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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hide and Seek

"Here it is!" Wendy triumphantly announced.

Tim saw the head-wear that resembled a swimmers cap as Wendy fingered it.

"It's got an interesting characteristic designed to help owners find their little people. It actually glows, watch."

Tim cringed with her usage of the word "Owners", He didn't like to think that he and others were owned, just handicapped as he liked to think of it.

As Wendy's fingers began to place the cap upon his head he put his arms up and warned her.

"I can do it myself Wendy." To which the Giant girl hesitated and then with her thumb and pointing finger gingerly handed it to him. "Ok, sorry Tim." She appologized.

Tim upon taking it from the massive digits didn't like the look of it as it had a silver object embedded into the back of the skull portion about the size of a quarter on his scale. Tim held it up and pointed to it. "What's this thing in the back for?"

Wendy was already fishing something out of a box that looked like a PDA of some sort. "Put it on and you'll find out. I love these kinds of gadgets that they've made for little people recovery in case you all get lost."

Tim put the annoying orange colored cap on his head which fit over his forehead just above his eyes and all the way around the back of his head almost to his shoulders. He at once felt dopey in it.

But Wendy smiled once it was on and she had activated the PDA. Tim meanwhile looked at a tool shed sized silver toaster that was upon the kitchen table in order to look at his reflection. It was somewhat distorted in the polished silver aluminum but very reflective and he could make out pretty much all of the details of his face and the obnoxious one-piece that was wrapped around his body.

"Ok, almost ready just a few more buttons to push." Tim looked over his shoulder at Wendy who seemed to be reading a little booklet of instructions as she pushed more buttons. Then she seemed to smile as she hit the last button and said; "Ta Da!"

Tim looked back towards the toaster and was horrified by what he saw. The entire cap was now glowing a bright orange color making him totally visible. It was like he had a Christmas light attached to his head. It was that bright.

Tim immediately pulled it off of his head and kicked it back towards the pile of cloths as if it were a soccer ball.

"Be careful Tim! That cap was more expensive than the suit that your wearing. Please don't break it!"

Her loud admonishment vibrated the atoms in his bones as the sound blasted into him. Tim a bit rattled from the accoustical blast that he had just endured, looked back at the glowing cap that was sitting upon the large pile seeming no worse for the wear.

"That thing is humiliating Wendy. I'm not a God Damned tree ornamate for Christ's sake! Do you have anthing else that ain't quite so humiliating to wear?"

"Calm down Tim, it only get's activated if your owner can't find you or something."

Tim growled; "I don't have a owner Wendy, I have a mother and I don't want to hear you refer to me in such a manner again alright?"

But Wendy didn't answer, she was alreading looking at the boxes with a far off inquisitive expression. Then she smiled and looked back at Tim.

"Ok Tim, as a matter of fact I do have something else that you could wear and it would help my internship if you did. I promise that it wont glow either. So I'll agree to put that cap back in the box if you agree to wear it for me."

Tim almost immediately said ok, but then thought better of it after getting conned into wearing his present monkey suit.

"What is it Wendy?"

"Something that you and I can have a lot of fun with. We can play hind and seek with it! You'll love it I swear!. I'll tell you what it does once you have it on and it doesn't glow I promise!"

Tim looked over at the imposing boxes stacked upon each other like freight train containers waiting to be shipped overseas or something.. Anything could be in them. They were all like house sized Pandora's boxes. Each with its own set of mysterious torture potential gadgets waiting within.

But Tim also remembered that he was working on her now... Working to gain her trust and thereby gain a manipulative upper hand upon the naive young lady.

"Ok, let's have it then." He wearily agreed.

Wendy reached over and grabbed one of the smaller boxes and opened it. It looked like a ring in her fingers. Then she lowered the PDA to the table top and beckoned to him.

"Stand very close to the transmitter of my PDA so that I can synchronize this necklace. And here put this on while you're at it."

Two finger tips holding what looked like a rubbery ring with wires running through it was offered to him. Then it made sense, this was a collar of some sort on his scale rather than a ring. Almost like a thick frisby or something of that nature.

"You want me to put this around my neck?" He nervously asked.

"Yes Tim, I've seen training videos on it and I've always wanted to see it in action. It's so futuristic, you're going to love it. Just place it around your neck."

Tim took the collar into his hands and regarded it. It was so wide that it would fall off as soon as he bent over. He smiled, this was going to backfire in her face he reasoned. So seeing the potential for a laugh at Wendy's expense he obliged and placed it over his head where it loosely balanced on his shoulders.

Wendy rather than asking him to go over to the PDA again simple picked up the Limosine sized gadged and placed it a mere two inches from him causing Tim to jump back a step. After all, the thing was big enough to crush him flat should it ever fall upon him and it was just moved in very close proximity to him as if it had fallen from the sky. Or been rocketed to him at light speed by an impossibly strong crane.

Wendy taking no notice of Tim's uncomfortable reaction immediately pressed a few buttons on it and then hit the rubber red enter button.

Tim at once felt a hum around his neck that began to vibrate. This worried him so he decided to sling if off of his neck and back out of the deal. But before he could do this the most peculiar thing happened.

It immediately began to contract and shrink around his neck until it was snug. Not enough to stop breathing but snug enough to make removal difficult. And as Tim began tugging and pulling on it he realized that removal wasn't happening either. It was too tight!

"What is this thing, get it off of me!" He shrieked. Wendy just laughed and clapped her hands though.

"It works!  Oh good Golly it works! This is wonderful!"

Tim giving up on the fruitless attempts to remove it now wondered what he had gotten himself into. So he reiterated.. "I really don't want to wear this anymore Wendy.. It kind of creeps me out." Giving a few more useless tugs which did nothing. At which he simply stopped and looked up to her to see what she was going to say next.

Wendy just smiled and picked up the PDA.

"Ok, we're going to play a game of hide and seek now. I'm going to give you to the count of 100 and you can take off anywere you want to.. All you have to do is wear that cap one more time and then I'm going to try and find you!  If I can't find you then you get to take this thing off along with the cap and never wear it again. Sound cool?"

Tim thought for a second looking up at the excited Giantess. What choice did he really have than to play her game if she indeed wanted to play one. He could say no and then lose the trust that he'd built up to that point or he could play along. Besides, he had a favorite hiding spot that his mother had never found yet. And even if that stupid cap glowed she woudln't find him there anyway, not where he was going to attempt to hide.

And then another devilish thought came to his mind... It was brilliant! Tim smiled and agreed.

"You're on!"

Wendy was so excited that she shrieked with joy. "Ok, let's begin, this is going to be so fun!" she giggled. She also grabbed him without warning and set him on the floor. She did it so fast that he almost threw up too. This pissed him off and he was about to lecture her when his cap began to glow again. And then the massive footfalls of her sandal clad feet made the floor wiggle and bounce underneath him as she quickly moved over to the refrigerator and buried her face into a corner.

Tim regarded those massive feet for the first time and was at once faced with the realization that he'd not ever want to get in the way of them as they loudly tromped over to their destination.

Then without a further second transpiring she bagan to count. " 100, 99, 98..."

Tim's eyes jolted open even wider, the game had begun.

He at once set about his plan. And it was a clever one too.

The first thing he did was ran right out into the center of the living room and pulled off the annoying glowing hat. After all, there was no rule that stated that he had to keep it on he smiled to himself. So in order to throw her off of the scent he placed it down where he stood right in the middle of where the most foot traffic would travel and doubled back.

He ran right back into the kitchen and passed the counting Giantess who was now at "45, 44, 43..."

There was a side table close to the entrance with a chair that backed up to the entrance as well to which he would hide behind the leg and watch her go off in the wrong direction he figured. As who would stay in the kitchen? The living room and the rest of the house would be the first place to look and he guessed right as Wendy bellowed.

"3, 2, 1, ready or not, here I come!" Wendy scooped up the PDA and trounced out of the kitchen into the living room just as he had figured she would.. And then CRUNCH!

"Perfect!" He cried. She had walked out and stepped right onto the cap. Feeling the crunch she stopped dead in her tracks and lifted her foot. But there was nothing there on the floor.

Tim was almost falling over laughing as she next picked up her foot and examined the remains underneath the sole of her shoe resembling a pefectly flattened locator hat. Tim wondered how many dollars the LGPO lost on that now destroyed by it's very own employee's giant foot!

"Shit!" She hissed. Then Tim observed her fiddling around with the PDA. A little antenna pushed out of the device to a 3 inch length. And only seconds later the collar that he was wearing began to silently buzz. Then she began turning the PDA this way and that in wide semi circular arcs until it led her to turn all the way back around towards the kitchen and with a couple of more false swings she stopped while pointing at the kitchen entrance again having homed something in. Tim at once began to get a sinking feeling in his gut. She had simply omitted to tell him that she had more than one way to track him should her first option fail..

Tim began tugging at the collar again but it only began to burn his neck from the friction of being pulled up and down. So now for better or worse he had to sprint to his original tried and true hiding place as the Giantess began to take slow steps in his direction. Each step reverberating through the soles of his feet.

It was his only hope now.

Beads of sweat formed on his face as his entire body warmed triggered by adrenaline being released into his bloodstream.

Running as fast as he could he barely managed to sprint through the kitchen and turn the corner into the utility room that stocked his prized hiding place that he would go to if he didn't wish his angry mother through some transgression he had committed on that particular day to find him.

Stopping just at the corner he watched the Titaness slowly sweep the PDA back and forth as it methodically continued to lead her in his direction. Had she suddenly looked up from it she would have spotted him so he took off again for the drying machine.

Due to its stablizing posts it stood an inch and a half off of the ground giving him a perfect hiding place if he got up underneath of it and climbed up inside of it. He couldn't get all the way inside of the device but he could stand within the inside of the outer shell as it had a lip for his feet to balance upon making him invisible to the outside world and totally up off of the floor... That is unless he had a tracking device around his neck as was the case.

Her omininous footsteps could be felt and heard to be entering the utility room. Then she teased him realizing that there was no way out of this room besides the back door which was shut and locked.

"Come out come out where ever you are little Timmy!" She laughed.. "I'm getting closer to you!"

Butterflies began dancing in his belly as nervous anticipation of being caught built up. And the thing that kind of bothered him was that he was angry at how quickly she had once again turned the tables on him. In his own house at that!

Another thing that bothered him was that his fleshy appendage bagan to swell in infatuated titilation at being hunted and intimidated by someone so much his junior in age.

The sweat continued to pour down his skin in that damned swealtering monkey suit that he was wearing too. He was actually wet and drenched by the time her feet stopped right in front of the washing machine. Still he pressed his back hard against the thin aluminum wall in hopes of staving off capture.

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