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Author's Chapter Notes:

The Borrowers

Tim was deep within his thoughts as they moved eastward through the steel sewage tunnels. He'd been told to be quiet so all that he could do was watch, listen, learn, and think as they moved along.

As Tim quietly reflected on the day's events as the 3 men splashed through the water and slogged along, he remember how he would become sexually thrilled to watch Sharon chase down people of his stature and capture them.. But when it came his turn to be chased it was quite a different experience all together.

He remembered the ground reverberating by Sheila's massive footfalls. The tremors going up his leg bones and vibrating throughout his entire skeletal frame as he ran for his life. The booming sounds that accompanied the tremors only magnifying the terror. He remembered looking over his shoulders and seeing the smile on her face, eager with the prospect of making him or anyone else that she caught her toy which is what Mark's doomed fate had in store for him now.

He also had to come to the realization that he was no longer a man to the Giants.. But nothing more than an intelligent animated plaything in their eyes, who could take the freedom away from him on a whim and deny him things that he wanted as Wendy would easily do.

Tim no longer fit into their world anymore, except to be the object of indulgence or amusement. Reflecting on this as they continued on Tim came to the conclusion that he was right where he was supposed to be now, and that he'd do what was necessary to be a part of the Little People Freedom nation. For that was what he was now whether he liked it or not... A little person.

At the next intersection they halted. Ron's torch was getting near the end of its incindiaries so he decided it was time to make a decision.

"Alright everyone. The torch is about to go out and I don't feel like going outside in order to get another stick so we're going to make something of this trip before we go back to Big Oak."

Ron opened his backpack and began digging around inside of it. Then he pulled out a folder of paper and began thumbing through it. Looking over at the passageway that led to another house he announced; "The Silverstone's... Good.. According to the log here we haven't hit that house in over a month which makes it fair game for another borrowing visit."

"We'll hit them up for some food and then make our way back to home base. It should be dark by the time we're out of the tunnels which is how I like it anyway. We'll have to go down this passageway blind as the torch is almost finished.

And you Mr. Domesto, you can either stay here and suck on your thumb. Go back home. Or come with us but I ain't taking you on as extra baggage so if you fuck up again, I'll personally direct the next one eyed Giant that I see right to where you are." Ron said pointing right at Tim's face with a very stern expression upon it.

With this statement Tim remembered his Little Person Utility Tool and pulled it from his belt flipping the light at the end of it on just as Ron was throwing his smoking spent torch into the water.

The tunnel lit up once again, even brighter than it had before. Both of the men's faces smiled as they regarded his tool. Ron immediately grabbed it from Tim and yanked it away in order to inspect it.. Tim was a bit pissed by the action but waited to see what would come of this situation.

Ron; where'd you get this boy?

Tim; From the babysi... I mean from this girl whose been supplying me with equipment. She kind of works for me. I come from a really rich family so I have all kind's of supplies that I make her get for me. (Tim furiously lied)

Ron; Yeah, I'll bet. That sounds like a crock of shit to me but in any case this is pretty handy and if you prove not to be such a dumb shit as you were outside I might give it back to you when we get to Big Oak, got it?"

Tim, was a little upset by the turn of events but learning whether they could trust each other was of paramount importance and he had no intentions of going home now.

"Sure Ron, just don't lose it. I kind of want it back. So I'll be worth it you'll see."

Ned fingered it too running his finger across the axe blade portion of the tool and liked what he saw.

Ned; You can get this kind of shit no kidding?

Tim; Not all the time as I just ran away from home but we can sneak back in and get stuff from time to time I figure. (Tim said with an eager smile on his face.)

Both men smiled back at him.

"Sounds fair enough to me. Well then let's get started" Ron said and turned towards the sewage pipe that led to the house ahead.


Tim noted as they started off once more that each 4 way stop had a net nest just like the last 4 way intersection had so that people could safely get out of harms way when toilets were flushed.

Ron began to explain things to Tim as they trudged ahead.

"Toilets will get you killed if you ain't paying attention. You saw first hand what happens. But if somebody let's out bath water or is brushing their teeth at the sink then the water comes less violently but you need to double back to a 4 way intersection for safety's sake. If you remember, we all used to shit, shower, and shave so eventually that God damned toilet is going to get flushed if somebody is messing around in their bathroom. And the bigger the family the more dangerous and flush happy their main drain get's."

Ron; Do you got a weapon boy?

Tim; You're holding it.

Ron; This wont stop no damn rat.. Boy. It'll chew right through you if you try to hit it with this toothpick. But I like the fact that it has a axe blade to it.

Tim; It does other things. I'll show you when we get out of this place.

Ron; Really? No shit?

Tim; Yeah, but don't try anything now, you might get shocked walking in this water.

Ron regarded Tim's flashlight/axe thinga-majig once again, then pressed ahead.

They went on for what seemed another half mile until the pipe began to make a hard slope upwards. Ron removed a knotted rope that had a hook on the end of it and began swinging it readying it for launch. The knots were at regular intervals so it was easy to surmise that this would be a ladder of sorts for them to use.

Tim looked over at Ned but the older man just kept quiet and smiled. Ron threw the hook/rope up into the air and it clanked on something.

"Hot damned I'm good! Got it on the first try!. Bragged Ron. Ned smiled even bigger and nodded approvingly.

"Ok, we're heading up into this house to get some food for our colony. When we get up we'll put some trash bags over our bodies. It'll make sense when we get there. You keep quiet and hide if we tell you to or participate if we tell you to do that too. If I say the word HASSLE, that means that you push your body against the floor molding and stand perfectly still. If you don't move, the odds are you wont be seen got it?"

Tim nodded in eager anticipation. He'd never been in someone elses house since he'd shrunk. This would be a brand new experience for him.

Ron began climbing up first. Followed by Ned and finally Tim. When they got near the top of the elbow shaped pipe Tim realized that a hole had been knocked into the very top of it. Just big enough to get a full sized person inside. The guys had definitely done this before. He also noticed that since the hole was at the top of the pipe, it was less likely to leak water when a sink or facet was ran. It seemed that they had definitely thought this through.

When all 3 were up Tim could see that they were now in the floor joists just below the regular floor. They hopped onto a cold water pipe and followed it until it bent up and went into a room. The pipe was wide enough, but was suspended several feet above the crawl space dirt and made Tim uneasy as they slowly traversed it. At the elbow they all shimmied up it and came out into some artificial light. Tim at once saw that they were in a bathroom.

Now Ron spoke in hushed tones. "No more talking at all. We'll give you Mark's camo suit to wear and I suggest you put it all on.. Even the hood. You don't do anything unless I tell ya.. You understand? "

Tim nodded in agreement again, looking around at the building size sink and toilet. Ron handed him a large white piece of plastic with a hole in the middle of it. Tim watched as the two guys put it over their heads and then donned a similar hood with two eye holes cut out of it. Tim smiled because they looked like cheap Halloween costumes designed to look like ghosts. But not wasting any time he did the same as they did. Once they were all suited up Ron spoke once more.

"This is the Silverstone's residence. It's a family of 4. A husband, a wife and two twins. Each about 6 years old. One's a boy and one's a girl. The dad is away a lot on business trips.. Hopefully he's gone now giving us a better ratio. Keep your eyes open at all times. We're heading to the kitchen."

But before they had even taken their first steps, the floor boards began to buckle and squeak. To which Ron quickly hissed out the word "Hassle!"

Tim watched incredulously as Ron and Ned quickly backed up against the white floor molding and pressed themselves flat against it becoming completely still. Ned called to Tim who seemed frozen in place.

"I'd get against this wall if you dont' want to be seen boy." Tim was appreciating how well the men blended against the floor molding with their white plastic suits, and finally snapped out of his daze when Ned brought him out of it with his cautionary warning.

Tim quickly ran to the molding that was very close to the back of the toilet and followed their leads identically. So the three of them waited as the noise got closer and closer.

Then the door knob turned and the massive door opened. And in came the family's young boy... All 70 feet high of him. He was well tanned with light brown wavy hair and was only wearing a pair of bright blue speedos. He had all of the curves a young toddler and resembled a miniaturized adult. Once inside the bathroom he quickly turned and shut the door behind him.

He was thin yet toned with just a little bit of baby fat glazing over his defined muscles, which made him resemble a Greek statue.  Tim noticed his arms.  Each of them capable of knocking all 3 of them into next week should his temper get the best of him.  His legs allowing him to cover distances in minutes that would take them days.   Tim would have to automatically defer to his strength should the boy corner him.   And this made Tim feel inadequate once again.   A mere boy could capture him, and turn  him into a toy which he probably would.

Tim's first brush with a child infuriated him..  It just wasn't fair that this kid physically outmatched him in every respect.

Meanwhile the boy lazily walked up to the toilet and pulled his penis out of his underwear and proceeded to pee but just before he did he stopped and remembered to put the toilet seat up. Grunting at the completion of his chore not to pee on the seat he let his urine loose.

Tim had never encountered anything like this before. For one he'd not seen any kids close up since he'd shrunk. And had definitely not witnessed another male urinate since his illness had struck him down.

A massive golden gushing flow that resembled a fire hose in use jetted out. Then with a splash the usual sound that occurs at this time ensued. But the toilet bowl only seemed to echo and amplify the sound to his tiny ears.

Tim was truly humbled by how many thousands of gallons of urine that this very young boy effortlessly shot forth into the waiting pool of water below. Tim felt very humbled that a boy of such young age could have easily directed that gushing water cannon at him and blown him several feet backwards if he had noticed him and chose to engage in such a cruel sport.

Tim was startled out of his amazement when a loud bellowing voice was heard at the other side of the door. "Hurry up Johnny.. I've got to go too!"

"Ok Jen, I'm almost through. Just a second." The boy named John finished his task, reached over and grabbed some toilet paper from off of the side of the wall. He took a sheet that could have wrapped all the way around Tim, head to toe and squeezed the last drops in his penis into it. Then he lifted it up higher than necessary and dropped it simulating a bomb falling from the sky. It landed in the toilet bowl with a splash..

He reached over and was about to pull the lever to release the soiled water but smiled and drew back. Tim could see the devilish expression as he was in the act of a naughty plan. The boy walked over and turned the facet on, washed his hands and began drying them.

"Johnny if you don't hurry up I'm going to pee my panties!" Urgently called out the loud, young, and feminine voice."

All three men were keeping as still as a hunted deer would.

The smiling boy dried his hands on a towel and opened the door. "It's all yours sis!" He giggled as he left the room.

Then his young sister ran in and was about to sit and do the same when she saw his urine in the bowl. She was wearing her night-time underwear. She had blonde pig tails that swayed as she moved. She too was a similar tanned tone of skin and was definitely the boy's twin Tim reasoned.

But rather than flush she just quickly pulled her panties down, dropped the seat into place that made a loud crashing boom, turned, and jumped on the seat letting a similar powerful jet of pee into the bowl. For some reason, her stream seemed to hit the water even harder than her brother's did. Tim was wide eyed in amazement of how powerful their genital organs were in comparison to the trickle he was able to generate.

Her feet barely touched the ground with her toes and this left her sole exposed with her heel up in the air. It was not lost on Tim that her foot alone was well longer than his entire body and could snuff him or anyone else his size out with one clumbsy unaware mis-step. It was a good 9 feet long in his estimation.

She kind of swayed them back and forth as if she was tapping to the beat of the latest pop song that she had heard on the radio which re-emphasized their potential for moving fast and swiftly yet potentially lethally for anyone of the 3 men standing behind her sitting position against the wall.

As she was doing her business yet another voice, this one much more mature sounding called out to her. "Jen honey, don't flush, mommy's going to pee next."

The girl smiled at the voice of her mother. "Ok mommy. Johnny didn't flush either like you told him to. He should be punished for that!" The girl said, her expression changing to a serious pout upon her face.

Once she was done she hopped off and proceeded to clean her waist and throw the wet tissues into the bowl as the first ones had been done. The girl then walked over and opened the door for her mother.

"Go ahead and go to bed honey, I'll flush the toilet for you when I'm done."

"But are you going to ground Johnny for not flushing?"

Tim was looking up at the lady who was twice the size of the girl and made him feel even smaller than he already had. She had long blonde hair and was tanned just like the kids were. Perhaps they had just gotten back from a vacation to Florida he mused. Her blue eyes complimented her aqua colored night gown that draped down upon her thighs.. White house slippers completing her garb.

She smiled as she watched her daughter leave and explained to her. "I might ground Johnny, I haven't decided yet, and thanks for telling me Jenny. Now off to bed."

The door was closed and now the mother dropped her silk black panties to the floor. She stepped out of them and turned her back to the men who were blending in perfectly with the wall that they remained glued to.

Then her bottom came down and sat upon the seat. Tim could hear the air whoosh out of the bowl as the mother's ass sealed it shut with her posterior flesh. He imagined the plight of someone his size treading water within the pitch black bowl waiting to be blasted by a torrent of the mother's piss. What a cruel fate that would be he reasoned.

Now she too began to release her bowels. The sound even louder than the two children's attempts combined. She seemed to let it go for an eternity. When she finally finished she stood and reached for some tissues.

The combined accumulation of so much urine hit the men like a foul noxious attack once she stood. To the mother, the odor might have seemed a bit noticeable but for the men it was as if their air was suddenly only consisting of methane gas. Fortunately the lady didnt' waste any time wiping her vaginal lips.

She washed up, flushed the toilet that made a very loud booming sound akin to a jet engine for Tim's little ears, and exited just as the others had done but only this time the door was left open.

Tim imagined being caught in the wave that the 3 Giants had created and being washed out to the creek only to be drown in their hundreds of thousands of acidic waste fluid gallons. Never to be seen or heard from again. Not to even know that their own urine had snuffed out a life which he was sure had probably happened to somebody before. Why else would they have so many safety nets at the pipe intersections he reasoned.

Tim was astonished as well, he had been humbled by a family doing nothing out of the ordinary and as mundane as draining their bladders. And once more, he felt very small along with feeling very vulnerable around these Giants.

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