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Author's Chapter Notes:

The Letter

When Tim woke again it was morning or so he surmised. Expecting to be lying upon his pillow stacked on his building sized bed he was at once disorientated. Around him were four wooden walls and only half of the ceiling was open as the other half had another wooden ceiling above it.. The walls were four times higher than he was tall and he was surrounded by colorful socks and nylons....

Nylons? Where was he? He pondered.. Then he noticed a thin pink argyle sock resting upon his lover half... He immediately pulled his legs out from underneath it and began to frantically look for a way out.

Not seeing any type of door things began to dawn on his waking mind.. He was in a cloths drawer but whose? These were girls socks all around him for Christ's sake. .

Tim didn't want to spend one minute more in this square prison cell so looked around for other options of escape and was discouraged by his prospects.. For if he were to stack all of these socks up he'd still be about a body length or two from the top of the lip of this drawer that imprisoned him. Then he noticed a folded piece of paper against the front wall closest to the light coming inside of the drawer.

Tim shook his head in bewilderment.. How could his mother put him or allow him to be placed in such a demeaning place? He figured that the note over there probably held the key to that mystery so he at once walked over to it... He actually had to pull it a few feet away from the wall (by his standards) in order to unfold it..

The letter was folded into three sections that kept wanting to refold back into their original positions so he angrily pulled a sock over and dropped it upon the lowest section of the note and then simply stood on both the mid and high sections in order to keep the top half from doubling back over as well. And this is what the letter said.:

Dear Timothy;

"I didn't want to wake you because as you know, you had spent the entire previous night up watching television with too much anxiety waiting to meet Wendy. "

Tim remembered the excuses that he had given his mother explaining that he was just wanting to see the end to one cool movie after the next.. His mother finally tiring of prodding him to get his rest for Wendy's visit had retired her own self to bed around 1:AM in the morning.. Tim now knew that his mother wasn't fooled by his lies and decided just to read on.

"When Wendy picked you up you must have been so afraid that you fainted so we decided to place you in your night stand drawer so that Wendy could set the bed up for herself."

Tim now knew exactly where he was at and was relieved to know that he was still at home and inside his room at that.. He was angered though because his mother had completely misunderstood why he had passed out.. He remembered that huge klutz squeezing the air right out of him and them keeping him from breathing any further as she so callously picked him up yesterday. He was also disheartened by the fact that he'd already been ejected from his favorite sleeping spot which was his own bed of all places he fumed. And the fact that they'd not been thoughtful enough to place one of his ladders inside so that he could get out and use the restroom if he needed too also made him angry as well.

And speaking of which, Tim now noticed that nature was indeed making itself known as he had a morning urination call that was beginning to hurt his groin region. Tim looked around and smiled, he would at once get some quick revenge on that brat of a girl. So leaping off of the paper he immediately ran over to the furthest corner that was shaded due to the drawer directly above his and found a red sock to relieve himself on. Tim let out a long and steady stream that was the collection of about twelve full hours of sleep, smiling with relief, revenge, and satisfaction to his act..

Then Tim ran back to the letter and repeated his former stance upon it in order to read further.

"Tim what I'm about to say next I realize is going to be very hard for you to take, but please try to understand that it is for the very best and with the the very best intentions in mind.. For two years now I have waited on you hand and foot.. I have taken all of your tirades in stride and have let you hurt my feelings at the slightest perceived infraction. Your father used to do the same exact thing to me and so after his passing I suppose it was only natural that I allowed you to move right into his position. And now I still feel like the abused housewife that I was under him with the added trouble of having to pay all of the bills as well... I quite simply can't do this anymore unless there is some changes around here.

Wendy is a very bright girl and has had extensive training in coping and dealing with people of your present stature and this is why I'm going to give her my fullest confidence in taking care of you in my absence... She will cook for you, clean for you just like I used to to.. But she will also be allowed to discipline you should you misbehave. Me and her have talked this through and I'm confident that you are going to become a much better person once you know your boundaries."

If Tim had not just relieved himself seconds earlier than he would have had a steady stream going down his leg at this point. How could his mother be so stupid, he pondered... How could she be so heartless and cruel? This was going to be much worse than he could have ever imagined.

Still he read on...

"There are also physical tasks and exercises that the people who created her internship will have her perform with you.. I would advice that you cooperate with her so that others may benefit from what you all learn in the future, and at the very least this will keep you out of trouble with her should you be a good boy and participate.. She stressed with me how important this information is and I'd have to say that I agree with her as well so you listen to her and do what she says young man."

Tim was beginning to nervously shake. The implications were devastating for him and he knew it. He had thought that she was going to be much like his mother was who would get things for him when he asked and make his life more comfortable and have even less say so over what he did... This was shaping up at the far end of the spectrum from that.

"I expect you to follow all of her advice and do what she says to do in the three months that I am gone. You have to understand that I love you very much and only wish the best for you and us. It is my hope that she can teach you the things that I could not due to how soft that I am on you and I know this will make both of us so much more happier in the future.

I suspect that you are not very happy with me right now but you have to realize that it is for the very best and with much heart break that I allow this to happen. But I am very sure that in the future you will agree with me and you will be much safer as a result, which is at the core of all of my concerns for you right now.

I love you with all of my heart Timothy but there is going to be a new way that we live when I get back and we will both be better off for it as well..

Love Mom"

Tim with shock went over to where he had slept and plopped down upon the pink sock with his eyes wide open.. This was not good at all.

This girl was going to be like an actual adult guardian for him with complete control over what he did with the right to punish him should he disobey. Would she really take things that far? Could he somehow mentally gain the upper hand with her like he had done with his mother? Could he handle the humiliation of a young teenage girl bossing him around and possibly spanking him when he talked back?

Mentally he was in a state of extreme horror as he pondered these imponderables. And then to his own self loathing disgust his penis began to stir, aroused by the strange sense of humiliation that he knew was in the immediate future for himself.

How could he accept or withstand a fourteen year old girl deciding what he could and could not do? How could he put up with being disciplined?

He also went over the hurt and betrayal that he felt towards his mother at this point. Couldn't she had made her feelings known to him before things got to this point? Sure he could be demanding at times but he was the handicapped person after all was he not?

While Tim was brooding over these hard feelings he heard the front door open and shut. ..

When somebody is as small as Tim they learn new perceptive abilities that people like us wouldn't even suspect that they would.. Tim knew the sounds of his mother moving through the house as these steps were slow and of a low thudding nature giving away her weight and age compared to what he heard coming up the stairs..

These steps were much different... Instead of a low rumble they were more like light lightning cracks as her weight was less evenly distributed as his mother's was with most of it clinging to the center of her mass rather than spreading out more along her arms and thighs. And her steps were much faster than his mother's were with almost an impatient stride or rhythm to them.
Tim knew that this was definitely Wendy and Wendy was coming for him.....

Chapter End Notes:

I posted chapter 5 right behind this one as I don't believe in antagonizing the readers too much and so therefore didn't want to overdue the suspenceful part of chapter 4 and overplay the suspense in general.

So, please read on. :)

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