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Author's Chapter Notes:

I put a lot of passion into this

Josh Maybury was a failure, a miserable, miserable failure at all aspects of life. He had barely any friends, no athletic ability, no good looks, no family, basically no redeeming features whatsoever. As he walked into school his head was hung low, people shifted their gaze away from him disgusted by his presence.

For Josh this was a happy day as it was his final day in high school. As he walked down the hallway in his worn sneakers, torn jeans, and black hoodie he steadied himself for one final trial before he could say good bye to this place forever. For many students the graduation ceremony is considered one of the finer moments of their lives, but for Josh it was just another thing keeping him from heading out to the bleachers to smoke with his two only friends the “weird” freshman
duo Angela Wilson and Priya Sharma. Despite Josh being a senior and the two of them being freshmen he honestly felt they were the best friends a guy could ever have, if not the only friends he’s ever had.

As he walked down the hallway his reflection was interrupted by a sudden clasp on his left shoulder and a loud but familiar obnoxious voice. “You really are the biggest idiot of our class” said the voice condescendingly “I mean you do know that you’re supposed to wear your graduation gown to the fucking graduation”. Said the voice again followed by laughter. Josh knew this voice well as it was the voice of his most hated bully Heather Wade who for four years has done nothing but relentlessly torment him. Under normal circumstances he would say nothing and walk away but today was the last day of high school (at least for seniors), and she was really pissing him off.

“Yep I’m the biggest Idiot in the school and you’re the biggest slut in the world Heather we’d make a hell of a couple” Said Josh sarcastically as he threw the skinny arm of his rival off of him. A small crowd had gathered to watch the confrontation they waited enthusiastically for heathers rebuttal.   

“What was that loser Ill fucking kick your ass, and don’t EVER suggest that were a couple you pervert” she shrieked as she grabbed Josh by the collar and pinned him against the wall. “Say it again bitch I dare you” she screamed spitting angrily at him.

“I said you’re a fucking slut who would give me a blowjob for two dollars in the bathroom Heather” Josh yelled as he pushed her back to the opposite wall. All around him people converged for what they thought was going to be a fight. “Also for the record just because you make fun of me and I don’t reply it doesn’t make you any more attractive or cooler you spoiled, diseased,retarded, ugly excuse for a bitch” he screamed slapping her hard to the ground.

“Your fucking dead, you deadbeat stoner loser slave-boy just wait and see” Heather said as she rubbed her cheek which was red from the blow. Josh didn’t even bother to ask what she meant by that last part as it clearly didn’t make sense.

All around people stared as Josh fled the area slamming the door to the outside on his way out, and taking the shortcut across the parking lot to the football field’s bleachers to smoke one last time with his true friends. As he arrived at the bleachers Josh was happy to see that Angela had already lit up a blunt, god knows he needed one.

“Yo Joshy you look down bro did you miss us that much?” Angela said as she took a long drag on the blunt while adjusting her blonde hair.

“Cut the crap Angela I’m really not in the mood for this” Josh replied taking his seat on a pile of discarded sports equipment.

“I know what’ll cheer you up” said Priya as she handed him the cigarette. “We got you a graduation gift, something small to celebrate your achievement of juuuust barely passing the twelfth grade” said Priya with an out of place serious face.

“Oooh what’d you get me a damn pony” Josh said sarcastically as he looked at Angela who he realized that despite being somewhat baked was clearly distracted by something else.

“Hang on guys I’ll go get it” said Priya who then skipped away with a misplaced frown on her face.


Josh was now completely suspicious of this entire event. Why was everyone so distraught? Looking back at Angela he realized she was staring at him her lips pursed as she sat there on a pile of advertisement signs next to him

“Hey Angela what’s wrong? Did you get a bad batch?” he joked trying to figure out what was wrong.

Angela did not reply, but instead took a seat on a pile of track hurdles across from him reached down and removed her feet from her worn brown Dakota uggs and placed her right foot onto Josh’s lap all while never breaking eye contact with him.

There was an awkward silence for a while and as Josh’s eyes darted from her face down the length of her body he had to admit she was fairly attractive. He wondered if perhaps she was attempting to confess feelings for him but quickly rejected the notion as she appeared distraught and not nervous. Then suddenly Angela spoke her voice was soft as if she speaking to a child when she asked. “Do you like me Josh? Do you like me enough that if I were to do something really bad to you, you would forgive me?”

Josh was puzzled by Angela clearly she was more upset about him graduating then he anticipated. Smiling he looked back at her and said “Yeah probably I mean you’re like one of my only friends, and honestly I don’t think there’s anything you could do to make me hate you”.

“Thank you Josh, and by the way I’m sorry about this” she said mournfully. Josh was about to ask her what she meant by that, when suddenly he felt something sharp enter his skin, at a loss for words he turned his head to see Priya holding a needle stricken with tears.

“I’m sorry too Josh” Priya cried as she collapsed on the ground to shocked to even stand.

Unable to reconcile what just happened Josh felt his head spin, and his vision blur before losing consciousness.


Josh awoke slowly to the sound of several loud booms emanating from somewhere in the distance, as he got to his feet he realized that he was completely naked and surrounding him were enormous rocks and boulders that appeared to go on for several hundred feet. The last thing he remembered was Priya apologizing for something, and it was a safe assumption this was what it was.

“Dammit where the hell am I?” said Josh as he attempted to survey the area. “Priya? Angela? Where the hell are you?” said Josh who was becoming increasingly annoyed at the situation

“I’m right here Josh” said a massive booming voice from behind him.

“Angela is that you?” said Josh “Your voice is echoing I can’t find you. Where are you?” he asked again looking across the field of rocks.

“I’m behind you Josh” said Angela her voice booming around him as if it was played over a speaker.

As Josh turned around what he saw next defied all logic. It was Angela only she was absolutely enormous. Josh was at a loss for words as he could only stare at the godlike figure of his best friend as she stood over him; taller than anything he could imagine. Every detail of her beautiful, petite, light skinned body appeared to have a greater detail than ever before as if in a higher definition than life itself.

As he rolled his eyes across the landscape that was his friend it seemed as though every part of her body was a world onto its own. The curves of her body merged with the folds, tears, and stretches of her clothing, it appeared as though her body shifted with every slight movement. Every muscle and part of her titanic body appeared to be enhanced from her lean thighs and hips that appeared taut and muscular from her cheerleading to her voluptuous breasts whose immaculate curves were barely contained by her light green Abercrombie tee shirt. To Josh this was pure sensory overload even the scent of her strawberry perfume was overwhelming.

“Angela…I…I…shrank” sputtered Josh still bewildered as he stared upward at her. Then she spoke, her massive pink lips parted almost in slow motion as she addressed him.

“Yes Josh you have and sadly I have to kill you, I can’t tell you why because the truth would just upset you but trust me this is for the best” she said with a face completely blank of emotion.

“I…Guess being ki…killed b…by you won’t be s…so bad” Josh said his voice quivering with fear as her massive foot began to move. He looked on with awe as the massive tone leg ascended high into the sky. The skin tight jeans she was wearing buckled and folded in submission to her as her leg moved forward. As her foot moved over him she wiggled her toes slightly causing small rocks and dust that had stuck to the bottom of her smooth pale sole to rain down around him. To Josh every wrinkle and crease in her creamy sole appeared to expand and contract as she effortlessly flexed her exotically painted toes. The muscles on her foot which should be invisible to the naked eye were as clear as day for Josh, and when the massive pale sole finally stopped moving right over him it was if time itself was designated by her movements.

Looking to the right of her foot he saw the utter perfection that was her face which was framed by her golden blonde hair which took flight at even the slightest breeze, but the real beauty for Josh was in her massive crystal-like, ocean blue eyes which shimmered slightly from the tears welling around them.

“I’m so sorry Josh I really am.” She said through a forced smile. “I don’t know if this means anything to you now but your one of my best friends, no you are or should I say were my best friend” she finally said as she began to slowly lower her foot.


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