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It was the usual sunny summers day within San Francisco, California. The sun was shining, the clouds are few and far between - and for the most part everybody was having a great time as the clock turned just an hour past noon. The day was Sunday, August 4th, 2013 - School was out, but not for long. The weekend was nearly over, and while others worried about the tests, and exams the next day might bring, one particular, unfortunate character was soon to have much bigger problems in mind...

Nathan Pierce was just waking up from a sleep he didn't recollect on taking... The nineteen years old, slim, semi-athletic short brown haired individual sits up slowly as his blurred eyes begin to slowly open. His head felt hazy, and he had yet to realize he was naked as he reaches down to scrape off some crusty dry debris from his caucasian arms, realizing he's outside as the sounds of birds chirping boomed into his ears from all around. He instinctively reaches to cover them as he feels like he's just awoken with a brutal hangover from a night of blackout drunk shenanigans with his friends. The heat of the summers day radiating upon him as his now clenched shut eyes begin to slowly open again. The blurry scope of the land slowly taking form as a sea of green sprouts all around him like a tall, alien rainforest of some kind. "Guh..?" He blinks, rubbing his eyes as he stares at the huge thin blades of green sitting chaotically meshed together on a bed of near fist sized clumps of dirt.

(Where... Am I?) Nate thinks as he pulls himself wearily to his feet and looks up towards the sky. He slowly looks down as he begins to step forwards through the green around him, seeing what looks like a clearing to be ahead as he pushes the foliage to the side and walks. It isn't long before he's pushing the final blade aside and comes out to the edge of a small knoll overlooking a gigantic field, impossibly huge buildings looming in the distance, along with trees and what looked like parked cars. His jaw drops, his eyes widen, and his heartbeat races all at once as shock courses like a torrent through his veins. He wasn't on an alien planet, god no. 

He gulps as he stares the scene before him over, his brain playing on loop in that moment as he repeats (Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck..) To himself over, and over again. He quickly, and instinctively reaches his right arm to his left, pinching his wrist hard and whincing at the sudden, and unexpected jolt of pain. (Oh come on... This has to be a fucking dream! There's no way, NO WAY this is real.) He thinks as he stares at the huge, four story white block building to his far left which looks like a skyscraper from where he stands. He breathes deeply, trying to calm himself as he starts to climb down the knoll, and walk in direction of it. It was at a time like this, that he -really- wished he could remember the previous night. (Goddamn.. Everything is so huge..) He thinks as he climbs through the grass and imagines himself being swept up by a horde of ants, or attacked by a lone beetle. He shudders at the thought. (Just get over there.. There has to be somebody that can help you get back to normal, right?! Right.) He nods reassuringly to himself as he trekks on, hoping salvation isn't far off.

Chapter End Notes:

Sorry, would have loved to have posted more, but work calls! Hopefully can upload some more later in the day. :D

Anyhow, first story written for an audience. >.>' Be nice.

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