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Author's Chapter Notes:

I would like to make it known that I finally have a good idea about where I want to take the series this story is a part of.

that means I can start making progress faster and upload new stories as well, so look foward to those.




“Inspire me.” Paige said coquettishly, placing the device in her pocket while twirling her long red hair around in her hand lazily.

Kevin was speechless. Just moments ago he had surrendered his freedom to Paige; He had given up everything that made him a man, and had sworn absolute obedience to her. With just a few words and a display of absolute power she had somehow managed to coerce him into becoming her personal slave.

 As he attempted to once again internally deal with the reality that his life was just a form of cheap entertainment, he looked down away from her unable to even work up the nerve to make eye contact. She was too powerful, Just the presence of her in front of him made him feel as though his very soul was being crushed by her absolute authority over him.

               “Ok… somebody’s a liiiiittle traumatized by their little near-death experience” she said, casually commenting on his silence.

“But that’s ok. Y’know why it’s ok? Because all I need you to do for now is to climb on my shoe” she said reassuringly as she stretched her toes inside the tight soccer cleat causing the rope sized fibers of the sweaty black knee-high sock to stretch releasing rock sized pieces of dirt from in between the fibers and onto the floor.

Kevin dejectedly looked down towards the ground. His face filled with indecision as he contemplated her orders. “What did she mean by inspiration? What the hell does she need me for? And why does she want me to do these things?” he thought to himself.   

“Don’t be scared Kevin, unlike Priya I’m not going to torture you, even though you do deserve it.” she reasoned calmly, attempting to ease his anxiety.

“All I want from you is a little help with something personal.” she said sympathetically before moving her shoe right in front of him.

The huge wall of black and pink moved towards him quickly smashing through piles of dried mud and grass that had fallen off of the gargantuan shoe. Then suddenly it stopped completely in front of him the tip of her shoe pointed down towards the ground to allow for easy access.

“She’s serious.” Kevin thought to himself surprised by the strangeness and the lack of cruelty in her orders. Looking forward at the worn shoe he observed the deep cuts in the rubber and leather of the cleat. Thousands of scar-like battle wounds streaked across the powerful shoe. Pieces of the binding were coming loose, and stress folds hade formed around the area where the joints of her toes sat.

“Go on. Get on top and hold on tight” she said casually pointing to a spot on top of her shoe before flashing him a warm smile.

Kevin was deeply afraid, but at the same time happy that someone wasn’t trying to hurt him. He stretched out one arm and ran it across the scarred surface of the shoe; her subtle movements vibrated his entire arm and reminded him of the reality that if she so desired she could easily kill him. Then grabbing onto two particularly deep cuts he pushed of the ground and began to climb.

The more he climbed the more his mind was put to ease, and he soon found that he had the will to speak again.

“Paige what exactly are you going to do with me?” he spoke meekly as he approached the edge of the laces.

“It doesn’t matter what it is because I know you’re going to do it anyways” she said, her voice sounding as if she was speaking to a child. Then with the precision and grace that only an athlete could manage she stood up fully without moving the foot he was on.

“Don’t worry though, like I said I don’t plan on hurting you. I can’t have my new little pet get injured now can I.” She said as she started to walk.

“Well it’s just that…” Kevin’s words failed him as the shoe suddenly lurched forward throwing him on top of one of the tattered laces. Almost by instinct at this point he grabbed onto the rope-like fibers of the fraying shoelace; wrapping his arm around the thread and tucking himself halfway beneath the thick shoelace.

               “Don’t worry I’ll go nice and slow” she giggled excitedly from high above taking her first step towards the door.

               Kevin held on tight as he saw the pale and black pendulum of Paige’s other leg swing forward before landing with a loud thunder in the distance that shook the entire floor. Seeing how much distance she covered in one step instantly suppressed any thoughts of running away. After all even if he tried he was sure now that escape was impossible. He didn’t have much time to dwell on running away because almost instantly after she took her first step he felt an enormous force pushing him from behind.

               “What the fuck!” Kevin screamed in fear as Paige’s foot took off the ground like a plane, throwing him back against a wall of leather. The air blew past his face, and he felt for a moment like he was flying. Then suddenly her foot began to quickly descend landing harshly on the ground, throwing him up into the air for a moment. Taking the time to observe his surroundings Kevin saw that he was right next to the door.

“She covered more ground in one step than I did running at a full sprint” Kevin observed as he looked around for the shoelace he had clung to earlier.

               “OK were going to be on carpet so it should be a softer ride now” she said cheerfully while looking down at him as she opened the gigantic door from the bathroom to the bedroom.

               “Holy shit! Holy shit! holy shit! holy shit!” Kevin repeated as he scrambled around the top of the shoe trying to find his bearings.

               “Ok… were heading towards the computer on the right so lucky for you it should be a short walk” she joked taking her first step with her other leg onto the carpet.

“Try and have fun it’s not every day you get to ride on top of a shoe.”

               Once again the huge leg swung past him, blowing air in his face and then landing with a dull thud on the white carpet. Kevin quickly grabbed onto the shoelace with both hands in preparation as he felt himself move again.          

               “Whooaahhh” he involuntarily screeched bracing his legs against the underside of her shoelace for support. This time was a lot easier, and honestly Paige was right; it was kinda fun, and at the very least it was far better to being tortured. Over and over again she stepped, each time was like a trip on a roller coaster. Up then back down with an earthshaking thud, her other leg flying forward each time to signal him to get ready for the next step.

               “Yay were here” she cheered awkwardly her voice squeaking slightly at the end as she moved the large swivel chair and sat down swinging both legs forward under the desk, and directing her attention to the computer up top.

               Kevin felt an overwhelming force from the side that then quickly stopped. Unable to hold on he was thrown forward out from under the shoelace. Kevin screamed as he was cast harshly off the shoe. He bouncing off of the thick carpet once before finally landing softly on the ground uninjured. Attempting to get up off of the ground he quickly realized that standing here would be impossible as every time he moved his feet sank into the carpet knocking him off balance.

“Hey Paige I need some help” he shouted up at her feeling slightly embarrassed at his situation.

“Actually I need help with something so you just stay there” she corrected jokingly.

 Reaching down with one hand Paige tugged the enormous laces until the well-crafted knot unfolded. “Umm Paige what are you doing?” Kevin said nervously as Paige casually shook her ankle to loosen the battle scared shoe from her right foot.

“Ahh that’s better. You have no idea how exhausting practice was” Paige said as she kicked the bus sized shoe across the room where it landed with a muffled boom on the floor. Then using her freed right foot she removed the left shoe letting it drop to the floor compressing the white fibers of carpet as it landed upright.

The second she removed her shoe a menacing odor filled the room, an odor so intense that it stung at his nose and eyes. Then the second shoe came off, instantaneously doubling the scents strength which was already too strong to bear. 

“That’s sooooo much better” Paige said relieved to have finally taken her shoes off. Then she casually moved her enormous socked feet forward towards Kevin and allowed herself to sink into the soft fabric of the chair.

“Paige what did you need from me again?” Kevin hesitantly asked his hands partially covering his nose and eyes to protect him from the overwhelming scent of her feet.

“Right now I need my little buddy to give me a massage” she ordered nonchalantly from above as she scrunched her toes and stretched her heels and ankles.

Kevin watched timidly as her muscular feet strained the poor socks far beyond what they were meant to. Pieces of dirt and sock lint moved with the fibers they were helplessly entangled in as Paige’s socked toes scrunched together causing thick folds to form around her meaty supple toes.

“Umm that wasn’t a request Kevin. Get to work.” Paige said placing the sole of her left foot in front of him.

The carpet yielded as her statue sized foot landed right in front of him, shaking the ground and causing the floorboards to creak beneath him. The previously implacable odor suddenly intensified and slowly he began to recognize individual smells. Sweat, mud, shoe fabric, lotion, alcohol, and many more aromas paraded in turns around his nose. The second he adjusted to one scent another took its place.

“Is this what you meant by inspiration? Paige, this is degrading please don’t make me do this.” Kevin groveled from the ground still unable to stand on the carpet fibers.

“Too bad! You should have thought of that before you tried to escape, just get it over with so you can rest.” Paige explained.

Looking back at the soggy foot past the weaving of the worn sock he could see the shimmering surface of her pale sole. The warm rough ridges on the bottom of her foot were packed with a disgusting paste comprised of dirt and dead skin. To make matters worse the entire visible surface of her foot was dripping with foul smelling sweat; Just being near such a thing made his stomach tighten with apprehension, and his face cringe with disgust.

“Paige it’s awful…I…I just can’t, do it.” Kevin said closing his eyes out of fear of the consequences of insubordination. “It’s just too much Paige, please just let me go.” Kevin sniveled pathetically, looking up at Paige with desperation.

There was silence for a while as neither side so much as moved an inch. Then feeling merciful Paige decided to offer him a compromise.

“Do this on thing for me Kevin, as a friend and then I’ll put you somewhere nice and safe. I promise” Paige said softly, her soothing voice filling the room as she spoke.

Her words completely contradicted everything he had been told up to that point. “…as a friend” her heavenly voice rang in his head, filling him with feelings of hope. Finally here was someone who actually saw him as a human being and not just as an object.

“Am I really your friend? Kevin groveled submissively his words unable to express the happiness he felt in that moment.

“But I’m nothing, Just a remainder or something like that. How could you consider me a friend?” he reasoned while bowing his head.

Looking up at Paige Kevin could see that her anger had subsided, and had been replaced by pity as she stared down at the pathetic excuse for a man at her feet.

“Honestly you’re a nice guy, and I can see why you would be so upset. So…I guess I’ll be you friend.” Paige said supportively as she directed her attention to the computer way above his head. “Now where’s that massage?” she said facetiously in an attempt to lighten the mood.

 Kevin was broken entirely, stunned by the promise of a friend and safety. “Right away Paige” Kevin said obediently, as he re-directed his attention towards the wiggling toes of Paige’s socked foot.

Suppressing his disgust and fear for his own sanity’s sake, Kevin Stretched his arm out and he placed one hand on the hot soggy surface of her sock. The heat emanating from her body engulfed him filling him with a sense of comfort as he rubbed his hand up and down along the fraying sock of his new ‘friend’. Bracing himself up against the foot with his other arm he then pressed himself into the moist fabric allowing the warmth to immerse him entirely. Soon he found himself partially entangled in the fraying twine-like fibers of the sock, and his entire body becoming slowly covered in her disgusting yet sickeningly sweet smelling sweat.

He didn’t even care anymore about how horrible her foot smelled or how awful the sweat was. In fact much to his own horror he found himself liking the situation he was in. He felt safe and secure. He felt that if anything were to happen that she would protect him. And after all the horrible things that happened to him that day, hugging Paige’s foot may as well have been a vacation.

 “Ok were going to have to increase the speed of the massage, I can barely feel you.” Paige said impatiently lowering her foot onto him.

Kevin felt the massive wall of flesh and cotton ripple as she bent her ankle forward. Falling to the ground his entire vision was filled with black as Paige’s titanic toes blocked out everything. The enormous meaty joints carefully pinned him in-between the fat pad of her big toe and her other smaller digits. Slowly Paige squeezed her toes together around him, compressing him into a bed of filth and feminine sweat. The fabric of her sock acted like a sponge and released a foul smelling flow of salty sweat as her unyielding toes passively dominated him.

At first he resisted Paige; it was only natural, but as time passed he allowed himself to be played with by her foot. Well aware that with a single flick of a joint she could snap his back in half. Over and over again he was squeezed by her fuzzy sock covered toes which almost felt as if someone was pressing several wet mattresses into him. Dirt and sock lint scratched at his naked body as her powerful digits toyed with him. The gargantuan meaty slabs of her foot carefully morphed and molded him into any position she desired. It was as if the very shape of his physical form was somehow ordained by the will of this college aged goddess.

Black wires wrapped themselves around him, and over time he became entangled in the damp ropes of her socks; completely bound to her body by a series of thick putrid smelling restraints. Every movement chafed his already sore skin as she grinded him into her tough foot. Blood was drawn as the thick black cables cut into his skin rending his flesh like a thousand whips.

Shock overtook him as the pain became unbearable. Soon the feelings of safety and comfort he felt before were gone, and as the bindings of Paige’s sock stretched him to the point of breaking, his thoughts returned to reality. He realized that he was obediently accepting all of this pain and suffering, for what? The vain hope that she would somehow allow him to escape reality and protect him from harm all while humiliating him herself? Yet there was something else, something deep down that compelled him to endure this suffering.

More time passed and he found that he was almost entirely integrated into the weave of the sock itself. He could feel her hot dirty skin on his face, and her massive muscles bulge when she moved. Her sweat practically submerged him there was such great quantity of it. Soon he was as dirty and sticky as the sock itself and almost entirely one with it. As clumps of dirt and who knows what stuck to his skin, pieces of black sock fiber mixed with his hair and covered him to the point that he couldn’t even tell where he was anymore. Then he felt a strong cold grip on his back, and was painfully torn from the surface of her sock which offered resistance as if it was trying to hold onto him.

“Ok now I need you to do one more thing for me” she said as she removed him from her sock and placed him gently on the ground.

“I don’t know why Paige, but whatever it is. I’ll do it!” Kevin said obediently, his mind cringing as he struggled to accept the reality that some demented part of him wanted this.

“I need you to Ahhmm… lick my foot Kevin. Can you do that for me?” Paige said her face blushing red as she spoke.

Chapter End Notes:

Next chapter will have bare feet, psychological drama, and some hand held content.

Also as I am still new at this please offer me any criticism; I don't care how obscure the flaw is please bring it to my attention. Is the erotic material... well erotic enough? Is the word choice appropriate? Do any of the characters behave unrealisticaly? comma splices, misspellings, etc.

please let me know


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