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Raw strength.

Brutal, careless force.

Some seek to build cities. Set up communities of little people living in little sandcastles. They like to feel in control of people. As if it would help them control their own lives if they controled their own little part of the world.

They want to opress, to lead a psychological battle. Build a complex, swirling empire of hatred, lies and injustice.

She doesn't care about what the people think. If they love her or fear her.

She only lusts to destroy.

Laughs erupt, shaking the earth.

Boom. Another city ends.

Smash. Another stain on her bare foot.

Pow. Another life ended. Another giggle from above.

This is just a game, something so incredibly funny it's painful.

Huge castles, big cities, populations... They mean nothing. It's hilarious.

She needs more destruction. NO amount can ever be enough. She will not stop until everything is underneath her, everything is gone. Even then, she'd somehow try to find more.

Given this power, some would demand worship, obeyal. Some would make threats, play mindgames with the tiny victims, keep an empire under their guiding thumb. Make buildings bigger, the reaches of cities wider, their influence stronger. This girl only wants to see the big, pretty buildings get squished. No amount of worship, love or hate, no history, no grudges, no boundaries could possibly get in her way.

Nothing can stop unadulterated power.

The girl makes a game out of it, amusing herself. Grinding her heel into the ground, wiggling her toes above the houses, before she smashes them to nothingness.

Everything crumbles in her wake, and it's glorious. Everything ends in one big step. Houses, buildings, lives, stories, opportunity... she knows no remorse for the victims of her playtime. They're insignificant. Only stupid bugs creeping around the hillside.

The sole purpose of their existence is to die in this cruel game. They built a legacy, love, life, cultivated the land, brought a civilisation to life... For it to come tumbling down under her foot.

The stomps resound through the land. This city becomes nothing. A perfect crater forms in the ground where it once was. Nothing escapes the destruction. All that remains of the once great land is the bit of debris caking her sole.

Soon, it joins another. The great cheaters, the great lovers, the great thinkers, the great liars, the great dictators... Nothing is left of them but stains of blood.

And to her, this is the best thing in the world.

She doesn't care how long it took to erect those castles, what effort went into those buildings, how carefully crafted the temples were, how wars were fought over this tiny land. The only thing that matters to her is that they're big and beautiful and crunchy.

Now, she wiped her hands over her feet. She wipes over the lost lives, the ruined empires, the lost history, the smashed worlds. It all dissapears.

Everything that was once beautiful, once ugly, once amazing, once horrifying about the world, about life... It's gone. And what for?

For a young girl's enjoyment.

For a quick laugh, maps had to be rewritten.

Sandcastles crushed back into the sand. Little toys being cleaned up. It's a blank slate.

No friendly liar, no twisted businessman, no politician, no king or queen, nobody with any power over the people's minds has power over this body. They can only pray for salvation. They can only watch the anarchy in the streets, and cry out about missed opportunities, what they should've done, how to escape this madness...

Nothing can escape.

This is bigger than one person.

This is pure female power.

Rising above everything possible.

Turning the world upside down.

Letting nothing stand in the way.

Listening to the happy sounds of people screaming. Feeling bodies pop underneath her, buildings come crashing down.

She could destroy the entire world, and still have room for more.

Her toes wiggle with lost cities. Things that could have been.

The world, the people, the culture... It's just things for her to destroy. Not even garden pests to eliminate; that would be a chore. This is play. This is for herself.

This is how the world ends.

Chapter End Notes:

This was my first giantess story, written before even finding the inspiration source. I wanted to understand why I felt the way I did about big girls- so, I tried to make it as abstract as possible, cut to the simplest, based terms of what I like in big girls.

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