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Darkness hung over the skies of Chikushita, like a sheet blocking out the sun, casting a gloomy air on the people below. The humidity rose every second, a heat wave washing over the streets. Rhythmic tremblings sounded out, knocking citizens this way and that as they ran for cover. Still, as they fell, they could feel their bodies sink gently into the soft ground, unhurt. Some even bounced back up. It was starting to get wet, little puddles forming here and there along the streets. The people continued forward, dashing for shelter, holding onto family members as they tried to remain calm. Some were starting to fear a flood would form in the city, as the puddles grew larger and larger...


Warm and panting, Miki smiled. After all the work she'd been doing, she treasured relaxing moments. She lay back into her seat, her bottom wriggling until it felt properly cushioned. Comfortable at last, she shut her eyes, and felt sweat dripping down her neck. Wiping it off, she noticed more forming around her face and shoulders. Sighing happily, she glanced left and right, to make sure nobody was looking. Coast clear. Her gentle, slender hand descended to her top, and began to undo it, tugging at it...


While a thin trickle of light shone onto the city, buildings collapsed here and there, falling to the soft ground. The foundations- nay, the entirety of Chikushita- had to be periodically rebuilt; there was no other ground that was suitable for construction. This was the safest place for miles, despite everything. Designated escape routes were spread out over the city in case of such an emergency, which happened often. This didn't stop some people from screaming, panicking as the land below them continued to shake violently. Citizens slogged through the warm puddles, as the trembling tossed them back and forth; hordes of them marched towards the centre, where there was passage to the underground city. It served as the greatest protection against the shaking, the entrance also the highest point in the city in case of a flood.


Miki chuckled gently, sliding her top off. Her breasts wobbled slightly with the move, up and down. Looking over the masses of flesh, she breathed a sigh of relief, the cool, refreshing air floating over her. She itched her hair a little, pausing to think- and make sure the coast was still clear. Nobody could see her like this. Placing one hand under her left mammary to keep it still, she carefully moved her hand back, undoing her bra.


The shaking reached its climax, proud structures broken to pieces. They littered the streets, blocking off exits and roads- people who were smart enough knew that cars weren't convenient for these emergencies, and were simply running across the soft ground. Yet, as the rumbling intensified, even they weren't safe; cars and people alike were torn from the ground, and sent flying through the air. Those who had reached the entrance to the underground were arranged to enter two-by-two; those still waiting to get in looked back at their comrades in fear, the city ruined by the shaking. Only the strongest of the buildings still stood, as hundreds lay around them, sore, helpless, splashing in the watery streets, praying it would end.


As if to answer their calls, the shaking slowed, jostling a few odd citizens around, before coming to a halt. The people, panting, in safe zones and scattered around the city, checked to make sure they were safe, still alive, and their loved ones were unharmed. The large puddles began to shrink, water seeping back into the ground. As if to signal their relief, the skies cleared, light shining over the city.


Yet, as they breathed sighs of relief, the skies were filled again. A radiant face, miles away, with a soft smile- that looked like it could easily swallow the entire city whole. An odd few screamed and panicked; still others got onto their knees, smiling, crying, singing praises to this apparition; here and there, others shouted at the face, giving vague threats and insults. It moved in closer, dominating the skies; everywhere, they could see this face, seeming to have a light of its own. Slowly, the lips parted, and addressed them:


"How's Chikushita doing?"


Miki smiled. She looked over her nipple proudly, and observed the grey mass on it. Taking a moment to imagine what the people living there must feel like, she hummed softly. Every little move she make, no matter how subtle, would have some impact on the city- so she had to act carefully. Bringing her face closer, she scanned it over to get a sense of what they were doing. The shouts, complaints, and praises seemed to mingle into a single sensation for the young woman. Noticing a drop of her sweat headed straight for Chikushita, she brushed it off, giggling. Since it was so close already, she brought her finger over her nipple, hovering a few meters above the skyscrapers.


As the finger came down, suddenly, Chikushita gave a collective gasp of terror. A pillar reaching into the heavens, made of soft flesh, clashing against their soft foundations. At the cost of saving the land from being flooded, she shook the land even more. Despite the woman's soft touch, even the gentlest move tossed people around the nipple, buildings clashing down. As they raced around for cover, Miki felt their movements- it was like a small hand giving a gentle, loving stroke. Now, the gigantic finger loomed above them like a monster, sweat droplets raining onto the city below. Even knowing she would never bring it down, the citizens trembled in fear as it blocked everything out. Even a simple touch was enough to turn it to ruins.


"I'm sorry about that... Just thought I'd air you out a bit. Wouldn't want the city drowning in my sweat, huh?"


The people could feel each word coming into Miki's throat, rising up, and leaving her lips as a thunderous roar, echoing across the skies. Every little breath and heartbeat shook their entire world. It was especially audible for the people underground; ships, floating across oceans of milk, had to drop whatever supplies of calcium they'd harvested and return to the harbour. Yet, even with the clashing waves, the underground was free of falling buildings- relatively safe. If dark, cramped, and smelly. Climbing out of their shelter, the people wondered how other residents of Miki's body survived; did they burrow into her pores? Were their cities built of stronger stuff? Did they simply let themselves die?


The finger drew away. Just her face, filling the skies, her gentle laughs jostling the city again.


"Well, even if it's hard, I'll look after you, and all the other colonies. I hope my body's resources can help you!"


Miki lay on her back, causing panic in cities on every part of her lovely, planet-like body. She let every microscopic man and woman air out and enjoy the sunlight with her. Sure, there may have been a few casualties here and there, and buildings didn't stand for long; yet, she made sure to keep them safe. It didn't mater where they were: on her chest, taking out milk; in her bloodstream, braving white blood cells to draw energy from her plasma; among her forests of hair, keeping lookout of whatever approached; in her stomach, gathering scraps of her meals; or carefully nested in her ears. She'd make sure no little guy would ever go cold, and nobody would be hurt in wars or debates; she'd settle every problem for them. An entire little world, under her guiding thumb...


...And another under her pinky, still another on her ring finger, and index...


They all kept her very entertained. Being a planet was fun.

Chapter End Notes:

The original version of this was not bad, but terribly, horribly, short. Don't get the wrong idea: I like shorts. They're comfy and easy to wear. But some shorts just keep getting shorter, until the moment where they're less shorts and more glorified underwear, and you find yourself with people surrounding you, screaming, "DAMMIT, PUT ON SOME CLOTHES, IT'S THE MIDDLE OF WINTER".

So, I edited it in the giantessworld client- with, like, a dozen things open in the background. Because multitasking. I rewrote sentences, changed the flow a bit, refined it into something a bit more legible and interesting. And despite all outside influences, I got something good.

And that's when my connection to Giantessworld times out.

So, I edit it again, try to add paragraphs, re-read, revise, and get something vaguely like the edit. And it takes DAYS to motivate myself, because creativity is a harsh mistress. Creativity is totally that one giantess that keeps you in her boobs for a bit, then puts you in a toilet and shits all over you and drinks from the bowl. I managed to get something SORTA like that edited thing, but not as good, since our memories make stuff seem cooler. So, in conclusion, if you don't already, SAVE YOUR WORK.

Now, question time~! Is this a gigantic girl, or just a normal-sized girl with tiny cities on her? Is she a kind, benevolent woman who's honestly doing her best to protect and provide for the people, or a control freak with a God complex who steals cities so she can make them dependent on her? I'm not actually sure. I don't really know things. I'm just the guy who writes stuff down sometimes.

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