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The entire city trembled as the gargantuan girl's shadow fell over them, her body warmth floating over the minuscule streets and buildings. Above the clouds, shaped like perfect ovals somehow, the screaming inhabitants on the nondescript mass of grey could see her; legs longer than anything, a field of white underwear, breasts larger than could be considered anatomically correct, and, above it all, a giant, contemptuous smirk that could swallow a hundred inhabitants whole, and still have room for seconds. Brushing her hair back, the whooshing of thin blonde strands could be heard for miles, if not further; below, the sunlight seemed to shift to silhouette her form perfectly, mountains around barely coming up to her toes. Finally, she looked at the pathetic, squealing masses below, with a disgusted sneer, and her voice rang through their ears:

"AHAHAHA!... Does that sound okay? Uh, let me try again... Bwa-ha-ha... No, no, more ara ara. Okay, let's start again."

In a single, Earth-shaking bound, she stepped away, levelling the land below- and, barely having left their field of vision, turned suddenly on her heel and leaped back, her grin wider than before.

"Oh ho ho~! Little people, your- no, no, they AREN'T PEOPLE, gotta remember that!" With a loud wimper, she dropped her colossal backside to the ground, utterly annihilating the landscape around, and revealing the crease of her cavernous vagina to the crowds. Taking out a book, and reading for a few seconds, she raised up again, hands on her hips, the sun moving back in fear of her.

"Oh ho ho~! Stupid insects, your goddess is here!... Too sacrilegious? Okay, let me..."

Grumbling to herself a bit, she broke out another disgusted glance and the city folk squirming below.

"Oh ho ho~! You like that, little- DAMMIT, THAT WASN'T UNTIL LATER!"

In a single, deft movement, she tore a city-spanning shoe from her right foot, and banged her head with it repeatedly, stamping her heel into the soil.

Her huge face burning bright red, she looked below, as the entire nondescript city stared in shock, awe, wonder, and confusion at the presence of a watermark on her underpants. With a glance at her shoe, she violently tossed it into the distance. Glancing for a moment at her impressive feat of strength, the giant girl looked down to the city again, and put a titanic hand to her face, letting out the most elegant, womanly, ara-ara laugh ever:

"OH HO HO HO~! Pathetic insects, wiggle around like the stupid worms you are! Even a million years of science, culture and progress could not prepare you for my arrival! The time of mankind's reign has come to an end, to be replaced with-"

Her words were cut off, as, whizzing from behind, her shoe came back and hit her squarely in the back of her blonde-covered head, setting her off-balance, as she tripped forward and eliminated several city blocks under her giant nipples alone with a loud THUD. For miles, everything was turned to dust under the enormous body.

Rising up, and dusting her chest of debris and crushed bodies, she stared down again- and, instead of a self-assured smirk came an enraged scowl, wishing death to all people below she hadn't killed yet.

"ALL RIGHT! I thought I'd give you a fair introduction, or exposition, but nooo, TOO GOOD FOR THAT, AREN'T WE?"

A leg rose up, the clouds shifting to make way for it, before-


She brought her foot down, making a deep, perfect crater in what was once, like, some city or a puppy sanctuary or some bloke's home, I dunno. Whatever was there was was now inseparable from the ground; nobody would have ever guessed anything could live there.

With a satisfied smile, the giant girl lifted her foot back up, and awkwardly started tugging the dirty kneesock off, struggling to keep her balance. "Now... Argh, hngg... Stupid, tiny... argh... You know what I can do, so let's, ah..."

With a final movement, the sweat-and-dirt stained sock came off, and was lazily plopped down.

Out of the sock, a glimmering, soft foot came, the toes wiggling as it lowered upon the city. She laughed to herself, resting her glorious backside on the mountain, as the foot came lower and lower onto the tiny, screaming mass of grey. Looking below, she put on her cockiest grin, took a deep breath in, choked on an airplane, and cooed:

"Lick my cute foot, bugs!"

Smiling, she waited for a few seconds, feeling nothing from the insect-like people below her wiggling toes.


Nothing. She looked down.

"Ah, are you licking them? I- oh, this is, like REALLY embarrassing, but I can't feel it, your tongues are, like REALLY small... Maybe I didn't really think this through."

For a second, she gazed at her foot, running a hand across it.

"Or... Maybe you just don't like my feet? I thought they were... Sorta..."

Fidgeting a little, squirming on her mountain seat, an idea came over the titanic girl:

"OH! I know! I just haven't brought it close enough to the ground! Sorry 'bout that, little guys, I couldn't really tell!"

As she smiled once more, the huge foot came down slowly onto the city, as the larger buildings toppled under the supple soles. People below screamed, panicked, ran this way and that; but it was no use. Her foot filled the entire sky, sweat dripping onto the streets; and soon, the entire sole engulfed the city, buildings turned to dust as they fell into the tiny nooks and crannies of her feet...

Feeling a bit of a crunch, she raised her foot up- only to see the entire nondescript mass of grey on the ground had somehow become even less descript, and parts of it coated her toes, heel and the ball of her foot. She hit herself in the head, before, in defeat, resting her giant head in her massive palm, and letting out a deafening sigh.

"That's what I get for looking to giantess fiction for ideas."


Chapter End Notes:

Inspired by art I saw online. I didn't want to like it. It had very limited shading, low levels of details, the cities looked more like dirty splotches of grey, and I'm not a fan of a girl's boobs being larger than her head. But there was something about it- a book labelled "How To Be Evil" in the girl's hand. It suggested a level of humanity and fallibility that we don't see in giantesses very much, and that attracted me to the fetish from the beginning: the idea of normal person growing past their circumstances, above the omnipresent system, and telling the rest of the world to shove it. It's about people power, for me, a bit of a latent rebellious side hiding behind my typical beta-ish, squirmy, short-statured self. And seeing something that reminds us that the big girl isn't perfect, she's human, and capable of failure or unintelligence or wimpiness, but can still triumph- that is just so inspiring. Not to mention, I like guys super-small.

So, if the artist is reading this: stop tracing, please. You can do okay things on your own. And make your girls' boobs smaller.

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