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Story Notes:

This is my first story on this site so reviews are much appreciated. Anyone with ideas on how they would like this story to go are welcome to post them as I don't have a full idea yet.

Kate was your average teenage girl. She was fairly popular in school, did average in her class and, like most siblings, wasn’t very close to her siblings. Kate had to live under the same roof with her 42 year old mother, Jane, her four younger sisters, Emma -15, Stacy -12, Amy-8 and Rebecca-2. 
Fortunately the house she lived in was a large two story house so she had her own room with enough room to peacefully coexist with them, or at least, most of the time. With five children, Kate's mother had to work two jobs and so wasn’t home most of the time and couldn’t look after her children and with their father out of the picture it was up to Kate to pick up the slack.  
However, bossing her younger siblings around wasn’t exactly hard and she quickly got used to having the upper hand, developing a domineering personality over the years. It wasn’t until one late night that things started to change for the worse for Kate and her life would then change forever.

It was late, about 2 am and Kate was fast asleep, as
everyone else was. Deep in her sleep she was having the usual dreams of hanging out with friends then suddenly meeting her prince charming who would sweep her off her feet and ride away with her on his white stallion as her friends and family looked upon her in the distance with envious eyes. But then the dream changed.
She was standing in white; an endless white expanse with nothing to see or hear, just white everywhere. Then the whiteness became brighter and brighter until Kate couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore. The brightness pierced her eyelids and started to burn her skin and just when she couldn’t take it anymore she hit her head.

“Ow” Kate muffled into the floor with her blanket covering
her whole body. She had fallen out of bed and hit her head upon the hard wooden floor.

She felt her skin, rubbing her wrists and arms to see if
they were still burnt. Even though it didn’t hurt, the memory of what it felt
like was still seared into her head and she found she was covered in a cold
sweat. That dream, that nightmare, was so frightening, what had it meant? Kate pulled herself back onto her bed and rugged back up in her blanket to keep warm, still thinking about that dream.
Kate didn’t really want to go back to sleep but as the night wore on she slowly felt her eyes shut until she was fully asleep once more. Waking up the next morning the dream was completely gone from her mind and she felt refreshed and ready to hang with friends, as it was the start of the weekend.

Hopping out of bed she pulled her nightgown over her body
which only had a bra and a pair of panties to cover it. Looking into the
mirror, Kate admired her very attractive body before climbing downstairs to
make breakfast for her fast awakening sisters. Living in a house filled with
woman and not one man tended the change the surroundings quite a bit. The toilet seat would never be up and had a somewhat stuck look from no one moving the lid.
The hallways were filled with things you were expected to see in a females dorm room or a slumber party; panties, bras, makeup, tampons were not confined to the girls rooms and littered the floors. The air of conversation was also very different with the girls not having to worry about any boys listening in they had free rein to speak however they pleased.

Kate jumped over the minefield of junk which covered the floor, yelling orders as she went.
“Stacy, put your clothes away! Emma, what did I tell you about leaving you makeup on the floor? Amy, your toys are always broken because you leave them out to be stepped on! And someone turn that music down, mom is still asleep!”

Emma popped her head out of her doorway. “No she isn’t, she said something
about getting an extra shift and left early this morning”
“well, you can still turn that music down, it’s 8 in the morning”

The music was turned down and Kate turned around to see that her other orders weren’t being obeyed, as usual. She was fed up with having to do all the motherly duties and knew that it would be her who would have to clean this mess up. Walking into the kitchen, Kate pulled the eggs out of the fridge and placed the frying pan on the stove, preparing to make breakfast.
As they cooked she placed the cereal on the table with milk and put some bread in the toaster. These little children may be girls but they eat like football players, Kate thought, how do they not put on any wait? She finished making breakfast as the group of girls came into the kitchen, Emma carrying their baby sister Rebecca. Placing her in the highchair Emma sat down with everyone else.

“eggs again?” she moaned and Kate put the plate of eggs in the centre of the table
“you like eggs”
“but you made them yesterday”
“proteins good for you” Kate said tersely
“protein’s only in meat” Emma jerked back, pushing the eggs away.
“it’s also in egg!”
“but egg isn’t meat”
“it doesn’t matter!”
“yes, it does”
“shut up and eat your goddamn eggs!” Kate yelled across the table.

Not looking hurt in the slightest, Emma pulled some cereal towards her and poured a bowl, a slight smirk upon her face. She would always try and anger Kate and it usually worked. Kate's outburst did, however, upset Rebecca
who cried from her highchair and pushed her food onto the floor.

“see, look what you did” Kate said, getting up to nurse Rebecca.
“I wasn’t the one yelling”
“no, you were the one provoking”

The other girls merely watch the show before them as they ate their meals and their two sisters continued to fight. They always enjoyed these plays and often rooted for Emma as Kate was the obvious parent figure. When everyone had finished eating Kate cleared the table and started to wash up. As she cleaned the dishes she started to think; if mom was working this morning then Kate
wouldn’t be able to go out with her friends, instead having to mind the house
and watch over her sisters.
The morning just kept getting more and more frustrating as the anger built up in Kate's chest. Suddenly, Kate started to feel funny and swore she saw a strange white flash go over her face. However weird it was it didn’t take precedence over the screaming up stairs and knew that the girls were at it again. Wiping her hands off, she marched up stairs, putting her angry face on.

“what’s going on? What’s with all the screaming?” she yelled into the hallway

Amy came out crying. “Stacy stole Mr. Bugs and won’t give him back” Mr. Bugs was Amy's toy rabbit who she loved more than her own friends.
barging into Stacy's room, Kate pulled the bunny of her cupboard and handed it to her sister before turning on Stacy herself.

“what is wrong with you?”
“I’m not the one barging into peoples rooms, ever heard of privacy?”
“ever heard of being grounded?” before Stacy could retort Kate shot “no? well,
you are for two weeks” before slamming the door shut

When she turned around she saw Amy and Emma standing behind her.

“two weeks for stealing a bunny?” Emma asked
“it’s the only way she’ll learn”
“only way to not steal a bunny?”
“please don’t you start as well” Kate said, putting her hand up to her head to
sooth a fast approaching headache. Looking down at Emma she noticed something strange. “hey, have you grown”. Emma often measured just up to Kate's collar bone but was now up to the bottom of Kate's neck.

Emma measured herself with her own hand against Kate's body and shrugged “I guess so. Unless you’re shrinking” laughing at her own joke she playfully slapped Kate on the shoulder before walking away. This slight remark didn’t unnerve Kate but it did get her thinking.

Chapter End Notes:

this is only the first chapter and is designed to set up the characters, introdued the mode of shrinking and introduce possible scenarios. if anyone is dissapointed in the lack of shrinking in this segment, don't worry. i plan on their being a LOT of shrinking happening in this story but won't spoil anything. if someone wants the story to go in  particular direction or has a few ideas they want to throw in then i am more then glad to take them as, after all, this story is written for the entertainment of others.

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