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Story Notes:

part of a enormous series I plan on writting

     Angela walked down the stairs from her bedroom to the dining room where her mother and father we eating their breakfast. “Good morning mom and dad” she said happily as she grabbed a box of lucky charms from the top shelf of her pantry.

               “Listen dear we need to talk about the assignment” her mother said sternly taking a sip from her coffee and throwing a brown paper folder across the table at her.

               Angela’s smile immediately turned to a frown upon hearing those words "there’s nothing to talk about mom, I’m not doing it, so that’s that” she said sitting down at the table and throwing the folder off to the side. “Josh is my friend I can’t just kill him”

               “Angela this has gone on long enough, Josh Maybury has to die. He’s a threat to everything we’ve worked for” her mother said again her hands clenching her mug as  he spoke.

               “Why does Josh have to die, and that Kevin asshole get to live? It makes no sense you’re not even telling me why I have to kill one of my friends” she spoke loudly across the table standing up to challenge her parents directly.

               “Angela, honey don’t tell me you actually think Josh is your friend, we assigned you to get close to him while the higher ups assessed his threat level, and now that we know he’s a threat he has to be eliminated!” her mother stated as she grabbed the brown folder and tossed it back at her. “We have all had to make sacrifices for this
to work, it’s about time you start acting like an adult”

               “Also” her father chimed in as he absentmindedly read the newspaper “Kevin has certain characteristics that the new world needs, even if his personality is a mess, unlike Josh who I’m sorry to say is… undesirable”

               “No I don’t care, I’m not doing it, and neither is Priya we both agreed” Angela said as she ate her cereal. “Josh may have been just an assignment in the beginning, but I… I can’t kill him he really is my friend”

               “Are you serious? No are REALLY serious. Because last I checked with Priya’s parents she was going to go through with it, and! That she was even looking forward to killing that waste of time” her mother yelled. “Go to school, and kill that piece of shit
before I send somebody to do it for you, and trust me they will NOT make his death pleasant”

               “Also remember dear you are a hundred times better than Josh will ever be, He should be honored that you even wasted you time with him” her father said apathetically as he turned the page in the newspaper.

               “Explain to me how he’s a piece of shit? Where were you guys when I needed you? Josh was there for me.” She reasoned with her parents “Where were you when because of this assignment I got picked on for hanging out with him? Where were you guys when I cheered at the games? Guess who was there for those times as well, that’s right Josh was.”

               “Listen dear I know we haven’t always been there but…”The argument was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. “That’s Priya mom, I’ll see you later” Angela said coldly before grabbing her things and walking out the front door, slamming it as she left.

                “Hey girl, what’s good? Are you ready to finally go through with it?” said Priya in her usual chipper tone.

                 “Yeah there’s no going back, Josh Maybury has to die, but first Kevin Myers has to” Angela said with a smile as she reached into her pocket.

                 “I’m only doing this because you asked me to Angela, honestly I’d rather just kill Josh, it’d make things a lot easier, and besides he’ll never be the same person” Priya stated energetically as she rubbed her hands with anticipation “Ohh I love it when they die it’s soooo cool”

                  “You’re sick Priya you know that” Angela said as she pulled a miniscule figure out from her pants pocket. “Besides admit it Priya you kind of like him to”

                   “Fine I’ll admit it, but I don’t like him enough to screw up everything our families have been working on for years” she said happily Priya’s habit of misplacing emotions once again creating an awkward atmosphere between the two of them. “And for the record I’m only going through with this as a favor to you once Josh’s changed he’s dead to me”  

                    Then the figure which patiently sat quietly in her hands suddenly began to shout irrationally at Angela “HEY YOU! BITCH NOBODY FUCKS WITH KEVIN MYERS, oh yeah you just wait you sick little cunt until my friends arrive then were all gonna rape the shit outta you… you bitch!” The figure shouted from her palm.

                     “Right you keep thinking that” said Angela while removing her Dakota ugg moccasin from her foot. “Goodbye Kevin” she said with a smile on her face as she turned her palm upside-down allowing him to fall into the shoe.

                      “Gooooddd Byyyeee little oneee” said Priya flirtatiously waving at him as he sat confused at the bottom of Angela’s well-worn shoe.

                       Then without hesitation Angela slipped her foot back into her shoe and positioned him beneath her toes. “Hey Priya lets walk to school today” said Angela with a smile.

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