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Little fairies flew this way and that, squirming about the great library. Bookshelves tumbled to the floor. A constant pounding, shaking the ground. Little cracks formed in the tiled floor, showing the exact path she took; a colossus of flesh, bone, and worker's rights. She passed through, sweating, crawling on the floor- the woman knew that if she stood to her full height, the ceiling would crack. Looking at the creaming fairies, she waved a hand to them- accidentally swatting a few against her soft skin. With a sigh, she went back to crawling, addressing them.

"Excuse me... pardon me, coming through..."

Finally, with a mighty rumble, the titan fell to the floor. It trembled under her weight, the entire room looking like it was made of jello. A bookcase fell towards her from either side- thinking quickly, the cap-clad girl put a hand on either side, straightening them out. Patting them, she put some fallen books back in- not really caring where- and lay on her arms. She brushed back her hair, red as the flag of her homeland.

"Urgh, what time is it? Sorry, sorry..."

What the heck was Patouchi thinking, growing her like this? It didn't help her guard duty at all. Marisa could just fly between her legs and steal whatever she wanted. And then she had to deal with Flandre, using her body like a playground. She still felt the girl's clothes in her stomach- someone should've told her not to get in Meiling's mouth. But even after they tugged her out in what would be forever remembered as "The Great Gensokyo Expedition Into China", the little vampire still wanted to play around. Meling sighed, detaching her sweaty skirt, and letting her glorious communist backside air out like it deserved. The mansion, or Flandre- a guard, or a babysitter- she wished they'd choose one job for her and stick with it. At this rate, Meiling was halfway towards uniting the workers of Gensokyo under her flag and overthrowing the bourgeoisie. She'd just take off her slippers, and stomp all over the land, leading an angry crowd at her feet as she tore through capitalist establishments and American influence. And, somehow, she'd swat that pathetic Yukari out like a little bug.

But, first, rest. Workers deserve leisure time, to prepare themselves for their day. Freedom is merely priviledge extended unless enjoyed by all, she thought, resting her chest on the floorboards, and kicking her legs against the ceiling.

"Get up. Who's guarding the gate?"

Opening her eyes, Meiling saw Patchouli on the floor in front of her, looking somewhat irate. She looked like a mouse at this size. The little bookworm, acting as if she had nothing to do with this- she raised an arm, considering squashing her for a moment. The sobbing faces of Sakuya and Flandre held her back, along with her laziness. She opened her gigantic mouth, and groaned:

"I feel sick."

She adjusted her glasses, looking up.

"Don't give me excuses. There were no symptoms of illneses anywhere when we were travelling inside of you. You do need to watch your diet, though. Not enough meat, and a lack of sugar. And please try REMOVING the paper before eathing fortune cookies."

Meiling squinted at her, unwilling to argue any further with the tiny woman. She managed to sarcastically moan out "I am so sorry," resting on each syllable.

"Apology accepted. I'll arrange so you can have twenty minutes to rest."

She tiredly watched the minuscule bookworm wander out, and chirped, "Thank you!" When she was sure the girl was out of the room, the giant lady added, "... Freakin' devil..."

"You called for a demon~?"

On cue, Koakuma flew into the room, her dark wings fluttering through the air. She sped forward, eager to respond- somewhat too fast. Not expecting to see Hong at this size in the library, the litle devil crashed into the exposed underpants, her head smashing cleanly against the cheeks. Meiling nearly leaped in surprise, her elbows knocking over shelves around her.

"Tai-kong suo-yo duh shing-chiou sai-jin wuh duh pee-goo!"

With a yelp, she gazed back at the invader in her anus, irritated.

"Aha, that's funny~"

The devil girl curled up in the glorious communist butt, making no attempts to leave. Fluffy, warm, and soft, the mountains were like pillows against her teensy body. Meiling reached over to grab at her, but was soon overtaken by the feeling of the little demon hugging her panties. Shyly, she looked over, and nodded:

"...Are you okay there?"

Koakuma cuddled into the sweaty panties a bit more, feeling the love of worker's rights and a 4000-year history wash over her entire body.

"Yes!... C-can I stay here for a bit?"

"Yes- I don't mind at all..."

Another nineteen minutes. Well, it'd be nineteen minutes in paradise, beside the Monkey King and the Buddah, as Meiling rested into the ground, feeling the little hands against her pillowy bottom. This is exactly the kind of reward all workers deserve. This is exactly what she'd been asking for. She'd be able to get to work again, healthy, happy, and ready to go on, as long as these soft, warm wings and arms would just stay for a little longer...

Chapter End Notes:

Someone asked for a story based off fluffy Meiling backsides. My passive racism and lack of knowledge of Touhou or Communist China shined through. The original text had Meiling speaking in phrasebook Chinese- this was removed.

Touhou is the copywright of ZUN, who enjoys beer, hats, and music.

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