brown hair made her appear like just any another young girl, struggling to get through college on school loans and work study stipends.

Her severe shyness was so bad that it even made Bob feel uncomfortable. She would blush, looking away at his slightest bit of attention to her. She would stare down at the floor if their eye's happened to meet. She was extremely awkward, and her shyness made her even more uncoordinated...

Carly liked him very much, as her embarrassment and child like innocents, instantly gave her away. Her loose baggy sweat shirt consealing her tiny figure. She stood just short of five feet tall, with an average looking face she easily blended in with the multitude of other girls at the school.


Like Carly, Bob had been raised in a large family too. Although with four brothers and two sisters, in a three bedroom house in the suburbs, was vastly a world apart from hers. His parents had to work for everything that they had. His father worked in a plastic plant that produced a small automotive electrical part that was pre-formed and shipped away to different companys that used it for their electrical systems.

Bob's father worked long hard hours for all the extra overtime that he could get, but it was never enough to get the slightest bit ahead of all the bills and exspences that his family had.

Bob had saved up some money during the summer to buy himself a computer. He worked hard doing everything that he could do to make any cash. Mowing yards, painting, picking up trash, weeding, scrubbing floors and washing dishes in a small restaurant.

It was the summer of his sophmore year in high school. He entered his junior year with a brand new 'Toshiba' lap-top.

After that, he soon found his 'thing'... writing.

He would find himself wide awake in the middle of the night, spending hours at the keyboard, writing short stories. The main focus of his mini-novel's, was the fasinating tale of 'Giant women'.

He loved fantasizing about this incredable phenomenom. He had created several erotic novels that he stored away in his file's, secretly keeping them very private, and reworking them as he found time.

He finished high school, entering college on a scholarship. His major in jounalism didn't surprize anyone in his family. They knew he'd be doing what he loved...writing.

Carly loved the way that his determination drove him. She felt more attracted to him everyday. Her grades shot-up, as she worked with him, and the two of them started spending more time together.

Bob admired her work as well, Carly was very good at mathmatics, she helped him pull up his GPA a whole point, from 2.30 to 3.30. Their mutual partnership was evolving into something more, and- Carly was falling deeply in love with him...

Once Bob became aware of the fact that Carly was very wealthy, it was a simple decision to marry her, and the two of them could create a good life together.

Bob asked her to marry him after they graduated, and Carly was simply delighted. Their wedding was an eventful happening that Bob had not ever imagined...

Carly's sisters and mother, planned it all out, it was a three day event that cost thousands of dollars. Bob was more than a little overwhelmed by the whole fiasco. He felt like he had just became royalty...

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