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Home of all my chapter long stories. Each story is given a series of ratings, warnings, and tags in the chapter notes in the beginning of each story so that you know what your getting into. If a story is requested enough times it may get a sequal or its own fully fleged story.



Rated: X
Categories: Adventure, Crush, Feet Characters: None
Growth: None
Shrink: Nano (1/2 in. to 2.5 nanometers)
Size Roles: F/m
Warnings: Following story may contain inappropriate material for certain audiences
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Completed: No
Word count: 10526 Read: 25077
Published: June 26 2013 Updated: May 27 2014
Story Notes:

I'm not sure how to use the new tagging system so if somebody would let me know that would be awesome. Also seeing as I don't know what kind of stories i'm going to put in here I just left the rating at X.

1. A Day in the Shrunken life by Amateur Wordsmith [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1788 words)

Description: a shrunken man takes us through a normal day in his life.

Tags: crush, feet, and Adventure.

Size: micro man, and normal sized girl.

Warnings: this story is pure foot smut.


2. The World’s Worst Giantess Story Ever by Amateur Wordsmith [Reviews - 12] starstarstarstarstar (2210 words)


Description: A joke story meant to poke fun at some of the many lower quality stories on this site, my own stories included. No offense intended.

Tags: Vore, shrunken man, feet, insertion, breastplay, Instantly shrunk,

Size: Shrunken man, Normal sized girl, and one giant man (for about 2 lines)

Warnings: This is a JOKE so no angry comments I won't listen to them.

3. A Well Deserved Fate by Amateur Wordsmith [Reviews - 1] starstarstarhalf-star (4094 words)

Description: This story occurs just before the events of The Graduation Gift which you can find here.     http://www.giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=3373

Tags: Feet, crush, Ass

Size: Shrunken man, and two normal sized girls

Warnings: Not a happy ending.


4. Story four: The Worst Giantess Story Ever 2: The Unnecessary Sequel Nobody Asked For by Amateur Wordsmith [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (2434 words)

Description: Why are you reading this? It’s not as good as the first one so why bother

Tags: giantess, growing women, new world order, Honda civics, shrinking man, crush, vore, feet, scat, who honestly cares it’s a parody.

Size: One normal sized guy, one giant sized girl and one asshole author

Warnings: This is a parody. Any negative reviews that are not legitimate critiques will be deleted. Also before you do anything "i didn't think this was funny, therefore 1 star" is not a legitimate critique.