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Author's Chapter Notes:

Wendy Arrives

It was a Friday morning when Wendy arrived...

Tim was sitting upon a terry cloth that was folded into a square upon the wooden floor making a nice comfortable mattress of sorts for himself. To his side was the television remote control that was as long as a Cadillac car. Beyond and in front was a TV set as big as a drive in movie theater screen if not larger.

Tim and his mother had discovered that if he got on top of the remote and jumped up and then down upon a button it would indeed trigger the sought after action..

His mother would giggle and remark that he looked like he was playing hop-scotch when he would bounce up and down upon the correct number sequences for sports or a educational program usually featuring the afflicted like himself as he found these features the most interesting and naturally applicable to his current plight.

His mother liked to sow or read magazines on the couch behind him and watch along as well when the commercials were through. She too was interested in Little People specials and documentaries because she would learn things about Tim just as he would during such episodes.

Hollywood was even starting to include tiny actors into their films and sitcoms creating a sense of normalcy to an insane turn of worldly events. Alas, the actors were usually depicted as the butt end of jokes or in demeaningly funny situations to which Tim would quickly lose patience for and turn the channel away from.

Janet wouldn't say anything feeling that interjecting would only exacerbate his hurt feelings even more. She still would note what embarassed him and made him angry never the less.

There was even a sitcom that had just started that was Tim's favorite for obvious reasons.. It was called Me and Little Ray which dealt with a young metroplex couple. The beautiful brunette wife being an interior designer tries to get through life with her now shrunken husband who was formally a Hockey star. Neither of which being over 25 years of age so Tim was really in tune with the movie poster props in their Chicago city apartment and the lingo or bands that they talked about. They went to cafes and even had friends over for parties all of which presenting some new difficulty for the couple to work through.

Some of the events pertaining to the little people downright terrified him like when the news would report that an international Little People slaver ring had been caught operating in countries like the Ukraine, Singapore, or Brazil. Or people being killed by house pets or over playful children and so forth.

His mother always allowed Tim to control the remote as she tried to give him as many feelings of control that life would sparsely afford him now. And Tim was very appreciative that his mother at least left him alone to watch whatever he wanted to watch during their television time.

They were both watching a National Geographic series called Sharon the Hunter that showed a young pretty National Bounty Huntress whose job was to find renegade Little People who had taken to living in city parks or abandoned fields to have them repatriated with legal foster parents or family members. This was another hit series and Tim admired this beautiful lady as well as despised her at the same time.

She would make jokes about rounding up some of them and they'd follow her with a camera to watch how she'd chase them down laughing and giggling in pursuit. She was in her late twenties to early thirties and had such a zest for her job.. She would explain that where else could a person hunt down cute guys and get paid to do it.

These kind of callous statements made Tim furious but he would watch on anyhow learning some of her tricks in finding people and how resourceful renegade Little People could be. When the lady had cornered or trapped a Little Person Tim would get an erection due to his excitement. He was so turned on to see the giantess tromping after the terrified Little People and snatching them up waving the Little Person in front of the camera crew commenting and bragging about bagging another renegade. The tiny person screaming and wailing throughout the ordeal.

This was a new profession that had only just begun one year ago with the majority of these Doll Hunters (the slang term for them) being women freeing up the men agents for the organized human trafficking rings that were becoming a bigger and bigger threat these days.

These ladies had little high tech icecream truck looking paddy wagons complete with nets, human cages, and all sorts of other gadgets.. The ladies were not armed as they didn't need to be in order to apprehend renegades due to their vastly superior size differences.

She even had oversized pockets on her khaki shorts where she would store people in case there was a nest of them that they had to go after.

On one special there were multiple targets for them so she was whispering to the camera person on how to carry out her task. As she explained this with a wiggling person in hand she kept her thumb over his mouth and then removed special cuffs and a gag which she expertly inserted into his mouth once she had removed her thumb. Once she had him hog tied it was down into one of her multiple waist pockets he went only to have the flap snapped shut trapping his wiggling body inside..

Then once this task was completed she crawled on through the tall grass lunging for and capturing a lady next time bringing her up to the camera for a close up stating with humorous glee- "Maybe this is his wife!" Giggling and playfully tapping on the tiny head of the captured lady attempting to shriek through the smothering thumb flesh that kept her effectively silent.

On and on this went until she had rounded up a whole group of eight people.. This was the second episode which Tim had saved and burned to a DVD for future viewing due to the fact that he liked it so much.

Tim had also learned to have a little pillow on hand when this feature came up so that he could hide his erection from his mother during the show's juicy chase and capture scenes. The lady had a very pretty face and some beautiful legs and breasts to match.

Tim was always rooting for the Little Person openly but secretly hoping that the Giant Bounty Huntress would corner and capture her prey. His mother was always openly rooting for Sharon, explaining to Tim who had inquired why on one occasion that it was for the best for those poor Little People and that it was better that she caught them than some sick pervert or some wild animal..

A viewpoint that Tim could not easily debate seeing the logic in her words..

But still he admired the people that she went after as they were all brave enough to try and keep their independence and dignity.. Something he had handed over to his mother over two years ago.

On this episode the lady was presently chasing after a man who was riding a working miniature gas powered motorcycle... Yes, they had even built miniaturized motor vehicles for them recently and they could be bought for the Little People for about a thousand dollars on the average.. Some people drove Camero replicas or Harley Davidson mock ups that actually made loud exhaust blasts when you revved the engines.

This particular guy had talked his wife into buying him a Kawasaki crotch rocket.. He had convinced her to let him take if for a spin in front of their house.. His wife had reluctantly agreed being that they lived on a quiet cul de sac that was rarely used for any other car than theirs...

But what she did not know was that he had been scheming to make an escape from her using this toy sized motorcycle. Doing ever wider circles in front of their house as his wife worriedly looked on..

On one of his widest arcs that took him the furthest away from her he made his break for it. His wife had explained through her tears to Sharon that she had given chase at first but he just kept making more and more distance from her. And now he could be anywhere perhaps not even in the neighborhood anymore.

Sharon calmed her down and asked for the motorcycles serial number which the mother got the paperwork for. The camera person followed Sharon over to her paddy wagon as Sharon dialed in the serial numbers and acquired the GPS unit on the bike... Once a red blip came up on her dash computer she smiled and said "There he is, let's go get the little runt!"

Tim was shocked! And duly noted that anything built to his size was a potential tracking device.. He had not even thought of this just as the person trying to escape on that crotch rocket hadn't.. Heck, his wife didn't even know this until Sharon had explained it to her as she was looking for the documentation on the bike.

Tim thanked himself for bearing through this educational series once more for learning just one more potential thing that could come in handy to know in the future.

Sharon was in hot pursuit and explaining that they were leaving the subdivision for the town streets where he was presently zipping off through when the doorbell rang.

"Oh, that's Wendy!" Tim's mother spouted and immediately dropped her quilt that she had been working on all morning to go answer the door.

Tim could feel the floor boards begin to buckle and spring back up under his mother's massive slippered feet as she bounded towards the front door. As interesting as his show was this was about to take even more precedence.

After all, it was his mother who had found him and outside of a family visit from a specialist doctor and his nurse along with his father, he had not met anyone else up to this date since the disease had so quickly run its course on him.

Tim heard the door open and his mother's happy greeting to Wendy who at once began talking to her.

"Hello Mrs. Bender I'm so excited to be here, are you just about ready for your trip tomorrow?"

His mother gleefully answered in the affirmative as the two made some more small talk at the front door. Tim was feeling adrenaline moving throughout his veins as his body temperature began to rise. There were so many unknowns at this point. Would she be a trollish looking ogre? Would she smell like crap or have bad breath? And he was scared too which made him angry... This was only a young adolescent girl who was about to make an intrusion into his life why should he have to be afraid... But yet he was.

He refocused on their conversation.

"Well Mrs. Bender I just have a few bags out in the car that I thought I'd leave here over night, before I come here for good tomorrow morning is that ok? "

"Of course it is dear, let's go get them, we don't want to keep your dad waiting too long."

They both laughed and exited the house.. Tim heard the storm door shut and waited for it to reopen again... And just moments later he heard a masculine voice say.

"Oh it's no problem at all I'll just sit this big bag here just inside the door."

"Thanks daddy, I'll just be a couple of minutes more as I take these bags upstairs to my room and meet Timmy!"

"Sure thing sweety I'll be right out here in the Blazer"

Tim didn't like the Timmy comment one iota and would make that one of the first hard and fast rules to get across to her once she had settled in.

"Well where do we go Mrs Bender"
"Oh just upstairs to Tim's old room, that's where you'll be sleeping."

Tim's eyes got as wide as saucers... She was going to be taking over his room now too! Now he had an issue to resolve with his mother tonight as well... The list was starting to compound itself now as he balled up his fists with rage. Then he heard Wendy giggle and speak to his mother again.

"Wow, how cute, you built improvised stairs for him out of children's spelling blocks! How adorable... Just a second Mrs. Bender I've got to get a few snap shots of this for the LPGO people!"

Sure hon go right ahead, it was Tim's idea after all, me and him spent an entire afternoon stacking those blocks to make his own personal stairway up the stairwell" She laughed as she recounted the event to Wendy.

Tim felt like a child having his mother refer to one of his crowning ideas and achievements as if it was mere child's play for her to be involved with. She had easily stacked the blocks that he couldn't even budge into place exactly as he had instructed. And once it was all done it did truly work.. He could with effort and some time go up and down the stairs now without having to be carried up them like a baby chipmunk.

The next step was going to be for them to glue them in place as Janet's massive footfalls would tend to jar them loose from each other causing some to tumble to the side making his attempted journeys upstairs that much more perilous until he could report the problem and have his mother simply stack the errant block or two back into place once again as if it was nothing.

And within a couple more moments the two hulking woman bounded up the stairs. Tim could hear the squeaking of their unfathomable tons of weight upon the floorboards above the ceiling as Wendy moved about making his room hers.

With a few thumps of luggage hitting the floors they were taking themselves back down to the first floor again. At which time he heard his mother inquire about what was in the big bag.

"So what's in that big heavy bag that your father had to carry for us?"
"Oh just some scientific equipment that the people at the LPGO sent for me to use while I'm here."
"LPGO people?" Janet inquired.

"Ah, that stands for Little People Guardian Organization who set all of this training and stuff up a few years back and who I report back to."

Wendy casually said as if it was the most normal bureaucratic corporation to be in effect those days.

Tim's mother lowered her voice in response perhaps hoping that Tim wouldn't hear her next words which he of course easily did.

"Oh, I see, well Wendy... Would you like to meet Timothy now?"
"Of course I would Mrs. Bender, I've been waiting to do that for two whole weeks!"

Tim could hear the two giggling as if he was of no true consequence except for his entertainment value much like a brand new puppy was.

But then the floor boards began to ominously creek again as the two Giantesses began to make their way down the hall towards the living room...

As Tim stood waiting he took some deep breaths and tried his best to compose himself.

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