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"I'm gonna be late! I'm gonna be laaate~!"

Sonico trotted forward, her hands clutching onto her headphones, her hips and tail wobbling this way and that with every step. Normally, she'd be paying more attention to her surroundings- but a lot was going through her mind. Grades, the last lecture, the music rankings, lyrics to her latest song... She felt a little something go SQUISH underneath her boot, but didn't have time to look. If the giant girl didn't pick up her pace, she'd be late again!

People scurried this way and that, trying to avoid Sonico's massive footsteps. A few of her friends tried to wave to her, and greet her- but quickly found themselves running away from her incoming feet, dominating the streets. She left a trail of footprints in the cement below, a few small shops kicked aside effortlessly as she continued dashing forward. She was wearing far too little for the season- yet, at her size, the square-cube law provided enough protection from the elements. It was a shock that something that towered over the houses, taking over everyone's field of vision, did not move like a lumbering giant, but rather, with graceful, if hurried, stomps. Sonico's eyes pointed ahead, not even bothering to look down at the chaos she was causing. Soon, a small Toyota fell into her shadow, and her sole loomed over it for a second before whirring down onto it. With a sickening crunch, Sonico unknowingly turned the vehicle into a hunk of scrap, stuck on her heel, still pressing forward.

"AAAH! Sorry, sorry, coming through, I have to hurry, soh-rree~!"

Suddenly, a helicopter in front of her- rushing right towards her chest. The titanic girl shouted as it crashed into her, caught in her cleavage. Still stomping forward, Sonico brought a hand to her jiggling chest, trying to pull the poor little people out. Yet, her foot tapped against a steel building, setting her off balance- her hands slipped this way and that on her mountainous boobs, tossing the tiny helicopter deep into her shirt. It was warm and sweaty inside, yet smelled oddly sweet. Having no time to spare, Sonico desided to bear the embarassment and simply let them out when she got to work.

The girl had to get prettied up for her performance today- new clothes, a hairdo, and a manicure. Yet, having rushed out to get to the workplace on time, she didn't realize that someone working on her hands was still clinging onto a nail when she left. As Sonico kept running, her hands pumped up and down, shaking the tiny girl's world while she hung on, screaming, pounding. She was flung around the nail, the world rushing around her like a blur, praying it would end. A strange sensation came over the titanic idol, and her hand stopped moving for a moment, giving her little manicure artist a break. All too short a break, though; with a blush, Sonico lowered her hand into the back of her pants, scratching her backside. She knew everyone could see her, and it would ruin her image, but didn't care; it was itchy~! The stowaway screamed as the mounds of flesh came closer, looming over her, before swallowing her. The idol pulled her hand out with an embarassed sigh, putting it onto her chest, still rushing forward. The constant back-and-forth movement of her hips tossed the tiny girl deeper and deeper into the crack, until the butthole was nearly swallowing her, becoming her whole world...

"P-please, don't be scared! I'm- I'm sorry, I'll... I'll pay you all for this later, I need to- Ah..."

Sonico hummed a small passage from her latest song, trying to memorize it correctly, and draw her attention away from the little people's stares. Noticing a larger building in front of her, she went into a full sprint, causing tiny earthquakes, shops flying this way and that- before leaping over it. For a moment, she seemed to soar through the air, like a graceful, gigantic angel, wings spread out, a joyous smile across her face...

Then her feet hit the ground.

The tiny crowd below had no way to prepare. One second, she was at a considerable distance- now, they were all in her shadow, looking up at the soles of her boots as they descended from the sky. Some tried to dash away- others went down on their knees, begging; an odd few just stared at the massive, beautiful form dropping onto them from the heavens... They were all flattened into the ground, under the massive Sonico's feet, little more now than mangled bodies and red dots.

As the titanic woman took another step forward, unaware, she slipped on the tiny forms stuck to her feet. Tossed back, her yelp echoed across the city, falling to the ground.


In the row of shops below, people rushed under desks for cover, gazing through the windows. Clad in the strangest mix of a skirt and a pair of shorts, Sonico's backside neared over them, looming over them. The sun was blocked out, all light seeming to shift around this titan's form, her ample backside wobbling slightly as it fell, getting closer and closer. With a collective scream, the shopgoers below were snuffed out under the backside, the store walls crumbling into fine dust and blocking the exits. It was the worst for her manicure artist, who was completely annihilated between the soft, rosy flesh of her cheeks. The whole land around her shook, buildings turned into nothing but hunks of wood and brick with destroyed merchandise and dead bodies. Her breasts wobbled like crazy, the helicopter grinded into pieces between them. Sonico looked down, before turning away, with a blush, and bowing in her seat, her eyes shut tight.


As her embarassment grew, so did her body. Feeling the familiar sensation over her spine, she buried her hands in her face, unable to bear it. She felt her ass pressing deeper indents into the ground, the cement moaning under her weight before giving way entirely. Her shoes pressed through buildings, digging trenches as they extended further and further out, growing to match her feet. Her long, socked legs were soon stained with rubble and crushed bodies.

"Sorry... Sorry... Sorry..."

By the time she dared to open her eyes, the people were just a screaming mass of dots below her. No, even less; each city was simply a mass of colors on the ground, below a layer of clouds. Each of her butt cheeks covered a whole mass, pressing deep into the ground- the Earth was just about ready to crack open under her. Sweating, she quickly got to her feet- each step causing a tremendous earthquake for the people below. Debris coated her backside, dropping off as she lifted it into the air; it would be a glorious spectacle, like a monster rising from the sea, blocking out the sun, if the onlookers weren't so terrified. Dusting it off, embarassed, Sonico stood at her full height. Not only were the people below caught completely in her shadow, and not only did her body dominate their field of view; the sky seemed to be completely filled with boots for miles upon miles. Even over the sea, people could see the titanic idol's body on the horizon, and shook in fear and awe.

Crouching down, the clouds moving to make way for her, she scanned the cities below. Another mass of grey was faced with her backside looming over it, while still others were looked onto like bacteria under a microscope. Finally, her titanic eyes settled on a city, and she shouted:

"Manager, I'm here~! D-did I do well as a giantess?"

Buildings and people flew away as her sweet breath hit them, like a tornado of autotune. Only a suited man with flaming hair in a frankly ridiculous mask still stood. He looked to the titan, nonchalantly, and nodded.

"It was... Sufficient. Next time, I'd suggest more moe, less murder. Your movements were a bit redundent, too, wasting energy and time. Try to get here a little quicker. Understood?"

"Un-der-stood!... W-woah!"

A wind blew over the girl, tilting her off balance. Sonico was now falling forward, her gigantic chest looming over a city. They braced for the worse below as the monoliths of flesh and fabric, stretching for miles, came onto them...


Chapter End Notes:

Super Sonico belongs to Nitroplus, and I only knew of her in passing until people started talking about her, and how her super move in one vidya game and ending sequence had her grow super-huge. She's a model, amateur musician, college student, and part-time waitress- a few more occupations, and she could rival Barbie! I had episode 1 of her animated series open in another tab as I wrote, trying to pin down her personality and what I should put next. Due to the discussion around her, the story practically wrote itself; I just had to rob ideas from posters, flesh them out, and I was practically finished. I'd expect her to be a bit more relaxed and calm as a giantess when I was finished with the episode, instead of a living moeblob*, but oh well. Maybe another story. The manager reflects my personal thoughts on this chapter. And, yes, he's like that in the normal series, as far as I can tell.

Also: dammit, why are the only shots of Sonico's feet in the first episode done when she's barefoot? If you've read this far, you know I like bare feet, but I had to go through dozens of fanart pics of her in a bikini to finally discover the kind of shoes she normally wore. And, honestly, I STILL don't know if those are shorts or a skirt. Whatever they are, they aren't appropriate for winter.

*For those of you with semi-normal lives: "Moe is when someone is so cute you want to have sex with them!"

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