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The rest of the band saw the majorettes milling around the side door of Danielle's mini-bus. But, they did not suspect anything was amiss. Partially, because the tarpaulin had been doubling as a "carrying case" for the girls' giant pom-poms. That is; the over-sized balls of multi-colored confetti that they would soon be shaking and waving up, down, and around for the dress rehearsal of "Brick House" (originally popularized by the Commodores).

And, partially, because the young men of the band were too busy ogling the majorette's legs and backsides to pay any attention to what they were doing from the waist up!

In any event, once the second half of dress rehearsal was over, the Silver Cyclones hurriedly stowed those giant pom-poms atop the duct-taped tarp. Concealing the captive beneath it. Then, they all piled into the mini-bus, which subsequently headed eastward.

Nor did they stop for anything but red lights (and stop signs) prior to reaching a green-and-white sign that read:

"Welcome To Roswell, Ohio."

A hundred yards or so past this sign, the mini-bus turned left on to a dirt road. After passing through a short stretch of woods, the dirt road petered out into a pair of tractor-made ruts with a dividing line of grass between them. Here, Danielle stopped the mini-bus and looked back towards the pile of pom-poms...which was starting to quiver. And, make strange noises!

"Gfffff mmmmph ufff-ufff hrmmmmmph! GFFFF MMMMMMMPH UFFF-UFFF HRMMMMMPH!"

Danielle giggled: "OK, Anna. You heard the man. Get him out of there!"

The blonde feature twirler, with the dark purple headband, smiled and did as instructed. First, by moving aside the pom-poms. And, then, by peeling off all the pieces of gray duct tape. That second part, with ccnsiderable help from Olivia B----(with the pink headband), Cathy M-----(with the light purple headband), and Kathy L-----(with the yellow head band).

After that, all eight of the girls dragged the tarp out of the mini-bus. Then, they each grabbed one side of the tarp and lifted it upward. Unceremoniously dumping a still groggy Agent Hughes back on to the ground!

"Wha-What...the frig?" he stammered: "Are you...g-girls...crazy? I'm...!"

"A Federal agent for the DIA," interrupted Danielle: "Yes, Mr. Hughes. We know."

Steve was aghast: "B-But...how...?"

"It's quite simple," replied Olivia.

"It read your mind," added Anna.

"The very first moment you got within range of us," concluded the other five (in perfect unison).

It was at this point that Steve thought he might be experiencing some kind of hallucinogenic side-effect to the chloroform. Because, he could swear that some kind of facial outline was beginning to form on each of the girls' silver leotards!

With a nose and mouth emerging just below the eyes that opened at chest-level.

"You heard correctly, Mr. Hughes," said each of those faces: "We read your mind. We are the 'piece of UFO tech' you were sent to retrieve. But, you are too late! We have already bonded to these young ladies by blending in with their conveniently matching costumes!! And, soon, you will be their little pet."

Whereupon, the Silver Cyclones raised their batons, as one. But, not to twirl them. Rather, to point them at Steve, instead. And, before he could clear his head enough to try and spring to his feet and escape, eight pencil-thin beams of white light shot out and enveloped him. Shrinking him down to six inches tall!

Just like the poor schlep at Area 51.

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