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A young man must come to terms with the fact that he no longer enjoys the station in life that was his by birthright and must now adjust to the cruel fate that life has dealt him.

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Published: July 06 2013 Updated: January 28 2021

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Wendy Arrives

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The Letter

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Action was needed

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Round 1

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Hide and Seek

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TV Night

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Tai Chi

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A plan is executed

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Tunnels And Trolls

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The Borrowers

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Of Mice and Men

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Hello everyone;

I had originally moved this story over to Giantess Art after being invited to do such.  Unfortunately GA is now defunct so this leaves new readers hanging and other fans of it frustrated.  I aplogize for this.

Being that the nature of this novel (and yes it did turn out to be a lengthy one) would exclude it from almost all websites, I've decided to bite the bullet and simply self publish it into a paperback novel.  This book will include a bonus sub-plot or two that the original novel did not have so that old readers of it gain something new.

Once it is printed, pressed, and ready for ordering I will let people know.  If you have any questions on pricing, the contents, the release date,  or anything else, then please contact me at www.deviantart.com using the handle CrocodileWriter in order to find me.  You can Private Message me there or Chat with me if you feel so inclined to do so.

Thanks a lot for your support people and I'm hoping to give you all even more with this story in the near future.  So please bear with me in the meantime.

Here is chapter 15 of that story.   There were  21 chapters after this one!