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A trolley was pushed into the room by a young woman dressed in a uniform reminiscent of a hotel bell captain.  The interior shelves of the trolley contained bottles of liquor, gourmet snacks, and samples of illicit tobacco.  On top was a mahogany box, an intricately-carved cylinder beneath a smooth dome.

The woman brought the trolley to rest in front of the man, who remained seated.  She released a latch on the box and slid the dome up and into a recess inside the base, revealing the interior to the man.

“Your selection, sir,” she said.

He put down his drink and stood up to look down into the box.  As the woman refilled his glass, he reached inside the wooden container.  Even from his distant vantage point, Marco could hear the jaked woman screaming before the man lifted her struggling nude form out.

“That will be all,” the man said to the uniformed woman, who left closing the door behind her.

Marco was horror-struck, but then he remembered he was supposed to be gathering evidence, and he zoomed in with his imager.  He plainly recognized Kim Lightman from her medical record, futilely resisting the giant’s grip.  She was blonde and chesty, about half the size of a Barbie doll.

The man held Lightman before his face by her arms and gave her a big lick across her tits and face.  Then he stuck his tongue between her legs and ass crack.  He gave a grotesque moan and said, “You like that, doncha ya little bitch?”

The sound of her crying was cut off when he stuck her head-first into his mouth, with only her kicking legs remaining visible.  Chuckling with his mouth full, the man stood and lowered his pants to his ankles.  Then he exposed his dick, not quite erect.  He sat down and reclined, spreading his legs, then withdrew the gasping Lightman from his mouth.

“There it is, bitch,” said the man, dangling her upside down above his languid cock.  “You better live up to your billing.”

She shrieked as he jerked her upright in front of his face.  “Need more lube,” he said, then he spit an enormous loogie in her face.

He lowered his hand and let her slide down his belly, and she came to rest in the curly hair at the base of his stirring dick.  He clasped his hands behind his head and grinned at the tiny woman in his crotch, dripping with his saliva.

“Get to work, bitch,” he rumbled.  Lightman slowly stood and wrapped her body around the tree-trunk-sized cock, which had started bobbing with anticipation.  Her boobs were squeezed flat and to the sides as she pressed them against his shaft.  She pumped her body up and down his cock, and it swelled in response.

“Hump it,” he commanded.  “Get your legs into it.”  She pulled herself up and wrapped her legs around the bucking log, grinding her pussy into his flesh.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he mumbled, closing his eyes.  “Lick the head.  Put that whore’s mouth to work.”

When Lightman didn’t immediately respond, the man put a thumb on her ass and shoved her up until her face was against the tip of his cock.  She grabbed the head and licked it as broadly as she could.  He grunted when she rimmed his pisshole.

She thought he might come then, and he must have thought so too because he abruptly lifted her off his cock and slipped her underneath his balls.  She was on her back with her head pointed out, but his hairy ballsack lay on top of her like a hot, sweaty sea lion.

“Go ahead,” he said.  “Give ‘em a good squeeze.”  She flailed her arms around the floppy skin, but she never found the purchase to apply any pressure.  One of her feet became wedged under his perineum, and her attempts to free it seemed to quicken his arousal.

“Fuck it,” said the man, reaching down and liberating Lightman from his taint.  Holding her upright across his palm, he pressed her against the underside of his cock and started jerking off.  His grip around her torso was so strong that she couldn’t breathe, and she tried pushing away from his shaft with all of her limbs.  He grunted approvingly.

As he started to cum, he slid her up and pressed her face into his pisshole.  As each spurt of jizz soaked her head, he shouted, “Eat it!”

When the man’s grip finally relaxed, Lightman was finally able to curl out of his hand and collapse on his thigh, trying to recover her wind.  He savored his orgasm for a while, then scooped the sticky, sobbing woman up to his face.  He licked her tits and her ass, then considered her for a moment.  He leaned over to the table and keyed the intercom.

“Yes, Senator?” answered Zhou’s voice.

“I want to eat her,” said Senator Kyle Bachmann of Arizona, keeping his eyes on the horrified woman in his fist.

“Excuse me?” said Zhou.

“Eat her.  You know, bite her tits off, chew her up, down she goes.”

“I’m sorry, Senator, but the terms of the agreement you signed clearly preclude any such damage to your selection.”

“I’ll cover the cost.”

“Out of the question.”

Bachmann clearly didn’t look like someone used to being thwarted.  “All right,” he said finally.  “I’ll be done in five.”  He terminated the call.

“Too bad, morsel,” he said to Lightman.  “Until next time.”  He lifted her up and dangled her above his open mouth, while she cried, “No!”

He lowered one of her kicking legs into his mouth and brought his teeth together on her thigh, leaving a bruise that would probably last weeks.  Then he put her whimpering back into the box.

Bachmann wiped himself off and pulled his pants up.  He finished his drink, and Marco thought Bachmann was also savoring the sounds of despair coming from the trolley.

Immediately after the Senator left, another uniformed woman entered the room.  Before she started tidying up, she shut the box on Lightman’s sobbing.  She finished cleaning in less than ten minutes and then wheeled the trolley out.

Marco didn’t have to wait long for the next customer.

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