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Author's Chapter Notes:

New Story!

Snapped Chapter 1: Meet Milly

                Tara woke up to the morning sun. She yawned and stretched and crawled out of bed ready to start her day. She reached over and grabbed her panties off the floor and started getting dressed.

                “Leaving already?” a man yawned.

                “I didn’t expect you to be awake so soon.” She replied continuing to dress.

                “You don’t want to get breakfast or something?” he asked with the naïve optimism of a former virgin.

                “That’s sweet but I really need to get going.” She pulled her shirt on and moved to her socks.

                “I don’t get.” He stated. “Didn’t you have a good time last night?”

                “It was fun.” She smiled. “It will make a great memory but that’s all it was guy.” She finished tying her shoes and headed for the door.

                “So that’s it?” he said crestfallen. “I mean I don’t even know your name.”

                Tara sighed walking over to him. She pulled him in close and kissed him on the cheek. “That was the point.” She exited leaving the poor boy naked and confused.



                Michelle stared at the naked woman in her hand with absolute loathing. The little bitch had cost her so much in just one night. She lost her scholarship, her boyfriend, and her wardrobe in one twenty-four hour timeframe. Yeah she was pissed. She gripped the mangled wretch even tighter in her grasp but she didn’t make a sound unconscious from the night before. Maybe she was dead.

                “It would serve her right.” She thought to herself. She marched down the hall towards Tara’s room. This was as much her fault as it was the girl in her hand. She burst open the door and chucked the tiny woman against the dorm wall. She collided with a sickening crack and slid down onto the desk where Tara was sitting busying herself with something on her computer. She looked down on the tiny girl’s naked form with disgust.

                “You have fun last night?” she asked looking back towards her computer.

                “Are you kidding me?!” barked Michelle “She burned my term papers!”

                “I told you to keep her locked up when you weren’t using her.” She answered not looking away from the monitor. “You never know what she’s likely to get into.”

                “She texted Ian those photos from Spring Break!”

                “You mean the ones of you hooking up with that D.J.!” she laughed. “That’s classic!”

                “I don’t see how you can laugh about this?” Michelle sat down on the bed across from Tara. “That little bitch needs to be put down.”

                “You weren’t saying that when we started this.” Tara turned to face Michelle.

                “She was different back then.” Michelle argued. “She was fun and obedient. She’s changed now. She’s snapped.”

                “And whose fault is that?” Tara accused. Michelle turned her head not wanting to face the inevitable scrutiny.

                “You’re just as much to blame as I am.” She defended. “Besides that’s beside the point. I say we ditch her for a new one.”

                “You make it sound like new ones are easy to find.” Tara picked up the tiny woman and showed her to Michelle. “Did you forget we chose her for a reason?

                “Do I have any say in this?” squeaked the woman in Tara’s palm.

                “So you are alive.” Tara observed.

                “Figures.” Michelle miffed.

                The tiny woman struggled to her feet in Tara’s palm so she could address them.

                “You’re not still pissed about yesterday are you Mickey?” she smiled darkly at the angry co-ed. The tiny woman then gripper her right shoulder her arm dangling limply at her side. It was dislocated.

                “Ian broke up with me you little shit!”

                “Ian is an asshole.” She chuckled. “You know he’s fucking half the volleyball team right?”

                “You lying little!” Michelle lunged from the bed towards the doll-sized woman. Tara immediately turned and extended her other arm to block her.

                “Enough!” she shouted. “Both of you.” Tara placed the tiny woman back on the counter were she took a seat near the keyboard.

                “You know full well we can’t get rid of her.” She said towards Michelle. This caused the tiny woman to laugh a little more.

                “Yet.” She said snickering at them both.

                “You see!” Michelle shrieked. “She’s gone totally insane.”

                “I said ENOUGH MILICENT!” she flicked her into the computer monitor. “Expect severe punishment for this.”

                “It’s a date then.” She replied excitedly.

                “Anything else you feel like bothering me with?” She looked at Michelle with a rather annoyed expression. This whole event had ruined a rather pleasant morning. “You need to borrow a tampon or something.”

                Michelle huffed realizing she wouldn’t make any more progress.

                “Fine.” She relented. “She stays for now but believe me her days are numbered.” She left the room angrily slamming the door behind her.

                Tara took a deep breath and sighed in relief. Hopefully this would be her only problem today.

                “Why must you put us through this?” She asked looking down at Milly she was busy ramming her shoulder into the side of the computer to relocate her arm.

                “What else do I have to live for Mistress?” she ended the statement with an over exaggerated curtsy.

                “You do keep things interesting.” Tara shook her head grabbing the little woman and heading towards the bathroom. “Punishment later right now you need to be cleaned up. You smell like a whorehouse.”

                “I aim to please.” Milly retorted gripping Tara’s finger.



Chapter End Notes:

New story idea. I have no idea if anyone would be interested in this premise so let me know and I may just continue this. I already have another story up that I'm working on so this one probably won't be updated very frequently but will see. Hope you like the first chapter and as always please comment.

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