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From a slight distance away, planes and cannons fired onto the woman's towering body. They called for civilian evacuation as the bullets and shells disappeared into the expanse of supple flesh, one by one.

"Ooh... Oh, wow!"

The chirp of her voice spread through the skies. It was a completely unique experience for Umeko. Houses and small businesses spread out like a map below her folded legs. She wasn't used to looking down at people; in fact, for the longest time, she'd have to stand on tiptoes to be eye-level with her friends. And even if they teased her about it, she didn't really mind. It was nice being able to let others take control, and not have anyone depend on her too much.

Of course, the first few moments of her growth were accompanied by a sense of horror. Anxiety. Embarassment. Everyone was staring at her, as her clothes started to tear apart under the pressure from expansion... Then, the fear that she may have hurt someone as she fell onto her backside rushed through her mind, some tables collapsing into nothingness underneath its mass. And those sickening crunches rung through her ears as the foundations that held up the walls creaked and yielded against her arms; insulation rushing out before exploding into a mass of rubble. But finally, as her neck broke through the ceiling, some other sensation came into her mind.

Something incredibly taboo.

Still expanding, more and more of her silhouette was revealled to public. She held the feelings back, struggling to cross her arms against her chest. No, why would she even consider that up here in the clouds? THOSE thoughts were for her time alone. She'd spent years perfecting her image, hours hiding it. This wasn't like when she was 14, where she'd start awkwardly smiling or hold her hand over her heart when someone insulted her. No - "stiff upper lip, stoicism..." she silently chanted to herself, watching people she knew running around below.

Her nostrils took in larger amounts of oxygen than usual, translating into large gusts. The smell in the air reminded her of the first time she was scolded by a teacher; it was for losing the class pet. The whole time, she had to pretend to be sad or frustrated, while grinning whenever her back turned. She remembered the joy of anticipation in how far it would go; maybe he'd be forced to hit her? After all, she'd been very insolent, she really deserved it.

And she really deserved this pain, too. After all, what was she thinking, growing like that? Not only had she made a mess of the place, she'd gone against the laws of nature, violating the square-cube law! It was perfectly fine that she received her karmic retribution like this, as her bones, sinews, muscles, and flesh stretched out in new and exciting ways. Each time a piece of flesh inched out, a little growing pain crawled through it, and up her spine, into her brain, triggering responses...

Umeko shook her head, pieces of the ceiling falling to the ground. Nope. No. She was a completely proper woman, a good girl, and she had to know where she fit in. This wasn't the place to be revealing her fantasies. She couldn't possibly take the humiliation of the entire town knowing. All of those little, scrambling people, who looked like action figures, or even ants... No, she couldn't think of them like that! She was a caring woman! With a groan, the girl's vision became blurry as she looked up at the clouds above. Each of those little people had their own families, lives, and feelings, and she could easily offend or hurt them! She probably already had, as a pair of breasts began to pop out of the walls, completely bare. Every single person had emotions, and a pair of eyes, and they would all look up at her and shame her if she did something wrong. She couldn't stand the idea of being publicly humiliated like that.

As a matter of fact, the very idea drove her crazy - it had to happen! Clawing at her yellowish braids, she struggled to move, just causing more damage with all of her movements. Was that a hole she'd carved into the road just by slamming her leg forward? She hit herself in the face. Such a klutzy, inconsiderate girl. Always with her head in the clouds. What a scatterbrain! Why didn't she ever think of anyone else? Did she even consider all of those people who could be calling the police, the military...

She had to view it from THEIR perspective for once! What would they think if, from out of nowhere, a naked girl exploded from out of a building, taking over the sky... They'd be so horrified seeing her expression, her tiniest movements just wrecking everything. And what if they were hurt when her arms or legs or even her backside burst out? Umeko stopped herself there for a second; she couldn't imagine the pain in too much detail or else she could just overflow.

As the rest of the building came apart unceremoniously, she saw a face she recognized in the crowd. He was moving towards her. Susumu! A nice man of strong spirit and muscle definition! Finally, she could rely on someone to control her growing size and growing moisture.

He looked up, having to shout for her to hear: "UMEKO! Hang on! It's going to be okay!"

...What was that? Was he trying to reassure her? No, that wouldn't do. He had to understand what was going on.

She answered back down, a little giggle in her voice betraying the dire words: "It isn't! I'm a monster now! No, I'm - I'm worse than that! Look at how much I've destroyed!"

"Come on, don't say stupid things! You're still Umeko!"

A few more of her friends started gathering around. She was genuinely pleased to see that they'd survived it; but now they saw her without any barriers, at her basest emotional state...

Umeko shook her head. "I always was a monster! So klutzy, just breaking everything apart... Hah... Please, tell me how bad I am! Call someone to punish me for property damage! The whole world can see me, tell them exactly who I am!"

A once-quiet girl from the side, Miki, spoke up: "I... I think you're pretty cool. Beautiful and strong, l-like a goddess..." She kept on staring up at all of her friend's revealed body, nearly drooling.

That was it. Umeko's weak, quivering voice became a thundering roar: "DON'T CALL ME A GODDESS! DON'T YOU DARE WORSHIP ME!" Without even thinking, her massive hand reached out below, slender fingers outstretched. Her friends started running; finally, they got the picture! Everyone but those idiots Susumu and Miki. She could tell by their expressions: Miki wanted to get closer. But Susumu still didn't understand how horrible she was. That HAD to change.

Grasping them, and holding them in the air, Umeko finally stood up, calling out to the world. "L-look! I have hostages! See? I, Umeko, am an absolutely despicable young woman! You should all scorn me and laugh at me!"

A few of the running people paused to glance up. Looks of confusion spread across their faces.

Susumu muttered into Miki's ear: "What's she trying to do?"

Miki was still entranced with her friend's body, hands reaching out to try and grasp at it. "Hwoo, look at how big her boobs are now! Why can't I have a chest like that...?"

The giant woman continued, sticking her head up in pride. "I refuse to let these people go until I hear a thousand voices calling me rotten, and horrible, and... GYUH-!?"

A burning on her back. Across her shoulders. Little cuts, followed by her nerves screaming in distress, and the cooling sensation of gently-oozing blood drops. Could it be? Was it finally time? She twisted her head the the side, a fingertip resting coyly on her lip.

As she expected: planes. Beautifully solid planes, their steel catching the sunlight and reflecting. Ah, the JSDF! Finally. People who know how to administer justice! Their bullets clashed against her back, causing her to gently chuckle.

The massive skin cells, reproduction rates expanded to new levels, quickly healed themselves. In dissapointment, Umeko scratched the area where she was once hurt, nails clawing away at the flesh - no, it wasn't the same! Not the same at all!

The military were drawing back; not directly striking anymore, just circling around. Umeko suddenly shivered in fear. What if they didn't know? What if she just looked like a normal girl to them, and they couldn't tell whether to attack or not? Such morally righteous, upstanding men and women... For a moment, she felt like saluting in respect. If she didn't move too much, maybe they could safely apprehend her, and she wouldn't have to be hurt anymore.

But they were wrong about her. VERY wrong! She had to show them what she was really like; anything else would be dishonest. Slowly, with a tinge of regret, she opened her mouth and dangled her friends over it. Her eyes watered slightly as she saw Susumu's silent state of shock, and Miki's still-glowing smile.

Then, another rush swept in. A shell collided directly with her belly button, tearing through the skin and lodging itself into her flesh. She screamed out in pain for a moment, before it seamlessly transitioned into a pleasant moan. "M-more..."

Her arm flew into the air. The people in her hand began screaming. Susumu, his own arms waving, tried to address the military: "Stop it! Assholes, if you even TOUCH her with ONE MORE BULLET, I swear-"

Interrupting, Miki cheered: "Crush them, Umeko! Squeeze their puny tanks into itsy-bitsy red dots!" She panted slightly in excitement. "And if it's alright, do it with your cute little butt, or those sexy feet!"

Susumu stared at her, sighing. "What kind of weirdo would think feet are 'sexy'?..."

Unfortunately for both the military and Umeko, the wound quickly repaired itself, and the tingling sensation was lost. The massive woman's head kept spinning, dizzied by the tiny voices and pain. For just a second, she looked at herself in shame and disgust. She'd let her weird complex take her over, causing people so much hurt... Why didn't she just stop? Apologize, let the others handle it?

And yet, that didn't feel right. No, she'd sunken too far. She needed some form of punishment, and she was going to get it.

Putting her friends gently on the ground, to ensure nothing would hurt them, Umeko tossed herself directly into a building. The material creaked against her body for a split second before yielding. The giantess left an imprint of her huge, curvy body in the frame, before the whole office explored into rubble. She lay on her stomach, trying to savor every little bit of pain that came from that motion...

And, just as expected, the force of a machine gun against her. This time, right around her backside - that was particularly sore! She giggled, brushing her hands over her bleeding cuts before they closed up. Rubbing the liquid between her fingers, she used it to shakily trace a bulls-eye-esque shape over her left breast, eagerly pointing to it as she rose up to her knees.

"Here! Shoot here! Shoot me here!"

Obligingly, the armed forces below began their own attack, bullets puncturing her skin. Ooh, that felt SO wonderful!

From the side, her two friends looked up in awe. Miki was the first to speak: "Woah, Umeko's getting bigger!"

"What? Wh- you're right! She must be... I don't know how many feet now! H-how did this happen?"

Pensive, Miki tapped her fingers against her mouth. "She started growing when Takeru accidentally poured scorching tea on her... And now that the military is firing at her, she's growing faster..." Slamming her hand into her fist, she nodded. "That's it! She grows when she's in pain!"

Standing back up, somewhat dizzied, Umeko dashed towards the least-populated area she could find, and spotted the largest building in the area. Kicking the foundation, she let it topple onto her body, cement and steel bludgeoning her face and leaving a bruise as it shattered. People in the right position below could see her eyes becoming less focussed from the blow, her teeth bore in a deranged leer. Biting a bit of skin off her finger, she used the blood to trace more circles, over her breasts, vagina, backside...

Eventually, the showed of bullets brought Umeko to the ground. And yet, the skin cells were still hard at work, repairing themselves. Frustrated, she looked over to her friends, military still assaulting her.

She whispered quietly: "N-now you see who I am... A masochistic monster..."

Susumu was about to protest, but suddenly stopped himself. That longing in her eyes, the quivering in her lip, hands slowly twitching as they moved over her body... They all passed through his mind at once, as if designed to win him over. It wouldn't be right to reassure her. The woman he loved was asking something from him, and no matter how much pain it brought, he was the only one who could deliver it.

With a cringe at the woman's attitude, her took off his glasses, gulped, and screamed: "Get away from me, you pathetic freak! Go kill yourself! Brainless animal!"

He gasped for breath, apologizing so quickly and quietly that nobody but Miki could hear. Silence. All motion ended for a nanosecond. Then, a Umeko bit her lip. Her cheeks puffed outwards, then back in, slowly. A few tears welled up in her wide eyes. Her jaw dropped loose in shock, tearing a bit more of the road out - before the ends of it curled up, forming a weak smile.

"Su-su...mu..." Putting her hands to her rosy cheeks in joy, she squealed: "He really hates me!"

And with that, she expanded. The mix of painful emotions brewing in her stomach and heart exploded all at once, fueling her growing body. The slender, delicate fingers stroked her genitals, drooling as more bullets came through, her mind in a divine state of blissful torture. And every limb, muscle, skin cell, bone, sinew, nerve kept on growing and growing, bringing more pain to her, until she was nothing short of a sobbing, smiling monolith. Her eyes still on Susumu, her body blessed by his hateful glare, she kept on spreading out, anticipating the tinge of attacks from the military, the air force, the navy... What if they nuked her body? Maybe, just maybe, she'd not only be mocked and scolded by people on the news; this could be something big. Her name would go down in history as the most disgusting, unclean, thoughtless, pathetic woman to ever breathe air.

And she loved every second of it.

Susumu managed a weak smile, quietly enjoying his position, hanging onto the body of his lover. "If it makes you happy, Umeko..."

Next to him, Miki still kept on cheering: "Keep it up, Umeko, keep it up!"

Chapter End Notes:

Inspired by people talking about a masochist growing in Senran Kagura.

Among other things, one thing that's really awesome about the concept of a giantess is that you see how people react when nobody can stop them from doing anything. From this angle, violent stories have a kind of carthaic rebellious style to them, where it's all like "fuck society, I can do what I want"; it emphasizes how fragile social order is, even when it seems big. Gentle stories reassure us that some humans nice and delicate enough to respect social norms and maintain order, even if we don't have to; it emphasizes how important social order is to our survival.

And then there's this shit, where a girl cares about what people think but is violent. I have no clue what that means, but it can't be anything good.

I apologize if this came across with a misogynistic tone. I'm not really used to writing giant girls who like being hurt, so I decided to write her thought process as if there were a little voice in her head constantly criticizing her for every goof-up. Sort of as a way to get my own little self-abusive voice out. I can't be the only one who has a voice like that in their head, can I?

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