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Author's Chapter Notes:

Just to let everyone know I have no intention of killing off Josh... for now. I intend to make this a very Loooooonnnnnggg story that is also part of a very Loooooonnnngggg series that I plan on writing so please stay tuned.

     As the colossal sole of Angela descended upon Josh his mind tore itself to pieces. Every muscle in his
body wanted him run as fast as he could, yet he could not tear his gaze from the goddess-like sole of Angela’s foot. With every inch it descended new details in her skin or muscle contours revealed themselves for his eyes to explore; Wrinkles and creases, dirt and small rocks, and varying colors of sock lint slowly came into focus as her moist juicy foot came closer and closer. With every inch the changing light conditions became reflected onto her skin as the individual beads of sweat shimmered, reflecting a rainbow of colors onto the surface of her sole illuminating every dark crack and crevice on her curvaceous pale foot. With every inch the distinct pungent odor of her foot grew stronger and more diverse as the smells of the dirt and grass on her foot blended with her natural odor and the lotion she was wearing, and with every inch the sobs of Angela could be heard overhead; every soft tone and treble filled the volume of his ears and enticing him like a siren’s voice at sea.

     Slowly her foot reached the ground. First the ball of her foot which effortlessly split the dirt and rocks creating a rift in the ground where the smooth ball of her foot slowly sank into. Then at long last her heel and toes which shimmered brightly from sweat descended upon Josh pinning him against the ground. Realizing that this was to be the end he threw his arms out to hug the massive sole as it pushed him into the dirt and gravel around him. He probably figured that he could give Angela a hug before he died. And as he was pressed into the ground the unstoppable forces of her body began to conspire to obliterate him entirely.

     The first thing he felt was the intense pressure which was greater than any he had ever felt in his life; a pressure so intense that even the tips of his fingers couldn’t move. He was completely and entirely at the mercy of this young freshman’s feet. Every muscle movement was like torture as his body was bent and pushed into unnatural positions, and with every movement a new layer of hot sticky sweat was deposited on him. Slowly Josh began to lose oxygen and reflexively opened his mouth only receive a mouthful of Angela’s salty sweat. Unable to move and unable to breathe Josh’s vision became blurry, his thought became jumbled and panicked, and his body exhausted from futilely fighting his demise eventually stopped moving entirely.

     “Is this really how I’m going to die, suffocated beneath the foot of my best friend?” Josh asked himself as he laid underneath her preparing himself for death.

     “NO NO NO NO Why me dammit!! Why did I have to do this!!!” cried Angela as she tore her foot from the ground slamming it hard back into the dirt before falling to her knees crying hysterically as she clasped herself with her arms violently shaking herself back and forth. Meanwhile Josh struggled to his feet, he gasped desperately for air as he slumped insecurely against a rock for support. Now in a clear state of mind, Josh attempted to rationalize what just happened. All he knew was that for some reason his only two friends Angela and Priya want him dead, and that neither is willing to even offer an explanation as to why.

     Looking towards Angela he once again felt an intense fear and awe well up inside him, threating to consume his mind entirely; his thoughts slowly singularizing…“NO DAMN IT NOT AGAIN” Josh screamed as he threw himself against the ground his arms covering his eyes in attempt to block out the sight of her.

     “I can’t even fucking look at her without going insane. What the hell did she do to me?” Josh told himself as he clasped the sides of his head out of frustration. Covering the sides of his eyes he began to walk over to Angela who’s crying completely filled his ears. To Josh even the normally unpleasant all-encompassing sound of her cries resonated with his heart, causing it to flutter with every hushed sob as she grieved in the distance. 

     As he walked across the ground to where she was Josh struggled to maintain his composure. The smell of flowery lotion and her sickeningly sweet sweat was all around him making him light headed from the smells intensity. As he reached Angela he looked to the left and the right to see her enormous feet and legs
resting on the ground. Without even a moment’s hesitation he threw himself onto his knees, and slammed his head into the ground as he now bowed before her grinding his face into the ground to resist the urge to look up.

     “Angela listen to me If you’re determined to kill me at least tell me why god dammit” he screamed from the dirt as he dug hard into the ground with his hands.

     “Look at you, your struggling. well alright I’ll tell you, but first I gotta make sure you remain sane for this” she said as she positioned her hand in front of Josh, then using her pointer finger she gently applied pressure to Josh’s head and back, effectively pinning his head against the ground. Her soft finger kneaded into the muscles of his back and neck giving him a much needed massage “There we go. Now we can talk without worrying about you losing your damn mind” Continued Angela in an almost teasing voice as she rhythmically rubbed her soft finger all along his naked body making sure to not accidentally cut him with her pink painted nails.

     Despite the silky smooth touch of her finger needlessly violating his sense of personal space Josh was still able to somewhat maintain his sense of dignity. “Answer my question Angela, and please tell what hell is going on,” sputtered Josh as her nail moved up his spine and then down across his cheeks causing him to become dizzy from the scent of her nail polish and flowery hand lotion.

     “I was trying to spare Josh a lifetime of misery, it seems like I succeeded in killing him unfortunately.” said Angela apathetically as she applied further pressure onto Josh grinding him into the cold ground beneath her finger.

     “Wha…what are you saying I’m not dead? I’m right here Angela it’s me Josh Maybury, your friend!!” he said through a mouthful of dirt.

     “Impossible the Josh Maybury I knew died beneath my foot just a few moments ago; you’re just a useless remainder kinda like a used up cigarette.” Angela said her voice seething with barely contained rage as she casually flicked the depleted remains of a Marlboro somewhere into the distance.

     “What the fuck are you saying Angela I’m right fucking here beneath your finger dammit” Josh screamed at her becoming increasingly frustrated with every second. “Why Angela? What did I do to deserve this?” Josh said as he broke down into tears only to have them wiped away by the side of her finger.

     “If you’re really Josh look me in the eyes and say that, the real Josh would. Are you the real Josh?” Angela questioned bitterly as she positioned her finger underneath his head lifting slightly to force him to look into her eyes.

     Slowly as Josh’s eyes met hers all thoughts in his head ceased to exist, pushed aside by a single overwhelming idea. Angela. Whose resplendent sapphire eyes now looked upon him with the same coldness as one would treat a pest or a bug. “N…N…No Angela please I…I’m scared, I c…can’t look at you, your…your eyes” Josh sputtered as he wiped the tears from his eyes. “Your be…beautiful Angela, I…I don’t know why” Josh said as he stood there in absolute awe and fear as his mind was once again overwhelmed by her all-encompassing figure.

     “Yep just like I figured. You can’t even look at me without losing you damn mind. How can you claim to be Josh if you can’t even do that.” she said as she drew a cigarette from a pack and lit it. “Now I want you to repeat after me. I am not Josh Maybury I am nothing but a pathetic slave who owes his entire life to the mercy of Angela, my divine goddess, and I will obey Angela and anyone else who she deems appropriate without question”.

     Inside Josh’s mind there was no hesitation, no question only absolute and immediate acceptance of her word as law. “I am not Josh Maybury I am nothing but a pathetic slave who owes his entire life to the mercy of Angela, my divine goddess, and I will obey Angela and anyone else who she deems appropriate without question” Josh proudly shouted as he wiped away the tears from his eyes staring upward into the glistening angelic face of Angela his mind entirely blinded by an absolute compulsion to unconditionally obey her.

     “Good boy” she cooed condescendingly as she deeply inhaled from her cigarette before bellowing out smoke like the world’s most bewitching volcano. “Now stop wearing the face of my best friend!” she screamed bringing the lit cigarette down hard onto Josh’s face. “Priya you can fucking have him for the rest of the time, I’m done with this shit”. And with those final words Angela got to her feet grabbed her stuff and silently walked away, the booming footfalls of her feet growing distant as another pair drew

Chapter End Notes:

Every time I read this I get chills It's Just unbelieveable that this could come out of my brain.


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