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Author's Chapter Notes:


Many things that we take for granted on our normal scales do not apply when one is the size of Timothy... Things are too magnified for them to have the same or such a casual impact... Those things are so much more pronounced that they bring new realities on to themselves.

As Tim watched the entrance to the hallway it was full of brilliant light that was entering through the front door windows and the adjacent dinning room ones as well. But then that light dimmed as a massive figure cut most of it off.

Tim tensed his muscles in anticipation but was relieved to only see his mother filling in the darkened gap of light.. She entered slowly with her eyes falling immediately upon him and his favorite TV watching spot. Then she stepped to the side and allowed the second Giantess to come within the living room.

The lighting repeated the same sequence as before but this time a unknown quantity came through it. Tim felt weak at once due to the fact that he was not properly geared towards seeing her, his mother stealing that moment. But it wouldn't have mattered anyhow as what stepped into the room almost took his breath away.

She was just as tall as his mother already but with the body of a statue carved from marble. Her hair was a dark brown that was trestled in curls that came well past the length of her shoulders. That hair spilling upon a one piece cloth tunic bulged at her chest with some full B Cupped sized breasts budding and bursting to soon become C sizes Tim mused, which were just above a tied at the waist single rope sash that served as her belt. The tunic falling down to just above her bare slightly tanned knees. Of which were laced just below that point with leather straps that were a part of a pair of gladiator sandals that adored her thin yet muscular shins down to her feet which were 3 times longer than Tim's entire body adorned with pink painted toe nails the size of human shields compared to himself.

Tim was feeling many emotions all at once and it put him in immediate anguish... He was awed and he was scared and he was humbled by a adolescent girl who made no effort to even do these things to him yet she did.

To make matters worse she couldn't even focus on him at first with her head scanning about the room looking for him. He was too small to even be immediately noticed... The embarrassment factor not escaping Tim's enraptured mind either.

Janet seeing the confusion begin to amount on Wendy's face decided to save the moment.
"Oh, he's right on the floor in front of the coffee table Wendy... Right there!" She encouragingly pointed with her left index finger to the very spot where Tim was standing.

Wendy's eyes stopped scanning the room and immediately fixed on the location that Janet told her to look... And there he was.. A real live doll sized human being. Her sweet brown tootsie roll colored eyes settling upon him at last....

Tim watched her eyes intently for their reaction to his presence... At first they narrowed acquiring their target... Then they widened with disbelief... Then slightly closed just the smallest amount with fascination.. The far corners arching up in the process... And then after this they actually glazed over with an indescribable luster that conveys either a look of possession or a look of lust. Neither of which comforted Tim.

Tim for his part could see that she was a very beautiful girl with a fair complexion that had been tanned with effort. This girl would not want for a man ever when she grew into adulthood he at once knew.

Taking all of her into account he was reminded of some Greek Goddess or Titan in the classical sense of the term her cloths reinforcing this persona. But breaking him out of these mental analogies was Wendy's body movements that began.

Wendy took three massive earth shaking steps towards him and then bent down placing her hands upon her knees. A painfully cute smile forming upon her face. Then she spoke to him at last.

"Oh, hello Timmy, it's so nice to finally meet you.. You're mother has told me all about you."

Tim for his part was just trying not to faint.. First off, it is a very unsettling experience to have a person walk directly towards you when they are the size of a building. Tim had hashed this out with his mother months ago explaining the anxiety along with the intimidation factor of it so Janet seldom made such advances towards him now and even had a round about way of approaching him these days that kept him at ease.. The key was in the direction at which you came at him and the speed of which.

Wendy on the other hand knew of no such strategies and had not even considered what such an approach would do to somebody his size. So it was just a normal thing to do for her in the moment.

Then she did something else that scared him.. She bent down even more as to create the atmosphere of a avalanche of mountain boulders falling upon him. Tim quickly raised his arms over his head out of reflex. Wendy's eyes startled for a second realizing that she had just scared him when all that she wanted to do was what she did next.

Wendy put her hand towards Tim and offered to shake his in a genuine gesture of friendship.
Janet still standing back against the wall could only smile at the magnanimous gesture..

"Hello Timmy, it's so nice to meet you finally." And with this her hand came even closer to his body.

Tim almost frozen stiff by this point reflexively reacted by offering his hand for a regular shake as well but didn't realize his mistake until it was too late.

Wendy quickly seeing the mismatch in greeting improvised by changing her open hand and recalling all of her outstretched fingers except for the index finger and thumb continuing it towards Tim's tiny appendage. Then she simply pinched his entire hand into her finger tips and gently shook it.

Tim for his part flushed red with embarrassment as his arm was involuntarily yanked upwards and then slung downwards. A sequence that repeated itself five times until Wendy was satisfied with the greeting. During the second upwards yank Tim tried to pull his hand away, now realizing how silly he appeared shaking hands to finger tips but it was as if it was caught in a hundred ton hydraulic car smashing vice... Not only did his hand not come back to him but it was pulled down and back up again as if he were a child being greeted by an adult.

Tim at once looked up into her eyes and was not comforted by the fact that she didn't' even seem to notice his break away attempt... In fact she had already turned her head back towards his mother and was asking her for permission to pick him up.

"Is it ok if I pick up Timmy Mrs. Bender, I want to be able to see his handsome face and be able to talk to him better."

Tim was now vigorously trying to pull away noticing that his mother was obscured past the body of Wendy and could not see his plight as he heard her response.

"Sure go right ahead but just be very gentle and careful."

"Oh, it's no problem Mrs. Bender, I've had training in handling Little People so I'm well aware of their limits."

Now Tim was furious.. These two ladies were talking about physical actions to act out upon him and he had literally nothing to do with the conversation... Not being able to bear this for one more second he made a final pull with all of his strength and might against Wendy's thumb and index finger tips but he only managed to pull some muscles in his shoulder instead, at which point Wendy happily turned her attention back towards Tim bringing her opposite hand down around him cupping his backside in a cocoon of palm flesh that pushed him towards her original hand that finally let go of his own only to rush forward pushing him into the palm resting upon his back entrapping him at once in a fleshy prison. Then the hands compressed together securing Tim and began to rise.

To describe the act of being picked up by a Giant/ess needs a bit of explaining in order to understand what Tim's mind and body were processing that very moment and why he so desperately hated being handled in such a way.

First off it is a very humiliating experience when somebody who should be naturally much weaker than yourself has now effectively neutralized your freedom of movement and can now physically lift you up off of your feet and then several feet into the air as if you were lighter than a newborn baby which you are.

Your body is squished from all angles as if you have been the victim of a collapsed mine shaft as tons of earth take all of your leverage away from you when you are swallowed up by the debris.. Tim's face was smothered by the lower parts of her fingers closest to where they join the hand temporarily reminding him of the fact that should she continue such a hold his ability to breath would be terminally ended at that point only raising his anxiety levels even more.

Tim's limbs were bent and squeezed immediately into any direction that her hands chose to mold them. His light from the outside world being cut off for the most part too as he lie immobilized in a hot darkened prison cell made of moist pliant flesh.

No longer a strong young man capable of thinking and doing things for himself, this confidence must temporarily take a back seat to being a cute little doll to be handled in any way that the person picking him up deems fit at the moment.

So now robbed of his common dignity that we all take for granted by a simple act of Wendy's reaching down and snatching him off of the floor, his stomach must now endure a ride of negative Gs up into the sky much like being on an amusement park ride that does similar things to the general public who allow themselves to be put through such motions.

Also when one travels up this quickly the stomach begins to lose control of it's ability to contain its bile which now begins to trek upwards through the esophagus to be vomited out should the action continue for a sustained amount of time.. In addition to this he would feel a strange tickling sensation at that very place much as you do when a roller coaster goes down the first big hill.

When the top hand lifted off of him he was breathing so quickly that hyperventilation was setting in. Wendy watched him spasm for his last breaths and then pass out completely due to his brain's inability to get its much needed oxygen.

Wendy had been somewhat careless when she had first compressed his body squeezing out a vital amount of oxygen from his lungs which he was not to be able to recover until it was too late.

Wendy's eyes widened and she commented. "Oh my Mrs Bender, I think he's passed out!"

Janet hurried over to Wendy's side and looked down upon her cupped hands to see her son just as Wendy had feared. The first thing she looked at was his chest to see if he was breathing which thankfully he was. Janet at once figured that this was all just too much for him for the moment and decided to give her son some time to get his strength back.

"Well Wendy this isn't the first time that this has happened to him, I've had that effect on him too before especially the first week or so after he initially became this size. He's been so nervous lately and scared too. I guess this has all just overwhelmed him.. A good nap would do him some good right now. Here, let's take him upstairs to his room to recuperate."

Janet said to Wendy as she put her hand on Wendy's shoulder reaching for Tim with the other in order to retrieve her son.

"Should I carry him to his bed so that we don't wake him up by handling him too much?"

Janet saw the logic in her words and decided that they were a good idea instead of her just taking him out of her hands like she had originally decided to do.

"Sure honey, that sounds like a great idea, follow me."

Wendy nodded in agreement as Janet began to make off for the staircase again, but just before she followed her Wendy brought his unconscious body up to her face and planted a soft kiss upon his entire head, much in the same way a mother might kiss a sleeping baby.

Then Wendy smiled and began to very slowly and gently follow Mrs Bender.

The two arrived at Wendy's new room which was formally Tom's and were at once presented with a dilemma.

Wendy noted a improvised ladder going from the floor all the way up to the surface of the bed.
"Is that how he get's into bed Mrs Bender?"

"Oh the dental floss rope! Yes Wendy, he makes them himself out of unwaxed dental floss and as you can see, they look just like your typical rope ladder complete with rungs but only on a much smaller scale... But you'll need to be sleeping here so we'll have to figure out some other place for him to sleep now."

Both ladies looking around for potential places..

"I got it!" Exclaimed Wendy
"What if we used the lowest drawer of of his old night stand that way he'd have less higher to have to climb and it'd bee even safer for him?"

"I think that's a wonderful idea Wendy why don't I remove his old cloths from it and put some of yours in there because Tim isn't going to be using any of those cloths that he used to wear any time soon." At this both ladies laughed at the irony of Janet's words.

Thinking quickly Wendy suggested that Janet open her cloths suitcase and pull out her socks and stockings as those would make the softest flooring for him. Of which Janet agreed and proceeded to do. Wendy smiled again and looked on as Janet completed the task.

"I'll pull the rest of his cloths out tonight Wendy to make room for yours but for now let's get my son situated."

Of which Wendy nodded in agreement, swooping down with the unconscious Tim and gently laying him upon a tan pair of nylons. Then thinking more of it she pulled a thin pink sock and laid it over him just like a blanket. Then she stood up and both ladies smiled down at their handy work.

The two then quietly exited the room and went down to the front door. Now Wendy had some revelations to make to his mother.

"I've got the document and letter that you gave me Mrs Bender and you know about the obedience classes that I took over at the community college that are designed to keep him safe. I'll only use them sparingly as I know that me and him are going to get along just great.. In fact, I doubt I'll even have to use them at all as he looks like such a nice guy."

Janet sighed..

"Well like I told you last week, things have to change at this house and I just don't know how much whining and moaning I can take from him and I also know that I'm not strong enough to do it to him as I'm just too soft. But I know that you will use your education to the best of your ability and I trust that he will have a completely new attitude on life once you've shown him that his constant sulking is only going to lead to more depression which is also only going to lead to even more devastating things if somebody doesn't' give him a new perspective soon....

So you just do what they taught you and what you think is best while I'm gone. I wont call often as I don't want to hear his crying and begging while you are busy modifying his behavior... He tends to bend me to his will so I will leave you alone as much as I can as I try to forget this place for a while..

I love him to death but I fear that this is part of the problem too as I've told you before, so I hope and prey that you can straighten him out for me."

Wendy just nodded and responded confidently.

"Like I said Mrs Bender, I doubt he'll need much disciplining at all.. I think he just needs a new big friend who can help him have some fun in new ways for a change.
So don't you worry Mrs Bender, everything is going to be just fine while you are gone and I'll call you with status updates regardless because I feel that as his mother you deserve them. So don't worry one bit.

I'm all ready to come by tomorrow to see you off .. Your friend is still coming over to take you to the airport right?"

"Oh Shirley is looking forward to this trip even more than I am so I think at this point I couldn't back out even if I wanted to. "

To which both ladies had another good laugh... Wendy said goodbye and headed towards her dad's Blazer and Janet went back up to Tim's old room in order to check on him again. Her mind already preoccupied with the sandy beaches of those nice tropical islands.

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