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Author's Chapter Notes:

TV Night

Chapter 9

"Ok, do you want me to prove that I know where you are at? Here let me show you Tim."

Tim tensed his legs fearing that any second she was going to reach under the lip and grab his legs or feet, stared down at the kitchen floor awaiting the inevitable.

Just a moment later he heard a scratching or sliding sound as something big began to slide under the dryer. As is continued to slide it came right under his feet. Like some huge TV screen that showed a thermal image that looked exacly like him all flattened against the aluminum shell.

It was the PDA. He could even see the collar pulsating on it. He was caught butt cold and he knew it. So with a sigh he climbed out even using the PDA as a step to get back down and into the open.

"Isn't the technology that LPGO makes incedible!" Said the smiling and victorious Giantess.

Tim could find no words to rebuke her claim. He himself was amazed at how quickly she found him.

"What is the range on that thing Wendy?" Tim was genuinly curious and impressed.

"Five miles Tim.. It can actually find you from five miles away. At first the only thing that comes onto the readout screen is the collar.. But as you get within a mile you start to see a thermal image of your body which it monitors. They've made others for prisoners that have stun features but this isn't one of them.. It's strickly for little civilians. "

Tim breathed a sigh of relief that at least it couldn't be used to zap him into line.

"I figured you'd ditch the cap the first chance you got so asked you to wear it anyway so you'd focus on it and not get the idea that I'd be tracking you through the collar.. If you got that idea you might not have wanted to play my game and lose your latest bet. He, he."

Tim looked up at the juvenile Giantess as she basked in her triumphant glory. She was so massive and as he was finding out the hard way, clever and intelligent too. He might just be outmatched by her on every level he worried.

But he couldn't fully admit this to himself at the moment and besides, he still had the goal of escape which he would do he reaffired to himself as a hand that was bigger than his entire body came down and scooped him up.

"Come on little guy, let's get you a new suit, this one is drenched with your icky sweat. You must have really been scared, ha, ha!"

Tim was too wrapped up in his present mental shock at having been beaten once again to complain too much about being palmed once more. Besides, a nice warm bath might help him with his thoughts now that things were turning out to be much more challenging than he had at first anticipated.

He asked her to take off the collar during his bath but Wendy denied his request. She said he had to wear it all summer now so that all of his movements could be stored and analyzed for future study. And if that didn't make him feel like a lab rat what would eventually happen next sealed it for him. But we'll come back to that in another chapter.

Tim slept in his bottom drawer and was greatfully able to negotiate all of his old ladders and ropes. Wendy agreed to allow him to keep using them as she always knew where he was now so didn't have to worry about his ropes leading to any mischief as in putting him in places hard to find.

It was also peculiar haviing a stranger sleep in his bed.. It was almost as if he'd been demoted even more in life status. Wendy promised that on Friday he'd have better sleeping accomodations as something very special was on it's way from the LPGO and she just knew that he was going to love it. That was four days away so in the meantime life went on pretty much as it had as Tim's mother had informed Wendy of their routines.

So around 7'oclock each night they'd start watching television as Wendy would fill out her reports. Sometimes she'd even ask him questions about some of the exercises or gadgets that she'd present to him. Questions like how did they feel on his body, were they hot or restrictive? Did they feel demeaning in any way. Of the collar and the suit the answer was always an angry yes.

One such gadget was the Little Person's Utility Tool... This was a interesting device that Tim liked a lot. It was shaped like a hatchet that had a flashlight at the end or top of. The hatchet could be used to cut your way out of a tight spot if you became trapped was the theory. At the far end of it or the bottom of the butt end there was a stun module designed to scare off rodents or birds if they got too close.. The inner part was all a special compacted enhanced lithium battery that would give the stun option about 1000 applications or so it was claimed in the manual as Wendy informed him of.

Tim had fun zapping things with it as it carried quite a wallop. He had even thought of zapping Wendy with it as a prank but thought better of it once his reasoning came back to him. "That would be dangerous." he rightly figured. It came with a utility belt so he began wearing that along with whatever brightly colored monkey suit Wendy would dress him up in that day.

On Thursday night around 8:pm his favorite National Geographic's Sharon the Hunter Show came on so both of them sat where he and his mother traditionally did. Wendy on the couch and Tim on the floor upon his hand towel.

Tim wanted to use the remote like he was used to but Wendy over-ruled him explaining that not having his way all of the time was a good way to help his mother cope with the stress of having to do so much for him. But had agreed to flip the stations to the shows that he wanted to watch which coincidentaly or luckily were the same ones that she liked as well.

It was another creature comfort that had to be surrendered now. Surrendered to a girl who had not even started dating yet. Which brought up some issues for him. As if he were now an infant being watched over by a true baby sitter rather than being a young man as he was with his mother. Was this the future he had to look forward to?

Wendy also began behaving differently as the days rolled by. The first thing that he noticed was that she bagan dressing less formal and more informal around him. Rather than wearing a dress with shoes, socks, and everything else that goes with that, she would lounge around in house shorts with a tank top.. She'd walk around bare foot or in flip flops and would only put on her regular shoes if she was going to go out to get some groceries from her parents.

She also became more comfortable around him even though the feeling was not mutual. She would sit closer to him gabbing about her ideas, desires, and regular things that girls liked to talk about. Also, rather than ridgedly sitting up in her chair she would slop down upon it choosing any posture that she so pleased. Whether on the couch or floor or anywhere as well. This too put Tim at unease.. The boundry between them somehow thinner. This opened up dangers for him he imagined but kept to himself for now.

And on the topic of casual behavior, his mother would always keep her bodily appendages away from him if at all possible. Even sitting on a side rocking chair or keeping her legs up upon the couch most TV nights as they watched the specials together.

But not so was the case with this carefree teen Tim was to learn.

On this night she had chosen to drop her legs down on both sides of him kind of corralling him in the middle. Tim at once looked up and behind him to see what her intentions were but she seemed to be very involved with a training manual that she was reading and paying him nor the Bounty Hunter show any mind whatsoever.

Looking back to each side he noticed two feet, each one almost 3 times longer than his entire body resting upon their old flip flops. Those shoes were well worn and soiled from constant use. Wendy had informed him a couple of days ago that it was suggested by the LPGO to wear such articles in a house so that the noise of them would always prewarn a little person that a big person was on the move. Tim could see the reasoning for this so never thought to think another thing of it until now.

Worse, she seemed to be uncomfortable in them too by wiggling her toes and slipping her feet in and out of them. Each time this action was done he would get a strong scent of dirt mixed with foot sweat. It was kind of offensive to him that she didn't even deem putting such parts of her body into close proximity to him without washing them first. Was he that insignificant now?

Shaking his head he turned it back towards the television and began watching the show which had already began for a welcome distraction. The content of which would make him forget all about the offensive posture that Wendy had nonchalantly adopted.

Sharon the Bounty Hunter was excitedly showing her camera crew their latest technique in catching renegade little people. They did a short segment interviewing a man in his early twenties much the same age as Tim was.

He was sitting in a chair with a regular nondescript wall behind him fielding questions from the crew while talking directly into the camera so that the interviewers could remain their usual anonymous selves. He wore a worn old t-shirt, a thick blue striped neclace, some tennis shoes, and some camoflauge patterned shorts. Somebody you'd see at a grocery store anywere on the planet. And although his body was toned he did not have movie star looks... He was just Joe average in appearance Tim noted.

A lady's voice who was interviewing him from behind the camera began.


"Mr. Hancock, we'd like to know how you like being a part of the Little People Bounty Hunting squad?"

Hancock: "It's a job I suppose."

Tim at once felt grossed out. Were they going to allow men to start hunting little people now? Was he going to have to endure Giants chasing people around? "Not cool." he grimaced.

Interv: "And how long have you been on the job?"

Hancock: "Five days now."

Tim noticed that this guy did not exhibit any of the zest or zeal that Sharon had. Almost like he felt guilty or something. He also had a hard time looking straight into the camera as his eyes kept wondering off towards the ground. "Was he looking for little people even during the interview?" Tim angrily scoffed to himself.

Interv: "You don't seem particularly happy, don't they pay you well for this?"

Hancock: "I'm actually a prisoner whose been promised early parole if I cooperate with the operation for 1 year. I really don't get payed anything. This is kind of like a work release program for me. At night I sleep back at the detention center."

Tim hated the man even more now. He was getting others abducted from their choice to live free so that he could gain his own freedom. How disgusting he pondered.

Interv: "Well at least you're working for a good cause and can pay your debt back to society. Can you tell us a little about how you operate or do your job for the Bounty Hunter squad?"

Hancock: "I'm tracked when I work, so I just find pockets of little people and press a ACTION button on my wrist watch that signals to Sharon that I've got a group of them to collect. Sharon arrives and away they go. Then we look for more."

Interv: "Can you explain a little more indepth on how you get pockets of them?"

Hancock: "I just walk up and infiltrate them, it's not that hard. I introduce myself and.. "

Something seemed to stop him in his tracks though.

Tim's mind was reeling now. How does a Giant infiltrate a group of people who are on the look out for Giants to begin with? This interview was turning bizzarre if not phony he reasoned.

But then out of the top of the viewing screen a Giant hand swooped in with painted fingernails that looked very feminine. The hand dropped right down with a pointer finger and thumb extended that clamped onto his shoulders and squeezed. Then Hancock was lifted right up and out of the interviewing room. The camera panned up until the back wall simply ended with no obvious roof, to see the tan khaki uniform of Sharon who had been standing behind the set all a long.

It was actualy a tiny paper set, perhaps the back end of a shoebox that the film team had converted just for this interview with him. Sharon held Hancock up by her pretty face with a accusing finger wagging close to his tiny head while she admonished him. "Now, now Mr. Hancock, we can't go around giving all of our secrets away can we?"

Mr. Hancock had a look of worry on his face as Sharon wiggled him back and forth in mock indignation. The film crew could be heard in the background laughing at the stunt that they had just pulled on the viewing audience.

Tim for his part was shocked and relieved at the same time.

"Cool!" clapped Wendy who had been watching all along. "They had me fooled for sure with that interview. How about you Tim?"

Tim with disturbed eyes only nodded not feeling like shouting his answer back. He was just as shocked as she was. But not quite as happy about it though.

Next the camera showed Sharon bending down and callously dropping Mr. Hancock and inch or two from the grassy ground. To which he fell upon his behind before quickly getting back to his feet to look up at his Giangantic employer who was already pointing to where he was expected to go.

" Go that way due west and we'll rendezvous in one hour as planned." At which point Sharon fished an item that Tim himself had in his possession out of her pocket and handed it to him. It was the same Little Person Utility Tool that he had.. Tim rightly figured that was supposed to protect him while he was out in the wild. Tim also noticed that the necklace that he was wearing was exactly like his but only painted blue and white for the Bounty Hunter Squad that he belonged to.

"Why didn't I catch that!" Tim admonished himself as it was around his neck, it just wasn't clear or see through like his was.

Sharon leaned closer to the tiny man and used the same hand that she had given him the utility tool to flick him in the behind with her previously cocked middle finger launching him down upon his face. 

"Run along now."  She said in a motherly tone of voice with a condescending grin upon her face.  The filming crew getting a large laugh at her seemingly cute incentive ploy.

Mr. Hancock for his part didn't have to be asked twice by the Giantess.. He got up as quickly as he could still holding his smarting behind.  You could see that he feared her and what she was capable of first hand by her actions.. He took off in a sprint into the underbrush and was quickly gone.

Tim wondered what kinds of things happened to him off camera due to her cruel mocking behavior towards him and remembered the stun feature that collars for prisoners had as Wendy had told him about a few days ago but pushed the thought out of his mind as he watched on feeling genuinely sorry for the guy that he had hated not more than 5 minutes ago.

The camera now panned up as Sharon stood again while the interviewer pressed on.

Iterv: "So don't you worry if his device isn't enough to ward off a stray dog or a hawk or something like that?"

Sharon: "Nah, we've already lost a couple that way to be quite honest but it's a job hazard I suppose. Besides, if he can survive 1 year of this community service with us his life prison sentence will be pardoned. So we have no shortage of volunteers." She admitted with a smug look upon her face.

Interv: :What's the longest stretch one of them has lasted so far?"

Sharon: "An entire month!" Sharon proudly admitted. We're getting better and better at keeping them longer with training. Before long I'm sure we'll have a few who make it all the way to the end." She said with a patronizing expression.

Interv: "What do you think of the stories we keep hearing about the Freedom Nation?"

Sharon got a very dismissive look upon her beautiful face.  A look that shows scoff and a warning that such a question shouldn't have even been asked of her.

"I'll say this about the supposed Freedom Nation.  I believe that there are a lot of people who don't want to accept reality.  That's why I have job after all!  And that's all the words that I think that such a foolish notion deserves.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to head to the opposite side of the park so that we can cover twice as much territory today. You're welcome as always to tag along if you like!"


The crew began walking briskly behind her as Sharon enthusiastically set off. To which the segment stopped for a round of commercials.

Wendy and Tim at once began discussing what they had just saw and the new twist that little people bounty hunting had taken.

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