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Steve glared upward at the silver-clad giantesses who made this pronouncement. He wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, and automatically assume they were just speaking under the influence of the alien device they had accidentally received. But, even if that were true, there was no way he would willingly betray his country. Let alone, the whole world!

And that defiant thought was quite easily picked up the Silver Cyclones...who smiled, accordingly.

"We were hoping you would think that."

Steve, sensing trouble, instinctively sprang to his feet and started to run. But, he had momentarily forgotten that he had been shrunk! Consequently, he found himself slowed down by the waist-high barriers formed in his path by the wrinkles in the now giant-sized tarpaulin. These, in turn, allowed the eight baton twirlers to stride around the tarp. Half to the left and half to the right.

Completely surrounding him, in the process.

The facial formations that had done most of the talking for the girls, up to this point, now receded back into obscurity. Letting the majorettes once more address each other in the singular.

"Anna?" said Danielle: "Would you do the honor of starting off?"

"I'd love to!" she exclaimed.

Whereupon, she strode toward Steve. Her white boot heels causing movements in the rubbery material that might have been slight enough to be ignored from her viewpoint. But, from Steve's miniaturized vantage point, it was like trying to stay on his feet while playing hockey on a frozen pond during an earthquake!

As a result, he was laying flat on his back when the blonde feature twirler scooped him up in both hands, and took him back to the VW mini-bus. There, she transferred him to underneath her right armpit (face-first), so she could have both hands free for tearing off a relatively small piece of the aforementioned gray duct tape!

Had he still been normal size, it would have wrapped three-quarters of the way around his head in gagging him. At his current size, however, it acted more like a full-body straight jacket...as she began binding him to the center of her baton.

The shrunken DIA agent struggled frantically. But, it was no use! The moment Anna rejoined the Silver Cyclones, they began to hum the Dover High School Fight Song. Whereupon, all eight majorettes began twirling their batons, individually.

Steve was dizzy, almost immediately, what with all the figure-eight spins Anna was putting him through. To say nothing of the baton being passed under each of her legs. But, it did not end there, as Anna suddenly tossed the baton to her left!

Consequently, her baton was caught by Amy H---------- (with the light green head band), even as Anna caught the baton tossed to her, from her right, by Cathy M-----. When this had been accomplished, Amy put Anna's baton through the same pattern, before tossing it to Olivia, who then tossed it to Danielle, who tossed it to Megan C-- (with the orange head band), followed by Kathy L-----, Alison M----- (with the blue head band), and finally back to Anna via Cathy M-----.

Altogether, Steve was twirled, juggled, and tossed for about twenty minutes. When they were done, Anna removed him from her baton by peeling off the duct tape. Unfortunately, for him, the adhesive side also peeled off all his shrunken clothes, in the process. Leaving him just his white boxer shorts!

"What do you think, Dani?" Anna asked: "Should we leave him a _little_ dignity?"

Dani looked at the other six: "Girls?"

Their response was unanimous


Subsequently, it was a stark-naked, half foot-tall Steven Hughes who wound up being stuffed up above the hem line of Anna's leotard's right leg hole.

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