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Author's Chapter Notes:

Milly does have some chinks in her armor.

Snapped Chapter 2: Bubble Baths and Bruises

                Milly floated in the warm water of the bathroom sink the sound of rushing water and Tara humming the latest Daft Punk song as a backdrop to her soak. She raised her head from beneath the foam to glance at Tara’s figure silhouetted behind the shower curtain. Normally feelings of hate and rage would flood her thoughts but strangely not today. Tara was surprisingly civil this morning and for a few instances she reminded Milly of the nerdy freshman she used to know. The shy quiet girl she called her best friend. She shook her head. Those days were over. Tara was the coven leader now and as such chose to hang out with people like Michelle the same girl who tormented and bullied them all freshman year. She climbed out of the sink a grabbed a piece of sponge torn specifically for her to use. She lathered it up and began scrubbing herself. She felt a twinge in her side and a sharp jolt shot from her sternum. She’d broken something, multiple things it seemed.

                “More glorious pain.” She thought. She walked over to the mirror and wipe away some of the fog so she could get a good look at herself. Her chest looked like it had collapsed in on itself and she was looking a bit thin. “Girl you look awful.” She said to herself. “Maybe Tara will give you a few days off.”

                She laughed at her own dark humor. It wasn’t very likely. She continued to inspect herself this was the first time she’d gotten a good look at herself in months. She barely recognized the woman in front of her; long knotted hair down to her hips, covered in bruises, wild deranged look in her eyes. She hadn’t realized she was so far gone. It was hilarious. She chuckled at her pitiful form each laugh sending tiny spasms of pain through her chest. A few months ago seeing herself like this would have brought her to tears but that was when she was a different person. That girl still believed in things like hope or friendship. Now all she could count on was her humor and maybe the off chance that someone will accidentally step on her.

Suddenly the shower stopped and she turned to see Tara emerge naked and assured. Milly had to admit that being coven leader did help her with her looks. It wasn’t so much that she was prettier but more the confidence she gained from the position that help accentuate what was already there. She stood taller showing off her slim figure and switched to contacts showcasing her large expressive eyes. It almost made her proud she’d always told Tara she could be a model and now it seemed she finally believed it herself.

“What are you doing out of the bath?” she questioned.

“Just trying to look my best.” Milly mused. “Appearances are everything you know that.”

Tara couldn’t help but smile a bit. Milly was directly quoting one of the rules she herself established as new leader. It was an old rule that most modern covens ignored but Tara felt it had a place in hers it was easy for most modern witches to become complacent.

“Is it punishment time Mistress?” The tiny girl asked.

“Yes!” Tara answered. “And your punishment is that you will receive no punishment.”

“AAAWWWW!” Milly moaned genuinely disappointed. She had so come to enjoy her punishments.

“Back in the sink.” Tara commanded. “I have a hard enough time dealing with you without you actively trying to kill yourself.”

Milly slumped begrudgingly back into the water; Tara always figured her out too easily.


                Tara wrapped a towel around herself and exited the bathroom after making sure Milly would stay in the sink. It was filled with different herbs and mixes to help expedite the healing process. Of course Milly knew this making it difficult to keep her in the water when she was in one of her moods.

She dropped onto her bed and decompressed for a bit. Luckily it was the weekend so she didn’t have any classes. She could just spend the whole day relaxing. She couldn’t help but think about Milly. She had changed so much in such a short amount of time. Part of her despised what her friend had become a worthless speck, a slave whose sole purpose in life was to serve the whims of the coven and yet at the same time she couldn’t bring herself to fully hate her. It could just have easily been her in instead of Milly; she had always been the stronger of the two of them, but she was soft. She lacked the conviction to take what she wanted, to do the things that were necessary to rule. She turned onto her back and stared at the ceiling fan. It span around in slow circles mesmerizing her momentarily. She took in a deep breath and rose from the bed. She couldn’t relax just yet there was still work to do.

As she re-entered the bathroom she was surprised to see Milly soaking in the sink. She had actually followed orders for once instead of trying to flush herself down the toilet or something. She reached into the water and grabbed the tiny girl. She pulled off her towel and started drying her roughly and giving her body a once over. The bath was working. Most of her bruises had vanished and her arm had straightened out. She was breathing a bit hoarsely and gasping in pain on occasion as she squirmed in her grip. Michelle was always so rough with her and she probably need to soak a few more minutes but she decided to cut it short. Milly was tough and she wasn’t about to waste her time worrying about it. Besides she had chores to do. When she was done drying Milly off she took the girl into the kitchen and placed her on the floor. She then retrieved a large dog bowl and filled it with warm soapy water. She placed it down next to Milly along with a sponge.

“Start cleaning.” Tara ordered flatly.

“No.” Milly replied.

Tara sighed. She knew it wouldn’t be that easy. The problem was Milly no longer feared threats of death or injury she welcomed them. No you had to be more creative; a trait Michelle lacked and the main reason Milly gave her so much grief.

“There’s nothing I can do to get you to start cleaning is there?”

“Nope.” She reclined backward onto the sponge and smiled at her.

“Have it your way then.” Tara replied coyly. “If you won’t be a good little girl for me than maybe Michelle was right and we need a replacement.”

“Maybe she was.”

Tara walked over to her dresser and opened the bottom shelf. Inside were an assortment of discarded close, an ipod, some notebooks, and other assorted items that used to belong to Milly. She had often tried to gain access to these items but it was always locked when Tara wasn’t in the room. Not that she ever left Milly alone long enough to try anyway. She rummaged through the drawer in no particular fashion until she found what she was looking for. She took a deep breath mentally preparing herself for what she was about to do.

Tara slowly sauntered over to Milly waving a photograph in her hand. Milly tried her best not to be curious but Tara could already see occasional glances. She smiled.

“You know how hard it is to find someone with the right “talents” for a position such as yours don’t you.” Tara continued in her condescending tone. “You really are one in a million.”

“I know.” Milly replied. Her eyes were now locked on the photograph Tara was holding.

“In fact gifts like yours are so rare one could say you have to be born with it.” Tara steeled herself this was it. She had to make sure she showed no weakness. Milly had to take her seriously.

“Your point?” Milly spoke trying to sound confident but in the back of her mind she was very afraid of that photograph.

Tara laid on her stomach moving her face as close as she could to Milly; she had to see her face when she did this. After a few tense moments she revealed the picture and the look on Milly was all the confirmation she needed.

Milly stared at the picture shocked in an instant her hard earned façade had shattered. She could feel the tears building as she saw something she never thought she’d see again.

Tara leaned in even closer trying her best to seem intimidating but Milly’s eyes were glued to the photo. “Listen Millicent because I’m only going to say this once.” She took in another breath. “I’m am not like the other girls. I’m not going to hurt you, but I’m also not going to put up with your bullshit.” She paused briefly letting the words sink in. “Michelle was right you can be replaced and if you give me any of your attitude. If you get into trouble, if you continue these suicide attempts, if you continue to back talk, if you refuse any order I give you I will be more than happy to grant you the death you so desire.” Tara looked at the small girl her eyes were still focused on the picture determined to take in as much as they could. “Look at me Milly!” she immediately snapped to attention looking Tara straight in the eyes. “And when you’re gone.” She spoke slowly to make sure she was completely understood. “I will replace you with one of them and everything you’ve been through all your pain, all the torture, all the humiliation, all of your burden will be on one of their shoulders.”

“NO PLEASE!” Milly pleaded and for the first time in months the broken girl appeared.

“Then will you be a good girl.”

“Yes.” She whispered.

“Yes what?”

“Yes Mistress.” She choked close to sobbing.

“Good girl.” Tara smiled.



Chapter End Notes:

Wow not even I expected it to go down like that! As always comment please.

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