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Author's Chapter Notes:

I worked extra hard on this chapter so I hope you guys like it.

If not then i'll re-write the whole chapter.

Also you should know before reading that this is not the end of the story just the first part of it.



      Anticipation gripped Kevin almost as tightly as Angela’s hand. For the first time in hours and for Josh years that his future was not set in stone. This time there was uncertainty, and it scared him, but at the same time he was relieved that for once in his miserable life he could look forward to what was to come.

               It was thanks to Angela really. In a way what she and Priya did to him under the bleachers was possibly, in a twisted way the kindest thing anyone had ever done for him. Sure he suffered, that much is clear, but he soon came to the revelation that thanks to her he would never have to worry about his future ever again. In a way she really was the goddess she claimed to be, she who from now on controlled his life.

               “Goddess Angela.” he said reverently, his body now beginning to spread out across her palm.

               Angela noticed him say her name, but said nothing. He had gone through enough and there was no need to press the issue. Slowly she ascended the stairs to the door at the end of the hallway that led to the widows walk.

               “From now on things are going to be different.” she thought to herself as she looked at her former friend turned slave sprawled out across her hand like a hapless  odent.

               She turned the doorknob and opened the door. Immediately a strong gust of warm summer air blew past her, and by instinct she pressed him into her breasts. It was a convenient experience that worked towards her favor, and rather than retract her hand she felt this was the best way of holding him.

               Kevin felt wind rush past him. Then the gigantic muscles in Angela’s palm quivered and he was pushed suddenly backwards towards her body. Another soft surface was felt against his cheek, and at first he didn’t know where he was. Then he heard it; the steady beat of her heart.

               Many thoughts flew past him as he struggled to make sense of all that had happened, not just throughout his life, but Josh’s as well. Ultimately he settled on the only thought that brought him comfort, Angela.

               “Were here, we can finally have that talk.” Said Angela who surveyed the widows walk, looking for the perfect spot.

               Then she found it, on the opposite side of the platform. A large outdoor sofa shielded by an awning which hung directly over it; its sides were draped to stop the wind.

               “Goddess Angela are we there.” shouted Kevin over the howling wind which from his perspective suddenly stopped.

               “Yes, Yes we are.” she answered sympathetically as she laid down on the large fabric sofa.

               Can I take my blindfold off now?” He asked.

               “Only if you promise not to look at me. You hear that, not even a glance.” explained Angela.

               “I don’t need to promise remember, I will obey Angela, and anyone else who she deems appropriate without question.” Said Kevin as he laid flat horizontally atop Angela’s soft supple chest.

               Angela felt empowered when he praised her and for a moment she felt almost like a queen. It was a strange yet addicting sensation, and one that she would have to learn not to indulge herself in.

               Carefully she lifted him from her chest and placed him on the sofa near her head which was propped up against a pillow. She faced his still blocked vision away from her eyes and into the distance where just above the tree line she could make out the faint lights of the distant big city.

               “We can talk now, I’ll answer all of your questions so fire away.” Said Angela, who then removed the small piece of tape preventing him from seeing.

               Kevin’s first sight was not her as he expected, but rather what appeared to be an ordinary farm field, and in the distance beyond a think forest was the all too familiar sight of the city. At least now he knew where he was.

               Turning his attention back to the situation he figured he would never get an opportunity like this and so he decided to ask the one question that he had always been meaning to ask.   

               “Goddess Angela? Who are you? And what is this organization.” Asked Kevin.

               “Kevin…” She said in a soft voice before pausing awkwardly. “I haven’t been entirely honest with you. My name isn’t Angela Wilson. It’s Angela Covington, and the ‘organization’ you’re referring to is The Order of the Sacred Truth, or as we like to go by these days, The Society for the Redirection of Humankind.”

               Kevin was completely shocked. In less than two sentences she had destroyed his perception of her while simultaneously raising more questions then he dared to ask. It was a lot for him to handle, and the uneven surface of the couch wasn’t helping either.

               “I…I need to lie down.” He said blankly still unable to process what had just been said.

               Angela noticed her shirt was just a little too short, revealing her peach colored stomach. She figured if there is one spot he could rest it would be here. She grabbed his
small naked form from the couch and placed him right next to her belly button which appeared to him like a gigantic crater in a vast creamy desert.

               Kevin felt Angela’s loving touch against his skin and soon he was lifted high up into the air. She then placed him on her titanic body which dynamically altered as she breathed in and out. He felt as if he was on a boat at sea; where the soft sound of her breathing took the place of the wind, and the rising and falling of her radiant voluptuous midriff took the place of the gentle rocking of the ocean. Moonlight reflected off of her vast powerful form and onto the well-toned mechanisms of her firm stomach where the shadows of distant objects danced across her radiant skin.

               Angela basked for a moment in the sensation of having someone so small entirely at her mercy. He was almost like a child, from the way he laid on her and showered her in unconditional love to the fact that every word no matter how mundane was like a divine command for him.

               “Any more questions?” she asked impatiently shaking him from his exhaustion fueled trance.

               “Why is your organization after me?” He asked determined to get the answers he has been waiting for out of her.

               “I don’t know.” She said blankly.

               “What! What do you mean you don’t know?” shouted Kevin.

               “I mean, I don’t know. That’s part of the reason I didn’t kill you right away when they told me to do it. There was no explanation. They literally told me to just kill you and not ask questions.” She explained.

               “So you really didn’t even care about my life to begin with. You just spared me because you didn’t want to be a murderer.” said Kevin mournfully before flipping onto his back. He could tell his response upset her as her heartbeat jumped when he spoke.

                She shuttered with disgust at his accusation mainly because whether she tried to deny it or not, it was somewhat true. She looked forward towards her legs and feet each one for him being a both monumental structure of power and a potential method of death. She twisted her foot slightly and reflected on the fact that with only a little pressure she could have easily made his little body pop like a grape.

               Realizing he was waiting on an answer she decided to give him the truth; it was the least she could do.

               “Well umm not at first no I didn’t. In fact, originally I hated you, I thought you were disgusting, and I hated my mother for ordering me to hang out with you. But, as time passed… you just kinda grew on me.” She said softly.

               He couldn’t help but notice her breathing becoming slightly more labored as time moved on. A normal sized person would have missed this subtle display of emotion, but for Kevin who was small enough that even the most unnoticeable of her body’s reactions were as obvious as a fireworks display her feelings were apparent; she clearly didn’t want to discuss this.

               He decided it might become dangerous for him if he continued this pattern of questioning, and so he made the move to change the topic.

               “So… what is with all the people in the basement, and why are some kept in filing cabinets and others in a fake neighborhood?” he asked carefully as part of him still deeply feared the fact that at any moment she could make his suffer an agonizing death.

               Angela couldn’t help but notice his shaking. “You know, I’m not going to hurt you unless you make me. So stop freaking out.”

               “And to answer your question, they’re basically slaves. Well except the ones in the ‘fake neighborhood’ which is actually called the high priority area.” She said.

               “Their Slaves? L…like me right Goddess Angela?” said Kevin who was still unsure of his role in their relationship.

               A warm feeling crept up her body as the word ‘slave’ left his mouth. That level of dedication he had for her which could only be obtained through a well instilled sense of fear and awe gave her a strange sense of confidence; as if she could never do anything wrong in his eyes, like a princess who was forever in the good graces of her people; which in this case was one badly broken and possibly insane shrunken man.

               “Well no, not like you actually because technically you’re supposed to be dead, and because I made you my slave on my own. So… I guess you could call them… construction workers?” she said aloofly unable to find the right words to put it in.

               “Well… it’s like my mom says. ‘Our organization is in the business of rectifying the world, and you see that process can be quite… destructive, thus my dear we require people to assist in rebuilding it.’” She said mockingly in the voice of a posh sounding
woman who he presumed to be her mother.

               The blood drained from Kevin’s face, he couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. “Destroy the world? Why the hell would anyone want to do that?”

               Angela smiled, he truly had no idea what he was getting himself into “I was hoping you’d ask that question.” she said slyly.

               “It’s because we live in a world of deformed weaklings, cowards, and psychopaths. A world where the strong, intelligent, and virtuous are forced to bow their heads to unjust rules created by the genetically inferior to protect themselves. At least that’s what my family believes.” She said bitterly.

               “They believe that the problems of the world are caused by the genetically inferior and that it is these unwanted people who undermine our society. And so my family along with the rest of my organization have taken an oath to rid the world of these... undesirables.” she continued.

               “Am I an undesirable?” asked Kevin stoically while deep down already knowing the answer.

               “Well in the eyes of my organization, yes and no. Since they clearly considered you enough of a threat to deal with, but at the same time you weren’t selected to be part of the program.” She explained. “So… basically once again I don’t know.”

               “But… Goddess Angela. Why did you save me? Why didn’t you just kill me like you were supposed to?” asked Kevin.

               “I think I was about to.” She said regretfully. “Then, right as I was about to... crush you, I remembered how you were always there for me when even my ‘family’ wasn’t, and how despite how hard life pushed you into a corner you never backed down.”

               “That’s when I realized that what you have is true strength, true power. Not the bullshit genetic power my family talks about, but real true power that can only come from within.” She said passionately.

               “What do you mean?” he said enthralled by what she was saying.

               “I mean that’s why I saved you. Because you deserved to live, because you were a good person who genuinely cared about others.” She said lovingly.

               “Unlike the real Kevin Meyers who was a selfish and cruel person. He may have been genetically gifted but he didn’t deserve to live at all, so I killed him; regardless of how much he was worth to my organization.” She continued.

               “And that is where I come in right?” Kevin said humbly.

               “Yes. Because at the end of the day, long after were dead it’s not going to matter so much what we pass on genetically if the people we pass our genes onto become shitty people.” she replied.

               “The truth is Kevin, this world has gone to shit and it’s about time it was set right, and I think you and me are the ones to do it.” She said gently.

       Kevin felt her soft fingers gripping his small body. He didn’t know what was about to happen, but this time he wasn’t worried. He was confident that she would protect him.

               Angela got up from the couch and walked over to the edge of the balcony. Her palm outstretched in front of her to allow him to see what was around.

      “I never knew how much I meant to her.” thought Kevin who was stunned by this articulate and graceful side of her he had never seen before, which on top of her natural splendor truly gave the impression that she was very much the goddess he imagined her to be.

               He struggled to avoid looking at her. Even just a peek at her godlike body was now enough to send him into a trance, but it seemed impossible to resist the allure of her. Every inch of her glorious voluptuous body from the soft massive curves of her delicate looking shoulders to the silent destructive power of her muscular legs and feet now had a new more personal appeal to it. He couldn’t quite describe what emotion it was that he felt for her, but it was something he hadn’t felt in a long time if ever in his life at all.

               She raised her hand higher in the air and over the edge of the deck. He could now fully see the city in the distance which he recognized as his hometown. “So.” She spoke plainly before tipping her hand over.

               Panic gripped Kevin tighter than ever before, and with hysterical strength he gripped her ring finger with his one unbroken arm.

               “So my slave, will you help me set this world right?”

               It was a strange question. Why did she need his help? And what could she possibly be planning? Of course for him none of these things mattered as for him there was only one answer.

               “Yes Goddess Angela, I will. I don’t care how you do it or how many people you plan to kill or how much you burn or hurt me, I just want to be with you.” He answered as best he could.

               “Why?” she asked skeptically and recoiling slightly at the word ‘burn’.

               “Because you’re the only thing left in this fucked up world I care about! It doesn’t matter to me if I’m your slave or friend or whatever! My place is at your side Angela!” He screamed.

               “Look me in the eye and promise me that. Promise me that you’ll help me destroy this fucked up world, and then rebuild it.” She said as she tilted her palm right-side up and brought the small man up to her eyes.

               Awe overwhelmed him even more so than the first time. Her ocean blue eyes which were surrounded by shimmering locks of golden hair were like gateways to the heavens, their icy cold stare giving him quite literally the judgment of the gods.

               It was truly a divine moment. He felt as though the entire universe surrounded her.

               “I don’t need to promise, I will obey Ange… NO!” he said wrangling control of himself.

               “I am sick of this crap.” He yelled furiously.

               “I can stare you in the eyes now so I’m ready to say this.” He said triumphantly.

               “I am Josh Maybury, Not Kevin Meyers or whatever bullshit person you try to name me. And yes I swear on my life that I’ll stay by your side.”

               Angela’s eyes widened and her mouth blossomed into a beautiful proud smile.

               “Welcome back Josh. I missed you.” She said with barely contained joy.

               Without hesitation she brought his battered figure to her mouth and kissed him passionately on his torso; her succulent lips temporarily engulfing his diminutive form between them.

               “So… what now.” Asked Josh with renewed confidence.

               “Now we work towards creating a better world.” She said enthusiastically while slipping him into her pocket.

               “Oh and by the way, consider your life the graduation gift I promised you.”

Chapter End Notes:


I hope I did a good job as this was probably the most difficult chapter to write.

Also I stand by what I said at the beginning, if this chapter is so terrible that nobody likes it I will re-write the entire thing.


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