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Author's Chapter Notes:


Tim sat in the darkness with his back against the side wall of the drawer and brooded. He couldn't help but feel sorry for himself either.. Who wouldn't in such circumstances.? But as he sat there and smelled his urine that she had forcefully smeared all over him he decided that he was going to have to beat her another way rather than through intimidation tactics.. He was going to have to use his mind and manipulate her if he was going to make the best use of what few advantages that he had left.

Tim knew that he was more experienced and probably wiser than her and could use this.. But was he smarter than her? Tim figured that the only way to really find out was to try... Conning her would be his best weapon in the near term he surmised while sitting in the darkness of her doing.

Perhaps if he could convincingly get on her good side he could bide his time until she let her guard down and then make a break for it. Tim in his self pity figured that any place was better than his home now and he'd like to show his mother how little she cared about him by making this situation a disaster for both of them...

Tim began to smile at this plan... The new, nice, and clever Tim... This might just work. Sure she held all of the physical cards for now but he would turn these tables on her when the opportunity presented itself... He would outsmart her... He had to!

He thought and dwelled on this for well over an hour until other thoughts began to float to the surface... Like how pretty and well developed she was for her age... How in control of him she could be should she wish to throw her size around. And although is was humiliating to have her smother him with that sock he had to admit that it was kind of titillating too.

Tim's penis began to stir again... Tim hadn't any contact with ladies other than his mother for over two solid years now... Tim could not help himself and the passions that having contact with another female had impressed upon him... And still his penis grew more erect..

The warm soft skin of her hand that was yet mightier than ten people his size he dwelled on as he began to unzip his shorts and pull them down to his ankles.

What if he could con her into kissing some part of his body that he had claimed that she had inadvertently injured? Like his arm, or his neck, or his face.... Tim was now stroking himself vigorously... He would tame this mammoth beast because he was still the man... He was older and he would outsmart her...

He would make her love him. Just as he used to be to the girls back in high school... He would be the puppet master instead of her puppet. And she would do dirty things for him before he was finished with her.

Tim fantasized about this until he shot his semen all over himself...

After some time to wind down he took his already dirty shirt and wiped his seed off of his belly and chest. Then he tossed his shirt to the side, pulled his shorts back up, and fell asleep....

Sometime in the dark haze he was awoken by the drawer opening again.

Light flooded in and above in the brightness sat Wendy looking down upon him once more. She had a blank unreadable look upon her face until she moved an arm up and presented a regular sized eating bowl that she sat inside of the drawer. Then she addressed him.

"I hope we're feeling a little nicer now. I took the time to clean my soiled cloths while you were in time out and would advise you to do the same with yourself.. Once you're clean you can eat and we can try to start again."

Tim groggily got up and looked into the bowl.. Within it was a soapy warm pool of water that resembled a large sauna. Wendy dropped in a small hand rag that was as big as a blanket for Tim and also dropped some of his cloths inside too.

"Give me all of your cloths Timmy so that I can wash them as well."

Wendy dropped her hand inside of the drawer and held out her palm expectantly. There was no way that Tim was ready for Wendy to see him in the full nude so he went ahead and put his hand into the water in order to test it. It was a bit hot but not scalding so he went ahead and pulled himself up and over the rim of the bowl and settled down into the warm improvised bubble bath.

Wendy for her part had no idea why he had just done what he did until she saw him with his arms under the water fumbling with something... Then he pulled out is shorts and held them up as water poured out of them... Tim didn't even look up but just held them there in silence.. Wendy taking her cue went ahead and pinched them between her fingers and lifted them up. Using both hands she went ahead and squeezed the water out of them and placed the shorts into her right hand.. Then her hand came in again and removed his discarded tee shirt and placed it in the same hand.

Tim couldn't help but grin thinking about his cum drenched shirt probably putting some of his bodily fluids on her finger tips. Taking a warped sense of humor out of what he just inadvertently pulled off. Looking up at her he wondered what she was going to do next.

Soon he had his answer.

"What do you say for the nice warm bath Timmy?" Tim thought about telling her to go blow herself but remembered his plan.. "Thanks Wendy."

Then Tim slunk down into the water until he was completely submerged hoping to cleanse the sticky urine from it which it did. When he came back up and wiped the soap out of his eyes Wendy was already gone... To where? He didn't know but it sure felt good to soak his sore shoulder some.

Soon he could hear the laundry machine down in the basement humming to life and figured that's where his cloths along with some more of hers were at present. Tim continued to scrub himself down and relax. He wasn't going anywhere after all. He took a chance to get up and look over the rim of the bowl to see which of his cloths that she had selected for him and noticed that these weren't his cloths at all but some new ones.

What he saw was a blue tank top and some white shorts.. "Shorts again it looks like." He mused. Then once he heard her bounding up the stairs again so he immediately sat back down in order to obscure his manhood.

Wendy came right back to his drawer and sat down as before. Now, for the first time Wendy talked to him more like the girl than the Giant that she was with a tone of uncertainty in her voice that an inexperience adolescent might have.

"Did you see the cloths that I brought you?" Wendy's voice almost cracking.

Tim played it cool and was going to do this like a older fellow could do.

"Yeah I saw them, so what?" Tim tried to look as uninterested as possible. When he didn't hear any snide comeback from her he stole a glance up to her face whose eyes were looking away with less confidence than he'd thought that they'd have. When she had considered her next words she looked down at him and meekly spoke.

"I bought them for you as kind of a greeting gift and hoped that you would like them." She said with hope in her eyes.

Tim could see the vulnerability in her face and knew exactly how to proceed from there, so he replied.

"I'll try to put them on, that is if I can get my arm into the shirt, my shoulder is pretty banged up now." Tim put his hand upon it and tried to massage the tricep in order to drive home his statement.

"Did I hurt you?" Wendy asked now genuinely concerned.

Tim pressed the advantage.

"Yeah, you could say that I'm not exactly used to having drawer doors slamming into me at about a hundred miles per hour. But being a guy you gotta get used to people trying to hurt you. It goes with the territory so don't worry about it."

Wendy felt sympathy, guilt, and defensive all at once, so tried to defend herself and her actions.

"Well you shouldn't have done what you did Timmy, that was disgusting and mean as I've never done anything to you before" She said her face now frowning.

Tim was ready to bring out his psychological warfare now.

"It was just a sock Wendy, one in which you can clean and I really didn't have any other place to go.. But once you start breaking my bones for measly ordinary socks I'd say you've got some issues to work on."

Wendy pulled away and sat straight up considering his words and seeing the reason in them.

Tim for his part could see that Wendy was probably a good girl who was capable of feeling shame but was not yet mature enough to handle the power that she now suddenly had. This was dangerous he pondered. So Tim decided to go for broke feeling that this was his best opportunity to do so.

"I'll tell you what Wendy, let's call a truce and then get me out of here so that I can hear about what you had in mind and what I'm expected to do for your internship and maybe we can find a middle ground that doesn't involve humiliating me and making you look like a monster in the process.

There's a lot I know that you could learn from and I'm sure you could benefit from as well. But you can't just see me like a dog that you need to train because I have feelings and reasons for doing what I've done in the past while with my mother...

Does this sound reasonable to you?"

Wendy looked back down at the tiny man who she could quite literally wrap around her fingers who was actually setting the terms for their interaction which did not at all sound that unreasonable. She could also see that although extremely diminished in size he still had all of his old feelings and many of his former habits too.. He even still had his male bravado to contend with which she didn't see being any kind of threat but more of an annoyance is all.

And after all, this was the foot that she had originally hoped that they would get off to rather than the one that they were on now. Therefore she was agreeable to his terms and would use this opportunity to set a few of her own as well.

"I agree Timmy, but-"

Please call me Tim Wendy... Timmy is a name used for toddlers and although I might not be as tall as one, it is still very demeaning for me to be called one."

Wendy stopped and once again saw the reason in his words.

"I'm sorry Tim, it's just that I really need your help and you will be needing mine over the next few months.. Your mother has told me several things that were bothering her and I promised to help bring these things to your attention so that you'd stop doing them.

Sometimes a person needs to hear what they're doing wrong so that they finally can see things from other people's perspectives. So, if I drop this bossy attitude I'll need you to really listen to what I say in regards to how you can fix things with your mother and also we can maybe try and get you over your nervousness around other people. And I will also need you to answer some questionnaires and do some physical tests that my internship requires.. I so want to become a Little Person foster parent one day and you're my best chance to be able to do this.

But if we can get along and work together I see no reason why we can't be good friends and have lot's of fun too."

Wendy looked down upon Tim with hopeful eyes of yearning.

And for the first time, Tim could see that perhaps it was Wendy that needed him more than he needed her. Tim could also see her youthful naivety by placing all of her cards out on the table for him to see before he showed her any of his. But this he would use to his advantage later if need be because God knew she already had most of the advantages to begin with.

"Can I ask you a personal question Wendy?"

"Sure Timmy, I mean Tim, anything you want."

Why do you want to look after Little People? I mean, isn't my mother any just cause to reconsider? As you may have guessed by now it isn't easy. Hell, she can't even stand to be around me now come to find out."

Wendy thought for a moment and then beamed down to Tim.

"Because I've always wanted to take care of people and who better to do that with than people who are dependent upon you for most everything.. And I think that Little People are so cute and wonderful.. Like having a little friend who can always go where ever you go and will never leave you."

Once again Tim could see her naivety shining through but decided not to debate her on this pipe dream of hers. She'd have plenty of time to reconsider her foolish notions during the course of this summer.

"Ok Wendy, I see your points and they sound reasonable enough for me... I'm starved so let's go get me some breakfast that I missed this morning and then we can take a look at some of these terms and activities that we'll need to do together."

Now it was Tim who decided to press the advantage by standing up and getting out of the bowl of water without warning to Wendy.

As Tim went over the rim of the bowl he made sure that Wendy was able to see his full naked front side as he made his way over to his hand towel. As he picked it up he looked up at Wendy to gauge her reaction.

Wendy was a deep shade of red and once she saw that he knew that he was looking she quickly turned her head to the side in order to avert her embarrassed eyes.

Tim just smiled and quickly dried off. Then he reached down and looked at the size of the shorts that Wendy had bought for him... And they were just right, a size Little 6 just as he normally wore... His mother must have filled her in on that one.

Tim pulled the shirt on and looked up once again.. Wendy had returned to looking but was now smiling with a fist blocking half of her blushing face while chewing on her knuckle.

"I can work with this." Tim smiled to himself.

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