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  Nathan pants as he climbs onto the sidewalk which lines the outside of the buildings impossibly high walls. Looking from left to right down the freshly power washed near-white, and well maintained concrete slabs as he decides on his next move. He could either try and get into this mysterious looking building, or he could try to get to somewhere he knew. But right now he barely remembered, or knew anything. Everything looked so huge and alien from his tiny size and he couldn't remember a thing from before he had passed out. He pushes his back to the wall of the building after sprinting across the slab of pavement and decides he's probably better off trying to get into this building than playing 'Frogger' across the road that spanned the distance behind him as he started to run down the length of the wall.


After what feels like an exhausting eternity, Nathan reaches the corner of the building and peeks cautiously around the corner as his ears are met with the sounds of two talking feminine voices, and his eyes the sight of a wall of large glass windows and doors that made up the entrance - along with two Titanesses. He looks at the two women, chatting casually about what they'll do once they get home, dressed in regular womens business attire. Blouses, black skirts, and pumps. He stares at them, and shudders lightly. The women were so huge compared to him... Even from just the corner of the building from which he peeked around he could tell he couldn't be any taller than two inches. Suddenly he was feeling very, very vulnerable as the realization of just how fragile he might be struck his brain like a heavy headed mallet.


Breathing deeply, Nathan tries to contain himself of the fear to turn on his heels and run like a little girl. As much as he wanted to go screaming to the two women for help - he knew he shouldn't try and talk to the first people he saw. Who knew how they might react to his tiny body, or if they would even recognize him as anything other than a giant bug. It made a growing pit in his stomach begin to clench, and twist as he thought of ending up as nothing but a smeared paste upon the concrete slab beneath one of their high heel encased feet.


(Ugh..) He shudders a bit as the image replays in his minds eye. (There has to be some way to get some help here... I'm not -that- small, am I?) He thinks. He lifts a fist towards his face, inspecting his pointer finger as a comparison of size. (Something like a mouse to them..) He concludes as he then taps his chin, and looks back towards the two towering Titanesses as they spoke.


"Well, Elysse, I'll catch you tomorrow. Don't get into any more trouble with her highness, alright?" The secretary to the left laughs and waves as she turns and begins off, and away.


"I'll try! Later Lyn!" Elysse, a short, quirky blonde girl would chirp in a light hearted tone as she turned herself and began for the glass doors of the tall building. Nathan would nearly jump as he realizes this was his chance to get inside. Before he even knew what was going on his tiny legs were quickly pumping, and carrying him towards the door which by Elysse's great hand above was swinging wide open. 


He fights the urge to yell out 'Wait for me!' as he runs, and dives through the door just before it closes. He breathes heavily, catching his breath as Elysse makes her way towards a large black walled, silver countered crescent shaped desk at the forefront of the welcoming room which was accented by silver painted walls and a grey tiled floor. 


Looking to his left where he then begins for a nearby potted plant in the corner. Sighing as he reaches it, he looks back to the large desk where Elysse has now seated herself, typing away on the computer and clicking as she opens up some management mandated solitaire, and loses herself in the screen. (Hmm..) Nathan's eyes drift upwards above Elysse's head as he spots some large illuminated words upon the wall behind the desk in bold black which read 'Local Research Society' on top, and 'Cosmolex' directly beneath - a small 'Trademark' logo just beside the latter.


(Cosmolex...) He thinks to himself, (Why does that name ring a bell...?) He blinks a few times before shrugging it off.


(It doesn't matter right now, I can't remember a damned thing.) He sighs as all attempts to think of life directly prior to his waking up in the grass fails. He could remember the past month, he could remember his childhood, where he went to school, and who his friends were - but nothing that would give him any hints as to just -how- this had all come about.


(She seems nice enough though..) Nathan's mind quickly reverts then to looking for help as his eyes return to Elysse at the computer. (Maybe she can at least help me get a hold of a friend.) He nods to himself assuredly, and looks to his direct left where a long hallway sat which surely led deeper into the building. To his right of the desk sat another glass door which also housed another hallway leading deeper into the building. Nathan takes a deep breath then as he braces himself upon the base of the pot and closes his eyes.


(Here goes nothing.) He thinks, and then begins to walk out from behind the plant - and towards the huge desk across the room where Elysse still sat on the computer 'working' away.


Within a couple of minutes the two inch tall amnesiac is skittering alongside the tall black walls of the crescent desk and peeking around the edge to look at Elysse's black heel encased feet. Which, to him, seemed to be the length of busses, maybe even larger. He gulps a bit. (She's even bigger up close...) He thinks as he feels his stomach fluttering nervously, his eyes scanning over the lightly scuffed surfaces of her shoes. He couldn't lie... He'd always had a thing for womens feet, and to see the feet of such a pretty girl up close? Even if they -were- big enough to snuff him out? It made him quiver lightly in sexual desire.


(Wow...) Was all Nathan found himself repeating as he stared at the Giantesses shoes, and tentatively began to inch towards them. Feeling nervousness once again begin to overtake any sexual desires he might have towards the objects of desire before him as he slowly, but surely approached. Thoughts of how he could contact the giant Elysse, and just what he would say to the flurry of questions she was sure to have for him slowly etching away in his mind. He stares then as he stops within what to him is a couple of feet away from her. 


(How exactly do you get the attention of somebody so huge?) He thinks as his stomach tingles and bubbles.


He suddenly finds himself hopping as a loud reverberating thud breaks his concentration and thoughts as a half sharpened pencil falls to the ground behind him and softly spoken choice whispered words are echoed above him "Oh my god..." He freezes. His body filling with waves of adrenaline then as he feels giant eyes gazing down upon him. The most primal portions of his brain begging him to run, but the sudden fear which fills him keeping him completely still there where he stood.


Elysse, seemingly within the clouds stares, her soft eyes wide, and her half extended arm still in place in direction of the pencil she'd nearly caught from it's drop. "How did you...." She finds herself trailing off as she stares to the tiny morsel of a Human being at her feet. 


She then gulps herself a bit as Nathan waves his arms up towards her. He didn't want to risk -any- chance of being mistaken for a bug. "I'm not a bug! I'm a person! My name is Nathan!" He shouts up towards the Titaness who nods her head and stares on. Her eyes shift left to right to make sure no one is looking as she quickly bends down and picks up the two inch tall person and holds his squirming body within her gently closed fist.


"How did you get here...?" She asks in a whisper as Nathan blinks for a moment. The feeling of her huge hand wrapped around his entire being was enough to throw him off; But her question was not the one he had been expecting. 


"W-What do you mean?" Nathan asks, having more been expecting a wall of questions which had to do with how he'd gotten so tiny. Not how he'd gotten underneath her desk.


"I mean, how did you get out of..." She trails off again. "Oh my god." She adds as a sudden realization hits her. "You're the one that got out yesterday, aren't you? You're lucky it was me that found you, and not one of the others." The tiny in her hand, however, just gives her a blank stare in return. But she can tell that the stare is now mixed with an ever growing fear.


"You don't remember a thing, do you?" She asks.


Nathan just shakes his head. "N-No." He stammers. 


"Maybe it's better that way." Elysse thinks as she checks around the room again before lowering Nathan down onto the desk. "My name is Elysse, Elysse Avery. It's nice to meet you, Nathan." She smiles a bit, and gives a tiny cute folding-finger wave of her hand. Nathan dusts himself off a bit as he feels dizzying adrenaline still pumping powerfully through him just as quickly as thoughts were flying through his head. Was she the one who did this to him? If not, was she involved? She had to be... This seemed... It seemed so normal to her. 


"Well..." Elysse trails off a bit, looking down and feeling a bit awkward by Nathan's quietness. "I'm not going to hurt you, if that makes you feel any better. But I don't know what to do with you. I could get into a lot of trouble if I don't return you to one of the others." She begins to explain.


"The others? What's going on? How did I get like this?" Nathan finally pipes up towards her in a desperate, and fearfully quivering tone.


"I don't know for sure. They don't tell me much, honestly. I'm just a secretary, but sometimes they offer me time with some of you shrinkies - I don't know what for." She says, looking empathetically down towards him, with eyes that said she wished she could help.


"Probably something perverse.." She nearly sneers at her own words as her eyes dart off to the side, before returning to meet Nathan's gaze after considering the attitudes of some of those around here.


"I'm not the first, then?" Nathan asks, his gut twisting, and turning at the thought of all which Elysse had spoken. He shudders at the thought then of being completely at the mercy of cruel experiments or sexual whims. Sure, guys were more sexually active than women - that was no lie. But not everyone wanted to just get it on with the first person who decided to play with them. He thinks for a moment then, his own eyes shifting a bit as he considers that thought. (Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if they were at least nice.) His mind turning back to thoughts of Elysse's feet as she begins to speak again after a quick shake of her head.


"No, And I really couldn't tell you how many others there are, or have been. I don't know where they go, what they're for, or who they even are." She says, and shrugs a bit. Feeling a bit of shame beginning to ride up her spine at all that might be going on beyond those hallways.


Nathan looks back up towards her, confused. It didn't seem like she approved of whatever was happening here, even though she didn't seem to even know what 'it' was that was going on. It made him wonder... "How long have you known?" 


"Two weeks, maybe?" Elysse replies, thinking back on the first day one of her colleagues, an office assistant named Chánel Bootham had brought it to her attention when she'd shown her a scared looking little tiny in her hands and asked her if she wanted one of her own. As if the vulnerable little being within her palms had been some kind of object. A toy you could just own like it was nothing more than a bedside table, or a spoon. She shudders a bit.


"What?" Nathan asks.


"It's nothing. Do you maybe want to come home with me tonight?" She asks then, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable with the thought of letting this nice little boy fall into the hands of somebody who might have more sinister desires with him.


Nathan looks to the desk he stands upon, naked, and cold. His stomach grumbling with hunger even through the churning of nervousness. This woman, though they'd just met - a woman who very well could be more than involved in whatever it was that was going on here, seemed to make him feel a bit more secure in his current predicament. A little less scared. He nods his head then and looks back up towards her. "If you wouldn't mind." He says.

Chapter End Notes:

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. Meant to update this story with the first chapter a while ago, but alas, life likes to give me lot's of things to do.

In any case, I hope you all enjoy the first actual installment of the story. =)


- Xandar.

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