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Author's Chapter Notes:
In this one a giantess of a woman works a regular office job, and finds herself falling for one of the regular sized men who works there. So she concocts a plan to get him to fall for her as well.
"Did you see the new hires yet?"

"New hires?"

"Oh. My. God. I didn't catch his name, but one of them is so cute! You should go for it."

"I-I don't know. Wouldn't it be awkward?"

"Come on Kate, you'll have to get yourself a boyfriend sometime."

"But wouldn't it be weird? I mean."

"It's only weird if you let it be weird! Now my boss is coming, I'll talk later."

Hanging up her desks phone, Kate sat in silence. Sometimes she wondered if anyone else really stopped and thought about what it was like to be her. Sure, she'd never had a boyfriend, but there was good reason for that. Most guys preferred to date a girl within about two feet of height difference between them at the most.

Kate, on the other hand, stood at about two-hundred feet of difference. Two-hundred two if the guy was short. A simple desk job might not seem befitting to one of her stature, and her employers frequently echoed that sentiment. Women's rights groups fought for her right to perform a simple desk job, and won in the end.

Now Kate's desk and amenities stood in its own separate wing of the sprawling business, though she preferred to call it an an office. Minuscule holes in the wall were cut out, from which other workers could come visit, drop off paperwork, or deliver messages. It took time to get used to, but her co-workers managed to take it in stride.

"KATE!" A voice shouted up on a megaphone, interrupting her daydreaming. "We brought the new hires by for you to meet, so they can... get used to you."

"O-Oh, sure!" She said, standing and moving to the source of the voice.

Like a statue coming to life, she stood from her seat, and brought shook the ground with her steps. The small crowd that had gathered near one of the many holes in her walls grew uneasy as she approached.

"Hi! Nice to meet you all!" Kate said, her powerful voice echoing through the vast room.

"Class, this is Kate. As you can see, she's... erm, quite tall." A portly bald man in the group explained. "Two-hundred seven feet, to be precise."

Kate blushed. The company she worked for was rather strict on who it hired, so most new hire classes were full of elderly people, or scummy corporate yes-men. The new class seemed largely the same, with the exception being one man in the group. The only one with a full head of hair actually.

She couldn't see his entire body, but he had to be the one that Sam was talking about!

"I hope to see some of you around." Kate said, crouching happily. "Especially you." She added, poking the cute guy.

He wasn't prepared for such a gesture though, and he tried to back up as the huge finger moved in on him. Thinking he'd done enough, he also wasn't expecting her to physically touch him, and when her huge finger crashed into his comparatively tiny body, he yelped in surprise.

"Kate!" The portly bald man sternly called up, while she covered her face in embarrassment. It was supposed to be a fun, flirty gesture, and she'd knocked the man down!

"I'm sorry!" Kate said, her voice muffled behind her hands.

The tiny crowd gathered around the little man for a bit, before he stood up. Dusting himself off, he looked none the worse for wear, and glanced fearfully up at the giantess. Kate smiled awkwardly back, trying to convey that she was sorry to the man.

"I'm okay." the man said, though he seemed to direct it at Kate, rather than the crowd around him.

Kate's heart fluttered. She could make his face out better now that they had sustained eye contact, and she could now confirm the rumors. He was cute.

"That's good to hear Adam. We'll.. uh. We'll get going now class." The instructor said, never acknowledging the giantess as he gathered his class and exited the huge office.

Her face still burning red, Kate was glad that she at least had some more information to go off of. She had a name. Adam.

Moving back to her desk, she quickly picked up her phone, and called Sam, her best friend, back. Impatiently tapping her foot, Kate waited for Sam to pick up the phone. The instant the ringing stopped, and a small click sounded from the receiver, Kate began to gush.

"Ohmigosh I think he likes me and he's cute and I need your help and all I have is a first name and I know just how to go about it!"

"Slow. Down. Girl." the other woman said. "Besides, I was just looking at the new hires listing myself. Was thinking of bagging me a rich, older man, and finally settling down."

"Sam, you're fifty-five. You're a receptionist. I'm sure the guys are just lining up for you." Kate responded. "But, you're still the only person here who'll talk to me, so I guess I can put a good word in for you, if you help me out." Kate suggested.

"Get help from the giant lady that nearly injured a member of their class? No thanks, I think I can handle this on my own Miss Twenty-five." Sam replied snarkily. "But, I s'pose I can make use of the messaging system to summon this... Mr. Adam Sa-"

"Great!" Kate interrupted. "Just tell him that part of training is bringing drinks to superiors, and make sure to give him a long, convoluted route to my office, so he doesn't recognize that he's coming back here!"

"Really? That's your great idea? Jeez, I s'pose that'll work though. What do you want him to bring you?" Sam asked sarcastically.

"W-What do you think he likes to drink?" Kate asked, the worry evident in her voice.

"....I'll just have him bring you a coffee. And calm down, you don't want him to get anymore nervous around you than he already is."

"R-Right. Coffee. Thanks Sam."

"No problem, you got this girl. Just don't be afraid to slut it up if things go south."

"Thanks. Sam." Kate said, her voice dripping with sarcasm as she hung up on the phone. Unable to focus on her work any longer, she waited impatiently for the tiny man to arrive with a cup of coffee for her. Then she'd just have to lay on the charm, at least far enough to get a date out of him.

Fifteen minutes later, he still hadn't shown up. Kate was tapping her pencil feverishly, wondering if the directions he'd been given had been too vague. Checking the clock impatiently, only ten seconds had passed since the last check, and she stood, pacing back and forth.

Finally, a small chime sounded at her computer. It always did that when someone entered her office, and she rapidly darted her eyes around the many, many mouse-sized holes dotting her walls. Spotting movement out of one, she smiled, and approached it slowly.

Adam didn't feel too comfortable being in Kate's office alone, especially with a comparatively microscopic cup of coffee. The giantess approached calmly, and smiled at him.

"I brought you that... coffee you asked for. Should I have brought more?" He asked, holding up the tiny, steaming mug.

"Oh no, that's fine, I'll just take that off your hands." She said, and pinched her fingers together, trying to pick up the tiny cup. As one would expect, it didn't work, and her oversized digits shattered the cup in an instant, the scalding liquid landing all over Adam's pants.

His screams were tiny, but they carried far in the office, and Kate's face quickly turned to one of panic, while she scooped the tiny man up, and carried him to her desk. She wasn't sure why she carried him there, as nothing she had there could help him, but it made her feel more comfortable to have him there.

Instead, she took to blowing on his body, having to stifle a giggle as his tie flopped wildly in the gale force winds. The cool winds of Kate's breath did ease the burning sensation in his groin, but now that he was on a table at least a hundred feet high, an entirely new sense of worry came over him.

"Can... can I go back to training now?" Adam asked sincerely. He didn't want to offend the giantess, but also wanted to be as far away from her as possible at the moment.

"Oh you don't want to go back there just yet..." Kate said once she stopped blowing, and seductively rubbed her finger along the man's chest. "Here, let's play a game!" She offered.

Immediately cursing herself for saying that, she searched the top of her desk for something that could be used to play a game with. Pencils? No, too sharp. Paper? No, too big. Stapler? No, too unwieldy. Staple remover? Perfect!

Picking up the staple remover she held the vicious jaws over Adam's head while he stood. His head slipped right into the razor sharp edges, and he ducked quickly, while Kate closed them where he once stood.

"Watch out Adam! Gonna getcha!" She playfully teased, opening and closing the staple remover like a vicious beast trying to get its meal. "You'll have to move faster than that!" She laughed, moving the staple remover just a bit too close, and slamming its metal jaws shut.

In an instant, Adam's shirt was ripped free from his body, exposing his glorious physique to the giantess. Eyes sparkling, she covered her mouth in surprise. He wasn't just cute. He was gorgeous.

Wanting no further part in this, Adam scurried to the edge of the desk, and jumped off.

The office was deathly silent for a moment.

Picking up her phone, Kate quickly pressed a few numbers, and waited until she heard the familiar click of an answer.

Kate just sighed heavily into the receiver.

"Another jumper?" Sam asked, laughing.

"It's not funny." Kate pouted. "He was really cute."

"And now he's not. You want me to break the news to corporate again, or do you want to.?"

"Ugh, I'll tell them." Kate said, annoyed at herself.

"Just keep tryin' girl. I'm sure it'll work out some day."

"Yeah, sure. I'll get a boyfriend. You'll get married. Then we'll all need to bundle up because hell has frozen over. Also, we'll be dead for this example." Kate snickered into the receiver.

"I'm not sharin' hell with your big ass if that's what you're thinking." Sam laughed back.

The two continued for awhile, already forgetting about the recently perished new hire.
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