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 A curvy olive-skinned woman with curly brown hair spilling down to her shoulders entered the room, followed immediately by a tall woman with short-cropped blond hair.  The brunette wore a slinky emerald dress that clung to her hips and barely contained her grapefruit-sized breasts.  The blonde wore a smart cobalt-blue pantsuit with a ruff that Marco supposed was fashionable.  Each woman held a cocktail in one hand the other’s waist in the other.

The blonde looked about the room, taking in the finery.  “Very nice,” she said.  “Sofia, you shouldn’t have.”

The brunette beamed up at her companion.  “My dear Kiki, I promised you a night to remember, and I always keep my promises.”

They settled into the chairs with their drinks.  The hostess returned with the trolley and opened the box.  Kiki started to get up, but Sofia motioned her to keep her seat while the hostess refilled their glasses.  When at last the hostess had left, Kiki walked over to the trolley and looked into the box.

“Ah,” she said, slowly exhaling.  Sofia put her drink down and joined Kiki.

“Let’s have a closer look,” said Sofia.  Kiki reached into the box and withdrew a muscular dark-skinned jaked man who Marco ID’d as Donte LaFontaine.  She stood him on her open palm, and he held his hands in front of his crotch.

“Oh, we can’t have that,” said Sofia, nudging his hands away.  She lifted his cock with her fingertip.

“Almost as big as Reggie’s, eh, Keeks?” she said.  Kiki chuckled.  Sofia puckered her plump lips and slowly exhaled into Donte, stirring his dick to life.

“Ooh,” said Kiki, “he likes you.”  She plucked him by the forearm and let him dangle in front of Sofia’s divinely enormous face, his cock and balls swinging in the warm breeze.

Donte looked down into the canyon of Sofia’s cleavage. Subjectively, each of her tits was the size of a train car and likely had as much inertia.  Kiki noted his gaze.

“Of course you like Sofie’s boobs,” she said.  “Everyone does.”  Sofia smiled as she watched Kiki lower Donte between the slopes of warm flesh.  He extended his arms across the tops of her massive mammaries, sinking up to his chest and facing out from the balcony of her bosom.

Sofia smiled down at her pectoral passenger.  “Safe and snug,” she cooed.  She reached up to pull Kiki’s face into hers.  They held each other’s gaze for a beat, then Kiki closed her eyes and pressed her mouth into Sofia’s.

Kiki enfolded the shorter woman into her arms.  Sofia bent back, hooking a calf around Kiki’s legs.  Kiki’s lower jaw worked greedily, but there was no end to Sofia.

When at last they broke off, Kiki looked down to see that Donte had vanished.  “Where’d he go?” she asked.

“He’s still in there, I think,” said Sofia, fishing between her tits without result.

“Well, let’s get that dress off and find him,” said Kiki, walking behind her for the zipper.  She lifted the dress up and off, revealing Sofia’s dramatic hourglass figure, but Donte was nowhere to be seen.

Sofia’s bra was a miracle of structural engineering, employing the same nanofibers used in the space elevator.  Kiki kneeled and held her hands open underneath as Sofia unclasped her bra from the front.  Donte fell sweaty and gasping into Kiki’s palm.

“Don’t worry, buddy,” said Kiki.   “We all had the same reaction the first time with Sofie’s funbags.”  Sofia tisked, affecting offense.

Either despite his near suffocation or perhaps because of it, Donte’s member stood out stiff a full half-inch.  Sofia noted Kiki’s stare.

“Try not to gag this time,” Sofia said playfully.

“Piss off,” replied Kiki, smiling ruefully.  She sat down in a chair and leaned her head back then dropped Donte on her face, taking his miniscule rod between her sofa-sized lips.  He pushed his torso up off her nose, but she placed a finger on his lower back, pinning his pelvis at her mouth.

Kiki wore no lipstick, but Sofia had left some of hers behind and now it stained Donte’s chest and thighs.  Kiki’s tongue had lost none of it industry, and soon Donte’s tiny ass bucked against her finger as he shot 0.25 ccs of cum down her throat.

She lifted him off her face, sat up, curled her fingers around his torso, and swallowed.  She smacked her lips and arched an eyebrow at him, smiling.

“There,” she said.  “Now, you’re going to take care of my Sofie, right?”

Donte nodded.  She stood and walked over to the bed where Sofia had stripped off all her clothes and laid down on her back.  Her impossibly large jugs drooped on either side of her chest.  Her brown tummy rolled in plush folds down to the curly patch that neatly carpeted her mons.  As Kiki and Donte approached, Sofia spread her legs and grappled her tits.

Kiki sat at the foot of the bed and leaned forward between Sofia’s legs, holding Donte by his chest between her thumb and forefinger.

“Stiffen up,” she told him.  “Arms at your sides.”  He complied, pointing his toes as well.  With one hand she pulled Sofia’s pussy lips open and with the other she slowly inserted the tiny man feet first into her lover’s cunt.  When only his head and shoulders were visible, she let go of both the jaked man and Sofia’s lips, which closed about his neck.

“Breathing all right?” she asked him.  He appeared to nod.  She stared at him for almost a minute.

“You alright, Keeks?” asked Sofia.

“It’s just...to be neck deep in your twat, it would almost be worth being jaked.”


Kiki pouted at Sofia.  Looking back at Donte, she leaned down and whispered, “You’re one lucky bastard.”

She stood up and quickly removed her clothes, revealing her pale freckled skin, plum-sized breasts, and round ass.  She walked to the side of the bed and climbed on near Sofia’s shoulders.

“Can you feel him?” she asked.

“Oh, yes,” replied Sofia.  “It’s just like I imagined.  I can even feel his thing, I think.”

“I’m so jealous.”

“Come here, baby,” she said, pulling Kiki’s shaved pussy down onto her face, nuzzling Kiki’s clit with her nose.  Kiki put her arms on the wall above Sofia’s head, then shut her eyes.  She started moaning and slowly bucking her pelvis back and forth.  Sofia alternated between squeezing Kiki’s ass and fondling her own boobs.

Sofia’s legs closed and opened, her round brown ass cheeks clenching on the sheets.  Kiki’s moaning turned into a shriek, and she slapped the wall as Sofia drove her tongue ever upward.

Kiki sat back and pulled her pussy away from Sofia’s mouth.  She looked down and saw Sofia’s breaths coming quicker.  She felt Sofia’s hands drop away from her ass and drive into the mattress.  After the familiar tension had drained from Sofia’s face and her breathing returned to normal, Kiki dismounted the bed and walked over to Sofia’s crotch.

Donte’s head was still visible, but Kiki couldn’t tell if he was breathing.  She gently slid him out, licked Sofia’s juices off his face, and heard him inhale.

“He made it,” she said to Sofia, who had sat up.  Sofia collected him from Kiki, cupping him in her hand.

“What a trooper!” she cheered.  She kissed his whole head, then hugged her tits together and lay the tiny spelunker on top of them.  She resumed bathing him in her hot breath, now accented with the taste of Kiki.

“You’re not done, are you?” she asked Kiki finally.  Kiki shook her head.

Sofia held Donte before her face.  “I’ll tell you a little secret:  Keeks here likes it in the ass.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, Sohf,” snorted Kiki.

“It’s true.  Of course, only I get to do it these days.  You’ll be the first man in her poop chute in almost four years.”

“You’re not serious,” Kiki said to Sofia.

“I most certainly am,” replied Sofia, lying down.  “Assume the position.”

Kiki sighed, then got on the bed on her hands and knees, her ass spread above Sofia’s head.  She took several slow, yoga-like breaths.

Sofia dunked Donte in her mouth, coating him toe-to-chest in her saliva.  Then she reached up, spread one of Kiki’s ass cheeks and fit Donte’s feet to Kiki’s anus.

“Once more into the breach, my little soldier,” she said, working his legs and then his hips into Kiki’s asshole.

“Just relax, Keeks,” she said.  “He’s skinner than my strap-on.”

Donte tried to keep is arms free, but Sofia firmly tucked them into the brown sphincter, his anal captivity ending just below his rib cage.  As Sofia released it, Kiki’s ass cheek closed about Donte’s head, plunging him into pungent shadow.

Kiki lowered herself onto Sofia in a classic 69.  Sofia looked straight up into Kiki’s crack, noting the silhouette of Donte’s head and shoulders.  “I’ve got my eye on him, Keeks.”

Kiki went to work on Sofia’s snatch, as if eager to demonstrate the benefits of her experience with Sofia’s womanhood.  Sofia’s tongue pushed and probed, sending tremors through Kiki’s viscera that rocked Donte’s rectal cocoon.

Kiki’s mastery of Sofia’s clitoral predilections soon transported Sofia beyond earthly concerns.  Sofia’s mouth sucked Kiki’s pussy as if she were trying to give her an enormous hickey.  Her back arched off the bed and her nose rammed into Kiki’s ass.  Kiki grunted and then inhaled with a long, loud hiss.

Sofia fell back, drained.  Then she noticed that Kiki had frozen, her limbs tense.  “What’s wrong, baby?” asked Sofia.

“He stopped moving.”

“Well, of course he can’t move.  He’s up your ass.”

“No, he’s not moving at all.  Before he was squirming, but not anymore.”

Sofia sat up and pulled Kiki’s ass open.  Donte’s head and shoulders were still outside her asshole, but his eyes seemed to be closed.

“Stay relaxed, Kiki; I’ll get him out.”  She delicately tugged on his shoulders, then slid him out into her palm.  He was limp and lifeless.

“Is he alright?” asked Kiki, alarmed.  When Sofia didn’t reply, she spun around and looked into Sofia’s hand.  Kiki started to cry.

“Hush, baby,” said Sofia.  “It was my idea and I’ll take care of everything.”

“It’s so much money!” sobbed Kiki.

Sofia put Donte’s body on the bed and took Kiki’s head in her hands.

“Look at me, Keeks,” she said.  “I said I’ll take care of it.  The money’s nothing compared to you.”

Kiki embraced Sofia, who pressed Kiki’s face to her chest.  “Mama’s gonna make it all right.  I always do, don’t I?"

After they had composed themselves and gotten dressed, Sofia keyed the intercom.

“Yes?” answered Zhou.

“There’s been an accident,” said Sofia.

A pause.  “I’ll be right there.  Don’t move anything.”

Zhou arrived less than a minute later.  “How did it happen?” she asked after poking Donte’s corpse.

“I put him in my ass,” said Sofia.  “I guess I squeezed too hard,” admitting liability but no remorse.

“You are familiar with the terms of service you signed?"

“I’d like to see you try and enforce it in court,” hissed Kiki.  Sofia held up her hand.

“Please disregard that,” said Sofia.  “Of course we will comply with the terms of the agreement.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” said Zhou.  “Please follow me to make the arrangements.”

After Zhou, Sofia, and Kiki had left, the hostess returned to change the linen and tidy up.  Marco noticed that instead of returning Donte to the box she dropped him in the plastic bag where she had emptied the trash can.

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