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Author's Chapter Notes:

Tai Chi

Chapter 10

The two finished the Bounty Huntress show and Tim waited for the "Me and little Ray" reality show that he liked to begin.

A bellowing yawn was heard from behind as he absently viewed the commercials leading up to the show. He paid it no mind as the commercial announcements droned on.

When Wendy was finished she made a statement to her distracted charge below.

"I'm really tired and we should go to bed early tonight as I'm letting a friend come by to see you tomorrow. I'm supposed to supervise and educate her as to the proper handling and etiquette in first time contact with a Little Person. She's really eager to meet you and she's my best friend from school. Her name is Sheila."

Tim cringed in his irritation as he had no intentions of going to bed just yet. He adored this next sitcom coming up and had not missed an episode yet. But through the irritation it immediately dawned on him that soon he'd have another young Giantess pawing and fawning over him. The prospects of which unerved him some. This was not good he reckoned.

But first things first.

Tim, turned around slightly and flatly stated in his practiced elevated voice; "You go on ahead and go to sleep, I'm going to watch this episode and we'll talk about whether or not a another person knowing about me is a good idea tomorrow." At which Tim redirected his annoyed self back to the television as the opening credits to the sitcom had just begun.

"He, he, he,.. You talk as if you have a choice in the matter!" Wendy squeled with delight.

Time flushed with anger as he sensed a conflict coming and tried to just ignore her and focus on the show before him.

Then, out of no-where two fleshy walls closed in on him and he was sandwitched in between them. Tim was at once assaulted with the strong odor that he had smelt before and at once knew that this was not her hands, but none other than the soles of her big massive dangerous feet.

The two appendages parted for a second giving Tim light, air, and a view of the world past the toes one way, and past her smooth rounded heels the other.

Tim could hear more laughing from above. He looked at the wall to his right and he could see the skin print grooves on the pads of her soles. He saw dust lining their entire surface with globs of compacted dirt here and there undoubtedly collected from either her flip flops or walking bare earlier in the day. The heady odor of sweat, leather, and flesh assaulted his nose as he inhaled the rank scent.

Then the walls slapped shut again crushing him between them. They gave just enough to allow his body to impress into them like a mold, but yielded no more than a few of his inches, trapping him within. His face now feeling the sticky sweat as did the rest of his body.  The heat of her soles began warming him at once.

Then he had the sensation of being lifted as they traveled up into the air, like some massive crane they pivoted and moved him in a new direction stopping for the slightest moment before parting again. The sweat almost making him adhere to one of the soles. But only this time there was no floor underneath them. Only a good 10 foot drop to the couch surface which he indeed did do.

Tim hit the cloth surface and even bounced before coming back down again. He had no warning or even a chance to take another breath before a new wall of flesh slammed down upon his back trapping him to the cushioned surface. The wall then contracted as the fingers compressed him into her palm. He was then lifted once again to Wendy's billboard face which had a dismissive expression upon it.

"Now, now, Little People must do what Big People say and this Big Person says that it's time for us to go to bed. Let this serve as another lesson that you do not always get your way anymore!"

Tim was about to shout every obscenity that he had ever known had it not been for the fact that her fingers constricted again taking the air right out of his lungs entrapping him within her hand cave.

Now Tim felt her body leave the couch and begin towards the stairs. She carried him in that demeaning sort of way once again to drive home her point. Tim would swing within the confines of her hand too and fro as she casually walked the distance to his room.

And within a few seconds they were there and he could hear the drawer door of his room being opened by her brute strength. He was lowered and then dropped inside upon his makeshift nylon bed which abborbed the impact of his short fall.

"We'll be getting up early to do your physical exercises before Sheila get's here. Then we'll visit with her for a while." Was all that Tim heard as his room was quickly slid back into place damping out all of the light leaving him in pitch darkness.

Tim had many feelings and emotions to process. He was angered at being denied one of his favorite shows. He was humiliated by being handled in such a nondignified way. To make matters worse, this was a stark contrast to how she had treated him the day before.. Was she a psychotic after all? And he was sad too that he really couldn't do anything about it.... Yet..

But all of the manhandling had left him a bit stimulated truth be known. As Tim heard the Giantess moving back and forth outside of the thick wooden walls, prepping herself for bed he shamelessly pulled another sock over himself for warmth and reached for his penis.


The morning came with his world being moved out from underneath the dresser that used to be his.. Bright light shined in forcing him to squint in order to see.

"Time to get up Tim we've got a lot going on today. We're going to start with an aerobics work out to get loosened up for my friend as I'm sure she'll want to handle you so you'd better be as limber as possible. And besides, it's a program that the LPGO asks that I do with you each morning so we've got to do it so that I can check it off of our list."

And with that her massive hand blotted out the light and crashed into his torso with fingers following to be wrapped around his body only to lift him up and out into a world of Giants.  Her palm pushing his morning wood against his groin un-noticed he hoped.

Tim only had his boxers on as he was set in front of the mound of Little People cloths that were provided to him by the LPGO folks.

"Grab some work out shorts and a t-shirt Tim. I'll put the DVD into the player while you change.  I'll take some of those cloths downstairs too and place them on the counter so that you can change again after our work-out and bath."

Tim looked around bewildered. Not only was he forced out of bed but now he was about to be forced into an exercise routine. Standing half naked he figured he might as well get dressed even though anger burned inside his empty stomach.  "When will I eat?" he wondered.

He found some running red tennis shoes, some blue trunks, and a white wife beater tank top. As he finished pulling the shirt over his head he was to discover that her hand was already parked beside him only to scoop him and a gob of his unused cloths up and wisk him down into the living room.

This time she was a lot more gentle with him and even allowed him to lay on his belly and look down over the ledge of her palm as they descended the stairs. With each step he marveled at how far the ground was below and how fast they were moving.

Wendy for her part had on a black spandex leotard that fit her skin tight. She looked very well defined and he could see her pubescent breasts poking out throught skin tight material.

Tim also noticed that he hadn't urinated yet so called up to Wendy as she was setting him down upon the floor.

"Wendy I've got to piss. I know that your babie dolls don't ever have to but I do first thing every moring." Wendy gasped at her oversight and immediately produced a sewing thimble from his mother's craft desk.

"Here use this I'm going to get started so hurry up!"

Tim for his part hurried below and around the leg of the coffee table that sat in front of the sofa and started doing his business. Looking back at the Television while he released his blatter.

The exercise show was featuring a well built middle aged Asian lady dressed much like Wendy was, in fact it was an identical match of clothing, within a room, with her back to a wall, telling a captive audience to repeat after her. The amazing thing was that there were at least 75-100 Little People before her in various colors of exercise clothing moving to her commands and mimicking everything that she did. There was a LPGO logo across the upper left hand of the screen too as if this was their very own work out program for little people.

Tim finished and left the thimble full of urine next to the leg figuring that she could just stub her toe on it later if he was lucky, and trotted out to where Wendy was enthusiastically following along. Wendy in the tight close fitting suit looked extremely statuesque as she swayed her arms and legs this way and that.

"Right there!" She pointed. Tim's head swiveled to a work-out mat built to his size about 2 human feet away from Wendy on the floor. Shaking his head he walked over and stood upon it and felt the floor boards move as Wendy's tonnage of weight buckled them with each kick and swing. "Watch and do what she does." Came a booming voice from above. Jogging him from the dangerous view of her pink socked feet slamming in rhythm to the instructor.

Tim looked back at the screen and began to mimic her moves which weren't as easy to follow as they first appeared. But after a few minutes he finally began to follow in synch and even managed to break a sweat. Forgetting that there was a Giantess jumping back and forth who could accidently turn him into paste with the slightest misstep.

This went on for another 15 minutes until the Asian lady slowed and changed the momentum to a type of tai chi with everyone else following along like it was the most normal thing to do. Tim found himself trying as well however clumsily.

Every now and then Tim found himself looking over at the monstrous feet that had roughed him up only the night before. They moved with limber grace attached to the body that seemed well adapted to these strange oriental manuevers that they both followed along doing.

Finally the work-out segment ended only to have the smiling instructor bend down and pick a few of the people up as if they were her personal pets and begin petting them of all things.

Tim warmed with anger once again. How demeaning to be plucked off of the floor by a stranger only to be finger stroked as if you were a kitten or puppy. But regardless of his feellings Wendy mercifully turned off the program and informed him that it was time for both of them to wash up as Sheila was due in about an half hour's time.

Tim was carried over to the counter that had a lot of his new cloths where Wendy instructed him to pick out a jump suit for the festivities so that he could weather the storm of being handled by a newbie she thoughtfully indicated. She quickly returned with his bath tub of sorts and placed it near him.

So Tim quickly washed up in a plastic eating bowl of warm sudsy water as Wendy did upstairs like a normal person would. And quickly towling off he ventured over to the clothing mound. As he knew that within them there might be a survival back-pack that Wendy had informed him about a couple of days prior. This was to be taken with Little People if they were to go on trips with their Guardians in case they ever became separated for some drastic reason.   After some quick digging, mercifully it was there!

The back-pack was fully stocked with food rations, and a few canteens of distilled water. It even had some cooking utensils with a single person tent. Just about everything that a camping pack should have.

Tim took the pack and separated it from the clothing mound and placed it near the ledge of the counter that contained most of the LPGO equipment. This was going to be important later on he figured.

Just as he finished putting on his jumpsuit when the the door bell rang which was what he'd been waiting for... The beginnings of his master plan.

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