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Author's Chapter Notes:

A plan is executed


Into the house came the new Giantess making two as if one wasn't bad enough.

"Where is he?! "

An excited high pitched voice squealed. "Shhh, you'll scare him. He's in the living room so calm down. I'm going to pick him up first and then show you how if you can act mature." Wendy retorted.

"Oh I'll be fine, just... Where is he?"

Tim's nerves started to spike as the fear of the unknown began to settle in. This was going to be even harder than he'd anticipated. What if she handled him too roughly? What if she dropped him? What if she accidentally crushed him? These were all within the realm of possibility after all.

Tim decided to back away from the ledge of the counter and position himself stealthily behind the clothing mound so that he could decide on whether to hide from this girl or not. They would have found him eventually anyway but it was all that he had to work with at the moment.

And into the room they both walked with Wendy first followed by a blonde haired girl with much fairer skin and blue eyes with a bit too much make-up on. She had a flowered print blouse and pink capris down to her pink flats. Her head swivelling side to side scanning for the prey.

She seamed nice enough and did not carry herself like a evil girl would. An evil girl has a much different smile than what Sheila was wearing. So deciding that he'd best put on the front of confidence he stepped back around the gob of clothing in order to present himself.

With his bright yellow/green jump suit on he wasn't hard to spot now. Sheila's eyes made him and then went wide with wonder. Wendy strategically positioned herself in between the two of them as they closed the distance to the counter.

"Ok, don't spaz out but here's Timmy." Wendy proudly motioned to him with her hand. "Don't try to pick him up until I train you which wont take long."

Sheila hurried the last couple of paces and immediately got down on her knees in order to put him at face level. Tim was confronted with a beautiful soft wall of young teen face that had the look of a girl getting a puppy for the first time.

Tim not more than a few paces away decided to begin the introductions. "Hello Sheila, I'm Tim. How's it going?" Was his rather mundane intro.

Rather than answer him Sheila looked up to Wendy instead. "Ok, show me how!"

Tim was incensed by her demeanor.. She hadn't even deemed him worthy of an introductory reply. As if he was some fragile toy to be asked if touching it was ok. Nevermind asking for his opinion in the matter.

"Ok, we'll start with the most easy and basic way. I'll take him over to the couch and set him there where you can practice."

"Sure!!!!!!" Sheila gushed washing Tim with a warm blast of her sweetened breath.

Tim didn't have long to process that before the moving crane of a arm attached to Wendy swung forth and pinched the carrying loop attached to his back. Up and away he went.

"Oh, look at his cute little legs churning as you carry him." Sheila sighed following in step with Wendy.

Wendy just smiled and took everyone over to the couch where she kneeled and carefully placed him on his feet upon the middle cushion. Both girls immediately collapsing like falling mountains in front of Tim in order to be in practical close proximity to him.

Wendy pressed on. Alright, did you see how I carried him?"

Sheila: Yes

Wendy: Ok, I'm going to do it again using this loop on his back in order to lift him.

Sheila: Ha, ha, he's like a mouse!

Wendy: But a very fragile one so be careful and watch again.

Sheila: Sure of course.

Wendy expertly went through the motions of lifting Tim once again a few inches from the cushion and then set him down again. Then like a doting mother she informed Sheila to calm down and do the same but try to do it even more gently than she did.

Sheila's face went from happy to extremely excited again as she slowly positioned her arm and hand to snatch him up.

Tim for his part was completely humiliated as the two girls fawned over him like a prized possession. He wasn't even being spoken to. He wasn't asked about whether or not he felt like conducting this exercise either. They were just handling him like he had no say in the matter and no longer counted for such considerations. He found their arrogance and entitlement with him to be the most demeaning of all. He seethed with anger but he just had to endure this a little longer he reckoned and he'd turn the tables, he kept reminding himself.

Meanwhile her finger tips pinched the suit loop and he began to be lifted. But a few feet into the air and her grip faltered letting him plunge back down to the surface flat on his face.

"Oops! Sorry Wendy I guess I was being too careful. I'll get a better hold this time."

At which before he could even get up he was snatched by the loop once again and lifted up into the air once more. Only this time he went much higher and was swung back towards her appreciative face.

"It's like holding a mouse by it's tail!" Sheila gasped.

"Swing him back over the cushion for safety's sake Sheila!" Demanded Wendy. To which Sheila quickly did.

So fast in fact that he rocked back and forth as he was suspended in mid-air causing both girl's to laugh at his ridiculous disposition.

"Ok, set him down and we'll practice picking him up another way." To which he was lowered all the way down to become flat on his face yet again. Sheila let go and then immediately ran a soft finger tip over his behind in order to touch him some. Tim felt humiliated once more.

"Stand up Tim, I want you to walk onto the palm of my hand like I'm going to carry you somewhere." Ordered Wendy.

Tim by now was in full concentration of his goal and he didn't risk an outburst of rage, so did as commanded. Getting up he saw before him Wendy's awaiting tanned hand to which he steadily walked to and then got onto it by laying upon his belly in the travel position as the two had worked out previously.

Wendy at once lifted him and held him before Sheila's face to which Sheila immediately bent towards and kissed Tim right on the back of his head as one would do a newborn kitten. Both girls laughed at her cute act as Wendy lowered him back down to the cushion and asked Sheila to the same.

Tim not wanting to be ordered to repeat a process knew what was expected so walked right over the Sheila's awaiting palm.

He got onto it and at once noticed that it was softer and warmer than Sheila's. Her fingers instinctively curled around him until squishing him in between causing a nervous yet excited giggle from above.

Then once again he was lifted. To which he received a couple more kisses this time on his behind. Only to be followed by more childish laughter between the two.

This would have gone on a while longer had it not been for a ring of the phone over in the kitchen. Sheila brought him back to the cushion and waited for him to disembark which Tim immediately did.

"Ohh I forgot, LPGO is supposed to call me for a status report at this time. I'll be back in a little while. Sheila just talk with him some while I'm gone. Practice picking him up some but don't play with him.. Remember, he's still a man!" Insisted Wendy.

"No problem, we'll be right here!" Assured Sheila. Wendy at once stomped off a bit annoyed with the interruption of the festivities.

Tim watched her leave and then went quickly to work.

Tim: So Sheila how old are you?

Sheila: Thirteen and a half.

Tim: You sure look older, I'd guess 16 if you were a day.

Sheila: Really?

Tim: Yeah, and your a bombshell too.

Sheila: Ohhh you really think so?

Sheila was mesmerized.. Not only was he a tiny living man many years her senior but here he was flirting with her. She gushed with pride and was quickly cast under Tim's fast honey flavored words.

This went back and forth a few more minutes until Tim got to the heart of his plan.

Tim: So Sheila, you learn so fast and you've picked me up even better than Wendy does.

Sheila: Really?

Tim: Oh yeah, and I think I can trust you now.. Do you think you can trust me?

Sheila: I sure do!

Tim: Well while Wendy gives her boring report why don't you and I have some fun together. You see, everyday around this time me and Wendy go out to the garden and do adventure runs where I spot bad vegetables and weeds... We even play hide and seek too. But I always win. I'll bet you're more clever than she is and could find me in seconds flat. ... Do you want to go out and try?

Tim could see the excitement flushing her cheeks a red hue of color just as his compliments to her had done. He could tell that she really wanted to prove to Wendy that she could handle him just fine and could even have fun with him while Wendy was busy with other things.

"Ok, I guess it's pretty boring just talking here at the couch. It seems like a fun thing to do. Climb on my hand and we'll go out back to the garden. "

Tim just needed one more thing to seal the deal now.

"Alright but on the way could you pick up my back-pack on the counter. I always get to wear it when we play adventurer outside."

Wendy was already lifting a more than cooperative Tim when she agreed to get that for him too. So with a quick stop at the counter she palmed the pack with her opposite hand and placed it within her pocket. Sliding the back glass door open the two of them set off for the garden.

Meanwhile Wendy impatiently answered question after question and read off test results that she'd previously done with Tim to them.

Tim felt the warmth within the cave of her soft hand and watched the blades of grass move by like a lush jungle as the Giant girl carried him along. A couple of times along the journey he was lifted to her face so that she could admire him some more. Sheila really enjoyed the novelty of having a human being within her grasp. There was no other feeling like it she reflected as they closed in on the backyard garden that Tim's mom had painstakingly built a couple of months prior. She too would have to join the LPGO like Wendy had she came to the conclusion of. Having a little person for herself would be the coolest thing in the world and the possibilities of an ownership of somebody would be vast! She'd be like a Goddess to that person.. The prospect thrilled her to no end. Now all that she needed was a Little Person of her own she reflected.

Stopping at the corner of the garden Sheila bend down and placed Tim upon the ground and then remained there to see what he would say that they needed to do.

Tim for his part had lied through his teeth to get this far and had never actually been to the garden or outside like this for that matter. His mother would not allow it fearing a bird or a dog or whatever. Which reminded him of something.

"Ok Sheila, let me have the backpack so that we can get started. "

Sheila quickly fished the pack out and gingerly handed it down to him. Tim took it from her and it immediately fell to the ground being heavier than he remembered. Of which earned him a giggle of embarrassment from above.

"Are you sure that you can handle that little guy?" Sheila asked with genuine concern.

"I'll be alright, I'm just not used to having it handed to me over my head, ha, ha," He joked with her. Fumbling through the contents he located his Little Person's Utility Tool and quickly hooked it to the suit loop that would normally help keep a belt fastened along it. Then he put the pack up his shoulders and was ready for phase 2 of his plan.

Looking out amongst the dirty field he beheld tree stalks at intervals which were really rows of tomato, potato, and cucumber plants. This might resemble a new subdivision or nature park for a normal sized human but was no longer normal. This was simply a 20 foot by 30 foot garden.

"Ok Sheila, we'll start off with our Adventurer's Seek game. This is where you close your eyes and count to 100 and I choose a plant within the garden to hide behind. Wendy isn't as smart as you are but I think I can still dodge you for a few minutes. Sound cool?"

Tim could see her eyes light with excitement once again in being able to hunt him down in good fun.

"Yeah ok, I'll just turn around and close my eyes. But I'm warning you, I can count pretty fast!"

Tim smiled at her naivety. He'd be long gone before she even hit 75 he coolly estimated. So he got himself into a running position facing the large long rows of dirt mounts and pretended to be set for her count.

Sheila smiled, turned, closed her eyes and exclaimed; "Ok, little guy here we go! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, etc.

Tim smiled too. But instead of running straight into the garden he took off into the grass heading due west towards the boundary of the backyard. Tim gave it all he had in order to put as much distance from that stupid bitch girl that he could in order to give her the slip.

The first thing that Tim noticed as he chugged along in his red running shoes was that the ground was much more uneven than he ever remembered it being. There were clogs of dirt as big as stones everywhere. The grass quickly loomed over him and swallowed him up. It was as if he were running through a rain forest. The light from the sky dimmed by blades of grass as he heard her massive voice reaching the number 50. But spring on he did being in good shape with all of the walking and climbing that his disability had entrained upon him. So he kept running with all of his might paying the weight of the backpack very little if any heed.


Sheila for her part had finally reached 100. She then swung around with smiling anticipation. "Ready or not little guy, here I come."

But instead of going left further into the backyard as Tim was doing. She instead went straight into the garden like Tim was supposed to have done.

Getting down on her hands and knees she began crawling looking behind all of the plant stalks. Moving as fast as she could considering that her flats kept coming off of her feet due to that fact that they didn't have laces, she made it all of the way to the far end of the garden but no Tim was to be found.

Sheila's smile had turned into an expression of intense concentration as she scanned back and forth looking for any signs of movement or things that didn't fit. Heading back the opposite direction on her hands and knees she more slowly tried again. Eventually she made it back to her starting point and realized that this was much harder than she had expected.

So standing up as her knees were beginning to hurt from all of the pebbles and wood chips which also kept getting into her shoes she decided to surrender the game to him.

"Ok Tim, you win.. I can't find you. Come on out and we'll go back to the house." She offered. But there was no return reply.

Becoming nervous now she called out again but still... No reply.

Sheila began to sense that all was not well as she walked through the garden asking Tim to please come out with there never being any signs of him in return.

With one final plea she tried once more. "If you don't come out now, I'm going to get Wendy and she's going to be mad!" Yet still... Nothing.

Now Sheila was worried so decided to run back to the house and get Wendy as things had definitely taken a strange turn for the worse she rightly came to the conclusion of.

Wendy for her part was nearing the end of her report when she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Sheila who began whispering to her.

"Wendy I've lost Tim."

Wendy at first didnt' think too much of it so inquired.

"He's probably under the couch did you look there?"

Sheila; Uhm.. He's outside somewhere.

Wendy; What? What do you mean outside somewhere?

Wendy had put her hand over the receiver of the kitchen phone not wanting this very sensitive information to land in the wrong ear.

Sheila; He told me that he wanted to play Adventurer Hide and Seek like you all did in the garden all the time.

Wendy; Oh shit! You took him outside?

Sheila; Yeah, but he said that you all do it every day and asked me to do it with him too.

Wendy; Fuck! He's never allowed outside Sheila! What have you done??

Reality was now dawning on both of them as Wendy hurriedly said her goodbyes to the LPGO interviewer and hung up the phone.

If one were above they'd see two girls bickering and running outside to a garden where there was nothing left but vegetables and ants crawling around.

Sheila; He took off from right here but I can't find him.

Wendy; Tim.. Tim where are you are you ok? Come out now. I promise not to be angry.

Wendy was now getting a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Tim had lied to Sheila about going outside with her and playing some silly game. He was now missing which meant that he probably didn't want to be found or... Well she didn't want to think of the or right about now. Wendy could also see her internship go up in flames with this incident and at once knew that this was going to have to be done with some initial secrecy.

So doing just that she swore Sheila to it and recruited her to help her find him by any means necessary. In fact, she eventually remembered about the collar so figured this really wasn't going to be that hard once she had gotten a lock on him as there was no way he could be that far.

Wendy ordered Sheila to begin scouring the yard while she went and got her locating equipment.


The first insect that Tim saw as he ran with all of his might was an ant. It was the size of his forearm and scared the hell out of him. As did a earth worm that he ran past as well. There were crickets humming that gave him the creeps too. The sound being far louder and more penetrating than anything he had ever experienced before. And the further that he went west the deeper into the grass he got.

He finally went out of breath about 15 minutes into his hard sprint. At which point he began a brisk fast walk still wanting to hurry along. The ground or jungle began to incline upwards as he figured that he was reaching the fence of his back yard. And true to his suspicions it loomed up ahead. Looking back he couldn't see anyone but then again he couldnt' see the sky anymore anyhow due to the dense overgrowth of the grass.

Now that he had slowed down some he noticed the strong smell of earth and the smell of grass that reminded him of being in a hay field. It was also rather humid inside of this grass jungle with drops of moisture adhering to many of those grass stocks.. This would come in handy if he ran out of water he reckoned.

Coming up to a white fence board it was the size of the side of a house. Fortunately there was plenty of room for him to just bend down and walk underneath it which he did.

Now he was in no man's land he figured. Ahead was a big empty swath of forested land that he had played and explored several times in his youth. In the middle was a big dead oak tree. Perhaps there he could sleep for the night and then make his way back out into the neighborhood. He remembered an old girlfriend that might be able to come to his aid he reasoned or hoped. His plan hadn't gotten that far yet.

Tim was again traversing twigs, errant blades of grass, and dirt clods as he pondered these things. The rough ground began to slope sharply down into a shallow creek. Well it was shallow when he was a normal sized kid. Looking down the ravine seemed formidable and considered another route when he heard the booming voice of Sheila not far behind.

"Tim, where are you? Come back it's not safe out here!"

Tim shook his head and began the perilous downward journey to the creek. He held on to roots and slid down when he could. Finally with much effort he made it to the base of the ditch that had been carved by the creek.

By now he was exhausted and sweating profusely. Breathing heavily he backed up and sat on a common rock, removing his canteen from his pack. Tilting his neck back he took a big slurp and enjoyed the coolness of the water. It was when he reared back for the second one that he felt a sharp object make contact with his belly.

In shock he quickly straitened to see three grown men standing in front oh him. Each armed with a spear pointing straight at him.

"Looks like we've gotten ourselves a Domesticated one."

To which all three men heartily laughed.

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