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Author's Chapter Notes:

An introduction to the characters and, well, the beginning. It's not quite an X rating yet, but I am sure it will probably get there. SO I am rating it X to be safe. You will also notice it is F/f, M/f and F/m. Call it foreshadowing, callit what you will, I am caling it laziness so I don't forget to change it later. Special thanks to TinyDann and OpenHighHat for proofing.

Thanks for reading! Mwah!

     It was Friday afternoon and Shelly Harper was happy, nearly giddy. The 22 year old woman was setting out glassware and an ice bucket with a bottle of wine chilling in it. She set four glasses out. Three of them she sprinkled with a fine powder, watching the near invisible dust disappear. She smiled broadly and shivered, hugging herself. Her guests should be arriving soon. And this promised to be a night none of them would forget.

     She took one last look at the table and its settings then went into her bathroom to finish setting herself up. She gave her full, shoulder length brown hair a brush through then made sure her makeup was perfect; not too heavy, not too light. She cupped her breasts through her Colorado Avalanche t-shirt, slightly more than a handful each. She felt odd not wearing a bra, but it was for the best tonight. Her hands travelled down her sides to her wide hips. Her jeans seemed painted on her apple bottom butt. She laughed as she shook it in the mirror. Looking down, she had no socks or shoes on. Her bare feet felt cool against the bathroom tile. Opening the medicine cabinet, she took out an impossibly tiny green pill. It fit easily on the tip of her finger and was small enough for a
doll to swallow. She just hoped it would work. She walked back into her living room and knelt down, hiding the miniscule pill under the couch, out of sight and off the floor. She had worked everything out perfectly. This was going to be the best birthday ever. And it was not even her's.

     As she stood up, there was a knock at her apartment door. She suppressed a grin and walked to it casually. Opening it, she was glad to see her sister Melissa and Melissa’s friend Lori. Melissa shared the same soft facial features as Shelly as well as similar body shapes. But where Shelly had larger breasts, Melissa had long, supermodel legs. Shelly had always been jealous of her sister's legs but she figured her larger chest made up for it. Lori was just a blond haired, blue eyed cutie. She was shorter than both Shelly and Melissa, but had a sweet little body. Her breasts were round, full, and perky. Her backside was curved in all the ways guys liked. And her legs, though short, were strong and firm, muscular yet feminine like a dancer. Shelly smiled when she saw the girls. Lori was an integral part of her plan. With her here, she knew her step brother would show. He had had a thing for her for years. And Lori knew it. She would use it to her advantage when she could, but never to really hurt him.

     "Come on in! Glad you could get here early! The birthday boy isn't here yet, but he will be soon." Shelly greeted the pair and let them into her apartment, closing the door
behind them.

     "He said he had to work a bit late." Melissa said. She saw the wine chilling in the bucket and brightened. "But that's no reason we can't start the party early."

     "Just a little for me, please." Lori said, looking around the apartment. "I have to get home tonight and study."

     "You don't have your test for another week!" Shelly said, pouring wine into the three glasses she had dusted. "You need time to relax and have fun!"  Lori shrugged and mumbled to herself a little.

     "I just don't get the equations." Lori said aloud, sipping the wine she was offered. "They don't make any sense!"

     "Ask Roger. He's a whiz at math! And I bet he would LOVE to help you." Melissa laughed and nudged Lori with her elbow. Lori smiled faintly.

     "I don't want to, you know, impose." The blonde said, hiding a smile behind her wine glass. Melissa just laughed.

     "It wouldn't be an imposition. You could have our brother eating out of your hand." Melissa drank half her glass in one gulp. Shelly smiled. Melissa did not know how true her words would ring soon.

     Shelly guided the girls over to the couch and set some cloth napkins on the coffee table. She sat on the love seat while Lori and Melissa shared the bigger couch. Melissa set her empty wine glass down and sat back. She slid her shoes off and put her bare feet in Lori’s lap. Lori frowned at her, but did not say anything. She shifted so her friend’s
heel was not digging into her lap and was instead resting on her thigh. Melissa smiled at her.

     “I hope you don’t mind Lor, but your lap is always so comfy!” Melissa said. Lori rolled her eyes.

     “I don’t mind when you rest your head there, but your feet are icky! And they smell!” complained Lori. Melissa squelched at her and brought her foot to her face, contorting herself oddly. She sniffed her own foot and laughed.

     “It does NOT smell!” She laughed then gave a yawn. Unseen by Lori and Melissa, Shelly gave a big smile. Lori gave a wide yawn as well.  This was what Shelly was waiting for. The girls looked around the room, looking very drowsy. Shelly set her still full glass of wine down. Melissa looked at her sister and started to say something, but it only came out as weak mumbles. Lori looked at Melissa then at Shelly and gave another yawn. Her eyes fluttered closed, then open, then finally closed. Light snoring could soon be heard from both girls. Shelly smiled and stood up, walking over to the couch. She watched the girls, asleep on the couch. Suddenly, barely perceivable unless you knew what you were looking for, the girls began to move, but not of their own accord. They began contracting on themselves, getting smaller and slowly disappearing into their clothes. Shelly gave a purr as the two girls shrank and shrank, winding up almost a foot tall. She reached down and fished Melissa out of her clothes. She lifted the tiny woman to her face and caressed her naked body. She petted her dark hair and kissed her tiny face. Gently laying her back down on top of her clothes, she turned to the pile of Lori’ clothes and looked for the mini blond. Lifting her out, shelly looked her over, holding her butt, cupped in her palm. She lifted the doll girl’s breasts with a finger and smiled. She leaned forward and kissed her tiny breasts, delighting as the tiny girl moaned and her nipples began to harden. She set Lori back on top of her clothes with a sigh and turned to the coffee table. She lifted the cloth napkins and made sure there were three of them, then laid them back on the coffee table. She took one last look at her tiny sister and friend then sat back on the love seat.

     “Bottoms up, my Barbies!” Shelly said, picking up her wine glass and taking a deep drink. She hugged herself as she waited for the feeling of drowsiness to overtake her. It was going to be the best birthday her stepbrother ever had.

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