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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thank you for all the nice reviews. And thank you t Dan and Openhighhat for the great editing!

Shelly was the first to wake up. It was not her first time experimenting with the powder. She yawned and gave a stretch, looking over at the couch and her fellow Barbie dolls. They were naked, unconscious and laying on top of their clothes where she had left them. Climbing out of her pile of oversized clothes, she was glad she had not worn a bra. The straps would have slowed her down and gotten in her way. She walked to the edge of the love seat and checked the distance to the coffee table. Taking a few steps back she jumped the short distance and landed with a small thud. The other two girls did not even move and Shelly was glad for the extra time she had been spending in the
gym since discovering the powder.

She picked up one of the cloth napkins and wrapped it around her body, much like a toga. The black cloth went well with her dark hair and brought out her green eyes splendidly. There was another black one and a dark red one. She would let Melissa and Lori argue over who got which one. She looked back over to the sleeping doll girls and decided to wake up Lori first. She hoped the small blond would not only be able to handle being shrunk without flipping out, but would not see through Shelly's act. She worked too hard to have this screwed up. But just in case, she had a backup plan.

With a lunge forward, Shelly jumped from the coffee table to the couch. She landed face first on her tummy. Getting to her hands and knees, she crawled over the mound of Lori's clothes to the small girl's unconscious form. Shelly took a deep breath and gently shook the tiny blond.

"Lori! Wake up!" She tried to have as much worry in her voice as she could without sounding hysterical. Her sister's friend began to stir. She gave a yawn and stretched her nude body. Shelly had to admit she looked really good and toyed with the idea of playing with her later. But those thoughts were for much later. Lori slowly opened her eyes and looked up
at Shelly.

"That was some strong wine! What happened?" Lori asked, slowly sitting up. She soon realized she was naked. Covering herself with her hands, she looked at Shelly, confusion etched on her pretty face. "What are you wearing and why am I not wearing anything?"

"Stay calm. It seems we have a...small problem." Shelly silently laughed at her own joke, but kept her face stoic for Lori.

"Shelly, what is going on?" The blond sounded more nervous and began to look around the room, finally realizing something was seriously wrong. "Why is everything...?"

"So big?" Shelly finished for her. Lori could only nod as she looked around the once familiar landscape. The couch was now as big as a house. She looked down at her clothes and lifted up some silky fabric. Her eyes went wide when she realized the huge soft cloth object she was holding was her thong. The thin straps which had been so delicate and hugged her hips were now like rope to her. It did not take much for her to recognize the rest of her clothes.


"What happened?" Lori restated. Shelly was glad she was remaining somewhat calm. She had half expected the little blond to scream. Shelly held her hand and patted it.

"It seems we shrunk, hon. I would guess we are about a foot tall, give or take." Shelly said, somewhat matter-of-factly. Lori stared at her much the same way someone who says they saw a unicorn is stared at. It took her several moments to blink.

"If I wasn't standing in the cup of my bra, I would say you were insane." Lori looked down at the warm silky fabric below her, the underwire forming a nice bowl about knee level. "What are we going to do? And where's Melissa?"

"I haven't woken her up yet." Shelly pointed over to the other pile of clothes on the couch. The form of Melissa could be seen perched atop it, still unconscious. "I figured you could help me. You know how well she deals with change." Lori smiled and nodded. "But maybe you should get dressed first." Shelly pointed to the two cloth napkins on the coffee table. Lori looked over the edge of the couch and balked at it.

"That's a huge jump!" exclaimed the tiny blond. Shelly put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes.

"I did it! So can you. Besides, Roger could be here any minute. Do you really want him to find you tiny AND naked?" Shelly reasoned. Lori thought about that for a moment.

"Well, no. But when he gets here he will be able to help us!" Lori said, hope showing on her face. Shelly nodded. Lori looked at the chasm again then at Shelly. She took a running start and leapt from the couch to the table. The little blond overestimated the distance and landed well onto the table, dropping to her knees and rolling nearly to the middle. Shelly had to appreciate the girl's athleticism. Her legs were not just nice to look
at; Lori was nicely toned and pretty strong for a shorter girl, not taking into account she was only a foot tall.

Lori stood up and dusted herself off. She looked at the two napkins and chose the red one, wrapping it about herself much like Shelly had. She tied it off and tucked in some parts and looked ready to go to the coliseum. She posed, modeling it for Shelly. Shelly was glad she was able to keep her sense of humor about the situation, another bit of information she filed away for later use.

"Alright, I'm coming back over!" Lori called to Shelly.

"Wait!" Shelly said before Lori could make the jump. She looked over at her sister, still unmoving. "Can you bring the other napkin for Melissa?" Lori looked at the remaining napkin then back at Shelly. Nodding her head she wrapped it around her shoulders then took a running leap and jumped back to the couch. Shelly could not help but laugh as the napkin trailed behind Lori, making her look like a little superhero, flying through the air. She landed with a roll then brought the napkin to Shelly.

"What's so funny?" Lori asked, straightening the cloth wrapped tightly around her body. She retucked a few pieces that had come loose from the exertion as well as a breast that had popped free from the makeshift toga. Shelly shook her head, giggling.

"Nothing, Supergirl. Let's wake up Melissa." The pair began climbing the small hill that was Melissa's clothes. As they reached the third girl, she began to stir. She rolled over and pulled the neck of her shirt over her.

"I'll get up in a minute mom." Melissa mumbled, curling up in the soft fabric of the t-shirt. Shelly and Lori giggled at her. Lori knelt and poked Melissa in the back.

"Get up, sleepy head. We have a problem." Lori said, tickling her friend. Melissa curled up tighter and swatted at Lori's arm.

"Lee me alone!" Melissa grumbled. Lori was persistent.

"She never could hold her wine." Shelly said, shaking her head. Lori looked back at Melissa.

"I can drink jus’ fine, fank you." Melissa said, more awake than she let on and trying not to be. "How did I get in bed?"

"You're not in bed." explained Lori. "You're a foot tall and sleeping on the couch.

"You're a riot, Lor. Seriously, why am I in bed?" Melissa asked, still curled up in her shirt.

"I'm not kidding Mel. We are in trouble. Get up and look around." Lori said, her voice plain and controlled. Melissa gave a huff and sat up, yawning and rubbing her eyes. Looking around the room, her eyes went from half open and sleepy to wide awake and nervous. She looked at Shelly and Lori, then down at herself. Instantly she covered herself with her hands, looking at the other two girls for answers.

“What…what…I mean, how…” Melissa began. Lori handed her the other black napkin. Melissa looked at it, wondering what to do with it until she realized Shelly was wearing one just like it. She stood up and wrapped it around herself. She looked dumbfounded at her sister.

“Just remain calm. Roger will be here soon and he can help us out.“ Shelly said, hugging her sister.

“But everything is so big!” Melissa complained. Lori shook her head.

“No Mel, we’re just a lot smaller.” Lori said, hugging her and Shelly. Shelly noted that Lori was taking being shrunk very well.

“But how did this happen?” asked Melissa. Shelly and Lori looked at each other, then as they were about to answer at the same time, there came a knock at the door.


Chapter End Notes:

Next chapter, things starts to happen! Please let me know what you think!

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