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The glass walls clash against your hands, as musky air from the holes around you floats into your nose. On the other side, another glass wall. Absolutely no way out.

As your eyes adjust to the darkness, you can see the faint silhouette with messy hair. The rhythmic tapping of fingers on a keyboard passes through your ears, and you make out a blurred computer screen, with a familar white background.

Suddenly, it stops. What little light the room has is blocked out as the dark form rises, walking towards you. You suddenly notice how large it is, as the long, unkempt strands of hair fall around with its movements. As the slender figure approaches, you leap to the back of your small corner, your heart beating as your fingers run across the cold glass. You can barely make out a smug grin from your captor, before the silence is broken by a calm, feminine whisper:

"Hey. It's done."

The sudden words stir you, and you bang against the walls. Nothing. You try to scream, but nothing comes out. Her giant frame has taken the entire room, and you can't make out anything.

Dark pillars cling to the other side of the glass screen, and you feel your entire world shake. No matter where you look, you can only see the colorless flesh of her hand pressed against the glass, tilting you this way and that. Finally, the screen in the distance approaches... And you take in the clear flickering image.

You, in a bottle.

Twelve ninety-nine.

The colourful logo: Ebay.

You fall to your knees, and cup your head in your hands, before looking up to try and observe your surroundings. You can barely make out posters of attractive men lining the unlit walls. Discarded bags of junk food on the ground. And, on those shelves, what must be dozens of more bottles, perfectly aligned, half of them holding squirming forms...

Suddenly, your container shakes, as you're emptied into the soft, slender hand. A feminine chuckle sounds through the air. You can barely make out the silhouette of her glasses, as she gazes down onto you, wordlessly.

Unable to take it anymore, you scream out:

"Selling people on Ebay goes against the regulations! How the heck can you do this?"

A feminine laugh echoes through the still air.

"I marketed you as a hyper-realistic figurine."

Carefully placing your bottle aside, her nimble fingers grip at your tiny pants, tearing them off. You try to cover your groin, only making her laugh more. On her desk, you can make out a series of ridiculous cosplay outfits. She picks one up, and moves it onto the surface of her hand, dropping it onto you.

"Put this on. I really hate this character, but I need to pay for my video games somehow. And somewhere, out there, there's a girl who would love nothing more than her own little bishounen to cuddle with... Or maybe to squish?"

She snorts.

"Heh. Like I care what she does with you. Well, until then, stay rested. Exercise a bit. You need to be in top condition when you get there, or I'll get bad reviews..."

Chapter End Notes:

These shorts are getting shorter and shorter, against the will of the reviewers. Need to fix that sometime. May have to write a part about what the giant nerd girl will do to the little guy when he's sold in a package deal with his character's enemy after no takers.

Tried to incorporate an element of horror. And, yes, she'd put pictures of a figurine without clothes up on Ebay before having pictures of him in the appropriate clothes, because SUSPENSE. Also, some girls would probably be more concerned about how he looks nekkid than with clothes.

Ebay belongs to Ebay. And, actually, looking over the rules and regulations, I don't believe there's anything against selling tiny people.

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