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Priyanka’s room was almost certainly less tidy than then last time she admitted a lover, but then again, it wasn’t Marco’s first visit.  She strode to the foot of the bed and laid his still-trembling form on the sheets, the stood straight before him.

She watched his tiny face below as she deliberately but quickly unbuttoned her chemise and pulled it off, shaking her hair free from the collar.  Then she pulled her pants over her hips, and as she stooped to lift her legs out, she saw that Marco had gotten to his feet and was staring at her with unabashed awe.

Dropping her pants into a chair, Priyanka turned away from Marco and reached behind her back to unfasten her bra.  Keeping her back to him, she revealed her ass as she peeled her underwear off and tossed them with the rest of her clothes.  Only then did she place her hands on her hips and turn around to look down upon the three-inch-tall man on her bed.

Marco was utterly possessed by the skyscraper-sized woman standing over him.  He had been in close proximity to Priyanka’s breasts from the moment he met her, but now he had his first good look at them.  They hung over him with their massive slopes and succulent peaks, twin hillocks he longed to summit.  As mesmerizing as her tits were, his gaze lingered on them for only a couple of seconds before it fell to her crotch.

Slightly more than half the women of Marco’s experience had shaved the hair between their legs, and for no reason he could explain he had expected Priyanka to have done likewise.  He was therefore surprised to see her modest but thick and definitely untrimmed bush surrounding her pussy as it loomed over his head.  She widened her stance slightly to admit a sliver of light between the curves of her inner thighs and the outline of her nether lips.  Without his realizing it, Marco’s hand had drifted to his cock.

Priyanka had noticed it, of course, and she bent at the waist, pulling her pussy away and bringing her face down in front of Marco.  His hand dropped away and his head snapped up.  She grinned broadly and blew a sharp puff of air at him, knocking him on his ass.

She waited until he had propped himself up on one elbow, then she stood up over him again.  In her view he was framed between her breasts, and she turned right then left, alternately obscuring him with each boob.  Relishing his regard, Priyanka positively sashayed as she walked to the head of the bed and climbed onto the mattress, getting on her hands and knees facing Marco.

He was buffeted when she got on the bed, but harmlessly so.  She came for him, her hair and face looming above him, her breasts dangling ponderously, and beyond was the arch formed by her mighty thighs and her enticing pussy.

Priyanka stretched out her legs behind her, lowered her abdomen to the bed, and rested her remaining weight on her elbows, her hands on either side of Marco.  Her head was now directly over him, filling his entire sky.  He reclined his head on one arm to look up into her eyes, and he draped his other arm on a crooked leg.

“I’m all yours,” he shouted.

“Oh, yes,” she purred. 

She breathed deeply, wondering how long she could wait, enjoying the sight of his thighs, cock, and shoulders, before she would take the next step.

He lowered his gaze to her breasts, swaying before him just a few steps away.  He suspected that, if he acted on instinct and slipped himself between the warm walls of her cleavage, she would probably pin him between her tits, or even lower her chest entirely onto the mattress.  Before he could think twice about it, he scrambled to his feet and leapt onto the back of her hand.

Priyanka watched this exercise with bemusement, delighted to see Marco’s legs flex and his ass churn.  His tiny footfalls raised goose bumps on her forearm, and she gasped at the tug she felt when he grabbed several strands of her hair to help him scale her upper arm.  He disappeared into her hair and she felt him reach her shoulder and approach her ear.

“Priyanka, you’re beautiful and terrifying, and I need to tell you something,” he said.  “If I die tonight—and I well might—know that I will die the happiest man on earth.”

“That’s sweet, Marco,” she whispered.  “But I won’t let you die.  Not ‘till I’m ready.”

He found the tenderest part of her earlobe and bit it as hard as he could.

“Ai!” she exclaimed, louder than she probably should have.  “What else are you prepared to do?”

Keeping a secure hold on her hair, he plunged further into her sweet mane and made his way to the back of her neck.  To minimize his pulling, she lay her head down on the bed.  He took in her scents for another minute, then set off walking along her backbone toward her ass.  He stopped again when he reached the base of her spine to survey the curves of her ass that rose as high as his head.  He climbed one cheek partway then threw himself face down onto the soft mound, his arms trailing in the crack.

Priyanka could feel that Marco’s cock had reawoken.  She emitted a skeptical “hmmf.”

He pulled himself over the crest of her derriere and rolled into the crevasse, his head deep between her cheeks and his feet closest to her asshole.  She couldn’t see much looking over her shoulder, but her sensitive skin told her all she needed to know.  Finally, she gave into the urge to clench him with her buttocks.

To Marco it was a landslide of flesh, almost knocking the wind out of him.  She released him after only about three seconds, but when he didn’t immediately extricate himself she closed her cheeks about him again.  Entombed in Priyanka’s ass, Marco was deluged with odors both sweet and funky.  Unable to move his limbs, he clamped his mouth onto the deepest part of her crack and sucked and bit and sucked, giving her the most intense hickey he could.

She felt him latch on like a leech, and reflexively she clenched her butt even tighter.  Then she relaxed and closed her eyes, concentrating on his stinging bite.  Keeping his suction going, he extended his now-free limbs to spread her ass open slightly.  His leg probed downward, and when he finally pulled his mouth out of her crack, he slipped his foot into her asshole.

Priyanka’s sphincter reacted before she could, closing about Marco’s foot.  He then felt her whole body shift and her ass lifted into the air as she got on her hands and knees.  He freed his foot by jumping out of her ass and dropping to the bed.

He watched her crotch, belly, and breasts heave over him as she sat back on her legs.  Standing before her knees on the bed, he looked up past her thighs, bush, midriff, and tits to find her expectant face.  He hoped she could read his sheepish smile.

“Okay,” she declared, “let’s do this.”  She scooped him up in her fist and swung her legs out in front of her, propping pillows behind her head and back.  She lay back, spread her legs and bent her knees.  Finally, she stood Marco on her abdomen just above her navel.

After both their recent exertions, Priyanka’s stomach wasn’t the most secure footing for Marco.  Standing with his arms out for balance, he looked across the plain of her torso to her smoldering face, which was again framed by her tempting breasts.  He thought about climbing them, humping them, even crawling underneath them.  But then he turned away from them, because he knew what she wanted.

As he waded into the thicket of her pubic hair, he was overcome by the salty scent of her lust.  He trailed his hands through her curls and brought his fingers to his nose to draw in her taste.

Without realizing it, Priyanka held her breath as she felt his tiny feet stepping into her crotch.  He walked to one side of her pussy, and as he put out a hand to touch her raised thigh, her leg trembled.  He disappeared from her view as he slid down alongside her pussy onto the bed.  She grabbed a small bolster and wedged it between her feet to keep her legs from closing.  She then selected a small mirror and propped it up against the bolster to give her a clear view of Marco and his labors.

If he had stopped to reflect upon it, the sight before Marco probably would have paralyzed him with religious awe.  Priyanka’s vulva, forested with musky fur, swelled above him.  Her inner lips were open to him, slick and beckoning.  At the top, a glistening cowl sheathed her clit.  Through her bush beyond he could see her left hand cupping her breast, and above it all her trusting smile and hungry eyes.

Losing himself to desire, he shouldered his body between her lips, plunging his head into the sultry darkness and wildly exploring her interior walls with his arms and hands.  Licking and kissing with abandon, he drank deeply and greedily of her.  Completely unconsciously, he slipped a foot inside and started thrusting his cock along the folds.

When he withdrew his head to take a breath, Marco noticed that Priyanka’s right hand had arrived and begun to massage her clit.  He stepped fully onto the lower ledge of her vagina and, with all the strength in his good arm, punched her fingers away from her exposed nub.

Priyanka had been entranced watching his progress in the mirror.  In particular, she couldn’t get enough of the sight of his thighs straining and his ass pumping against her sex.  She didn’t awaken to the purpose of his ascent up her mound until she felt her fingers evicted.  She gasped, but she couldn’t see his face, and so she brought her right hand up to join her left in stroking her nipples.

Having her animal bud to himself, Marco reached up under the retracted hood and hauled himself up, embracing the tender horn of flesh and nerves.  Opening his mouth as wide as he could, he kissed and licked and sucked her pulsing clit.  As he fellated her, he drew his lower trunk and legs up and into her canal, his outstretched feet and stiffened shaft tracing his rhythms on her upper walls.

As soon as she saw his legs disappear into her, her breaths became shorter and more rapid.  In the mirror she saw his head go to work on her, then she closed her eyes and gave herself over to the ministrations of the tiny man risking life and limb to bring her to the precipice of pleasure.  And then he pushed her over.

Her crooning howl started deep in her chest and escaped her throat before she heard it coming.  Her hands dropped to the bed and clutched the sheets.  Her feet buckled the bolster as her legs tried to clamp together.  Her belly and thighs rippled with bliss.  When she came down, she noticed that she could no longer feel Marco.

She sat up and spied him on the bed just outside her pussy.  He was on his back, wiping his face.  She scooped him up and held him before her face.

“Are you alright?  Did I hurt you?” she asked.

“Never better,” he shouted.  “Just lost my grip.  Let’s keep going.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes!  Let’s go!”  He couldn’t keep the insistence out of his voice.  She dabbed his throbbing cock with the tip of her tongue and smiled.

“Okay,” she said, laying back and letting him down between her legs.  She tried to slow her breathing down, and she grasped the backs of her thighs to keep her legs apart (she hoped).  Then she looked at the mirror to watch him renew his endeavor.

There was one thing Marco wanted to do while he still had all his faculties.  He stepped between her lips, bent forward and reached into her tunnel with his arms and head, then with legs propelled his upper body deep into her.  She was much more slippery now, and it was easy for him to pull himself all the way inside her.  The last she saw of him in the mirror were his shimmying feet as her pussy engulfed him whole.

It was hot, humid, and dark.  Her heartbeat and breath sounds enclosed him like a living sea.  Her muscular walls contracted and relaxed to draw him deeper into her cunt.  He lay on his back and thrust his legs straight up and stiff, then vigorously scuffed his feet back and forth across the slick and heaving membrane.  A tremor bucked beneath him, and he felt her moan resonate through her bowels.  He arched his back and flexed his limbs to their fullest extent, pushing back against the muscles that tried to constrict him.  Then he curled up and, like a relay swimmer, flipped over and kicked off from her cervix, crawling toward the light.

Again, Priyanka found herself holding her breath as she watched first Marco’s hands then his head emerge from her inflamed pussy.  He pulled his shoulders and chest out and once more grappled her erect bud.  He didn’t suck her clit but rather used it as an anchor as he slid his resolute frame in and out of her.  His cock found a pucker in her folds that yielded to it with each probe.

Priyanka’s fingers dug into her thighs as she held her legs open.  Her inner lips felt his shoulders and back straining to push his body into her and then haul it back out.  Then his arms stopped pulling, his legs spasmed, and she knew he was cumming inside her.

After a few seconds, he resumed penetrating her, but now he alternated folding his legs and kicking them against her upper walls or scissor-kicking to the sides.  She began to arch her back and lifted her ass off the bed.  He must have heard her whimpering, and he sped up his thrusts.  As the wave of ecstasy began to build again in her legs, she shut her eyes and moaned with each accelerating breath.  She released her thighs, threw an arm over her head and thrust her other hand into her crotch.  She put a finger on each of Marco’s shoulders and shoved him deeper into her cunt than he had gone before.

Furiously rubbing her clit and plunging her fingers into her twat, Priyanka finished herself off with a wrenching flood of joy.  Her toes curled into the sheets and she turned her head and keened into the pillow.  She reopened her legs and gingerly fished him out, laying him between her breasts.  He rolled onto his hands and knees, gasping like a shipwrecked sailor.

“That was some fancy footwork, mister,” she said when he had finished sputtering.  He sat back against the soft slope of her breast.

“It was nothing compared to what you did to me with your tongue,” he replied.

“Nevertheless, Marco, I am very glad to have made your acquaintance”

“The pleasure was mine, ma’am.  Any time you feel like doing this again, you let me know.”

And then he finally passed out.

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