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Author's Chapter Notes:

Round 1


Wendy lowered her hand expectantly for Tim to climb upon. She figured that the next thing to do was to take him downstairs to the kitchen and begin his introduction to some of the things that were to be in store for him now that the two were on more amicable terms.

Tim eyed the massive appendage that rested a mere 5 feet away from him by comparison. Not having any shoes on he'd have to step into her hand barefoot which he wondered how that would feel. He had always pretty much been fully dressed when his mother handled him so this was unfamiliar territory for him.

Sighing and still slightly dripping water, with resignation he walked over to the hand and boldly climbed up and onto it as if it were a fleshy platform. It being too large for him to simply step up upon and requiring his arms to help lift his upper body upon only to drag his legs up to finish the action.

Getting situated he immediatly rolled over to his belly so that his face was facing her palm. Experience had taught him that if he did not look over the sides while being lifted then the action more resembled a elevator ride rather than a rocket blast off. He at once smelled her skin as his face came in close proximity to it.  He could smell soap mixed with perspiration.

And up he slowly began to travel as his toes felt the warm soft flesh below their tips. He noticed that he could even dig into them a little if he tried.

Wendy was proud of how things were now evolving having him voluntarily in the palm of her hand as she slowly stood up and began to make her trek out of the room and down the stairs to the kitchen.

Tim was startled to find a warm roof fall upon his back that pushed him flat against her palm. He at once knew that this was her other hand cupping him for added stability. But it still made him feel slightly claustrophobic to be sandwitched between two warm walls of hand flesh.  It also reminded him of her omnipotent size and strength in comparison to himself.  He was at once humbled by this mundane action of her hands.

Away they went until he felt the bobs and thuds of the stairs as she walked down them in seconds. A journey that would usually take him a full 15 minutes to traverse.

Then the roof lifted giving him back cool air and light. The palm in which he layed upon was tilted forcing him to look down to see the kitchen table that the end of it rested upon that continued to tilt giving him no choice but to jump off of to the table surface below in order to keep from falling upon it.

Her slightest wishes were easily forced upon him he mused as the hand lifted away to reveal the rest of the table.

Upon it were documents, boxes, and a strange pile of cloths. Most of them bright lime green or orange in color. And it was hunter's bright or road worker construction colors that were highly visible to the naked eye at that.

Then he was startled out of his observations as the mountainous voice spoke from above. "I've brought you the new experimental safety cloths that the LPGO has recommended that you start wearing for your own safety. Here let me show you."

Wendy's hand like a crane moved over and scooped up the entire pile and brought it just before him and dropped it all at his feet. "Here try this one on." She recommended as she fished out a very bright orange one-piece suit and brought it just before him. "Take off your cloths and get inside of this, I'll turn my back while you undress and then redress."

Tim not wanting to anger her so soon with a rejection reached out and grabbed it as her fingers let go releasing it to him. She at once turned her back on him. Regarding the material Tim could see that he would have to climb into it like a space suit. It even had booties with padded soles attached to it resembling walking slippers to a degree. It was truly a one-piece suit he gathered.

So stepping into the back of it, which he thought was a strange way of entry he put his legs in and then pushed his head through the opening along with his arms. There was a over sized zipper in the back that he was not going to be able to reach without assistance. There was also another strange thing attached to the back... It resembled a cloth rope with like thickness to a rope that was attached like a loop from the mid part of the back down to the high part of his buttocks just like the zipper. Shrugging he pulled the suit snug and wondered how to get to the zipper when Weny solved the problem for him.

"Here I'll help you with that." She announced apparenly having turned around long ago and before he knew it the zipper with the oversized pull ring was pinched between her finger tips and pulled all the way up until it clicked. As this was done the suit was tightened even more around his body making for an even more snug fit. He moved his arms around and they were free enough without any restrictions as were his legs. It was just about skin tight he reckoned.

Looking down at his feet enclosed in the suits footies it reminded him of a toddler's jumper in which the embarassment washed over him with this realization. He at once tried to find the zipper in order to pull it down and get out of it but he couldn't reach it!

Then he noticed something else rather peculiar. The lower section of the behind could be pulled down like a thermal underwear flap. It had velcro lining in order to reattach it once that duty was done. That way he could relieve himself without having to remove the suit. He twice as much wanted out of it now and began to redouble his efforts in order to free himself but was having no such luck. Only to hear the giggles from above.

"Sorry Tim but this is the new perma-traveling suit designed to be used on trips outside of your home and even has a special carrying feature in case you get handled by strangers.. Let me show you."

Tim looked up to see what she was talking about but was immediately snatched from the ground and hanging airborn before he even knew what was happening. Wendy had simply grasped the rope like loop that was attached to its backside.

He was now suspended with wiggling arms and legs as she ever so gently swung him back and forth for emphasis.  He was reminded of her strength once again with this action. 

"You see? This is the carrying loop so that people can just pick you up if you are in danger or they want to take a look at you and are not experienced with picking little people up. They can simply pick you up with this lifting loop. Ain't it neat?"

"No it's not neat" Tim angrily shouted as he was swung back and forth as helpless as a baby. "And I want out of it now!" He bellowed.

Wendy obliged and simply set him upon his padded feet. "I'll make you a deal Tim, if you can get out of that suit by the time I have your meal ready then you can be free of it for the rest of the day. If not then you gotta wear it as long as I deem fit as I have to observe how you interact within it and were it rubs you or is too lose.. Deal?"

Tim was angered by her bargain but thought that he could use his wits and agility to foil this strange turn of events and thereby beat her. Remebering that he was going to have to cooperate with some of her antics he reluctantly agreed feeling that he would prevail in short order here.

"Yeah sure I'll be out of this in no time at all" he announced.

Smiling with a look of wisdom that only a lady can make, Wendy turned and walked over to the fridge in order to begin her breakfast task. Tim for his part immediatly set about trying to remove it once again.

He reached and tried with all of his might to get the zipper pull ring but it was cleverly hanging right in between the small of his back. Trying a different tactic he got down and layed on his side allowing it to fall into his hand that was pressed against the table. "Aha!" he triumphantly gasped. But as his hand which was fully extended tried to pull it down he noticed that it wouldn't budge. Apparently as a safety feature it had to be yanked up in order to unclick and then had to be pulled down. His hand and arm could not do both up and down pulling manueuvers at once as he was to learn. So it was for all intents and purposes locked to him. He twisted and tried more anyway only to hear in the distance some giggles from his audience as she noted his dilema.

Merrily she announced to him. "You can save your strength Tim, you're not going to be able to get out of it. I've watched people try on training videos before. This is a trial travelling suit that might become standard issue to little people on the move. It's good for handling, tough, durable, bright so that you can be easily seen, and with built in carrying features in case you need picking up from the unitiated. It's great don't you think?"

Tim breathing heavily was getting up to his feet with a demand. "No I don't agree, this baby suit is demeaning and I want out of it!"

"Sorry, no can do." Wendy smiled sweetly. "We made a deal and a deal is a deal. Here's your breakfast that I saved from this morning, eat that and we'll do some more fun things. While you eat I'll give my report on this exercise."

At which time Wendy reached over and picked up a video recorder that had been taping the entire event perched on a box that he had overlooked. She at once spoke into its microphone. "The subject was unable to remove the travel cloths as could be seen, next I will update with how it wears to his body over the course of the next few days."

"Few Days?!!" Tim's blood began to drain from his face. He was going to have to wear this for days on end? And to make matters worse, she already knew what the outcome would be before she goaded him into this dilema. She had simply and cleverly outsmarted him he realized much to his horror!

Tim looked down at the huge plate with a massive slice of cold bacon, a slice of toast, and an egg as big as a hot tub. Then he looked back up at Wendy who had already pulled up a chair and had her chin resting upon her hands braced by her forearms that rested upon the table's surface smugly smiling down at him in his new predicament.

Tim looked up to the Giantess flushed red with embarrassment having lost this round soundly.

Wendy continued to smile and regard her little charge.

"He's so cute, I'll need to put that matching head cap on him as well." She silently pondered as she began fishing her fingers through the pile of cloths that she knew contained it.

Tim looked at his arms and legs in a complete state of surprised bewilderment.

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