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Author's Chapter Notes:
This one's sort of a slice of life. A look into the every day life of a simple farmer girl in medieval times, who is also a giantess.
February 29, in the one thousandth, eight-hundred, eighty-eighth year of our lord, a baby girl was born in the village. She was named Mary, by her parents. Though a happy, bright-eyed child, strange things were discovered about her quickly after her birth.

She grew far more quickly than a baby should have. In the third grade she was sent to the principals office for bullying a classmate. She stood at just a hair over six feet then, and people quickly began to realize there was something special about the girl from completely ordinary parents.

Despite her extremely heightened rate of growth, she matured normally, and upon finishing her education, opted to stay in the village, and help with anything that may have been needed. Her demands for increasingly larger clothing, water, and nourishment put a tremendous strain on the village, and many went hungry so she could eat.

Nobody was prepared for how big she would grow, and what it would mean for the village as a whole. She continued to stretch higher into the sky, and despite the amazing difference between herself and literally every other human present, she was treated as an equal. She was expected to work for the things she got, and as such became a necessary part of the village's economy.

Mary could cut lumber faster than the strongest men, and even carry it to the location it was needed, sometimes without even taking an extra step. She always helped with the catching of her own meal, as many a wild beast had entered the villages borders, only to slide down her gullet.

Finally, as far as the villagers could tell, Mary stopped growing. None were quite sure how tall she stood, only that the wooden cabins in which they reside could have easily fit under one of her toes. She only owned one set of clothing, and, being the modest girl she was, always insisted on wearing a clean, white, bonnet.

Still, that didn't detract from her chipper, happy demeanor, and the other villager's insistence that she was as normal as any of them had kept her as na?ve as a small child. Word of the giantess spread far and wide, eventually reaching the ears of the king of the great land.

King Thomas was a giant of a man. Standing at over seven feet in height, he towered over all his subjects, and commanded respect. He received word of the giantess, and decided that he and his strongest men must go and meet this impossible woman. Thomas was sure the small village's citizens were greatly exaggerating their so-called, ?Giantess?. He would meet the woman, re-establish his dominance over her, and the rest of the village as a result, before returning back home.

Setting off at once, Thomas rode on the back of an equally mighty horse, the strongest in his kingdom. Behind him were dozens of fiercely loyal knights, ready to aid in anything the king requested.

The journey took just over a day, and a message had been sent to the people of the village beforehand. The elders prepared for a visit from the High King, and when news reached Mary's lofty ears, she simply couldn't wait to meet him. She'd long heard how big the King was, and hoped for someone she could look in the eye, or, maybe even look up to!

Mary blushed deeply at her thoughts, and was ordered to clean up in preparation for the king. Dozens of the villages women accompanied the giantess to a nearby lake, where her body was cleaned, and her hair straightened for the event.

The moment was nearly here. King Thomas and his men were nearing the village's border, and carefully maneuvering around the deep depressions in the land.

?Look at how poorly maintained this land is.? Thomas sneered as he dismounted his horse. ?I'll not have this village reflect poorly on me. Even if it breaks the backs of every man, woman, and child, these depressions will be sorted out, and those responsible, punished.? He said to himself, walking to a small group of people awaiting him.

?King Thomas! It's a pleasure to meet you!? An elderly man with a cane said, approaching the King.

Thomas smiled, and puffed out his chest in response.

?Afternoon peasant. I've heard that your village has a common girl who thinks she is greater than me?? Thomas asked.

?Erm, well, in stature only sir, no one could be greater than you!?

?Hmph. Now that you can see your High King in the flesh, have you ever seen a greater man?? Thomas asked, bumping his chest into the elderly man's face.

?N-No sir. No man, but Mary's still a young woman, and she-?

?Pah!? Thomas interrupted, waving his hand. ?Hurry up and allow me to meet this woman, so you may realize the truth!?

As if on command, the ground began to shake violently, and a deep, dark shadow passed over King Thomas, his knights, and the entire village. Turning to face the source of the sound, Thomas only saw two tremendous feet, wrapped up in equally humongous leather sandals. These led up to a simple, brown, dress. Eyes continuing to trace her body high into the sky, Thomas nearly fell back on when he saw her mighty breasts, trapped within the confines of a great leather blouse.

The giantess was squinting down in their general area, before she suddenly gasped, covering her mouth.

?King Thomas?? She whispered, removing her hands from her mouth only a moment.

Thomas was at a complete loss for words when he realized the cause of all the depressions in the land. A being that big, stomping through the soft grass and dirt, of course she left deep footprints wherever she went.

Still, seeing the woman in all her magnificent size was another experience entirely, and for the first time in his adult life, Thomas experienced fear. A trickle ran down the leg of his royal trousers, and he found his mouth dry, unable to form words.

Then, she moved.

Dropping to her knees, a powerful quake shook the ground, knocking the king down to his own. Between the legs of her brown dress, many of the knights suddenly found themselves buried under the cloth, and their horses began to panic.

Completely unaware, Mary bent over further, her shiny, black wet hair falling down from her shoulders. Water droplets rained down, covering the king and the village elder, while Mary's face grew closer and closer.

?An honor to meet you.? Mary politely said, her rumbling voice assaulting the ears of the king.

King Thomas couldn't believe it. All his life he'd been raised to believe he would be the greatest man in all the land. He was royalty. He was tall. He was strong. He was brave. He was...

He was nothing beneath this simple farm girl. He was tall, but she looked as though she could touch the sun. He was strong, but the earth itself protested her presence. He was brave, but she'd brought him to his knees. He may have been royalty, but he was beginning to question how much that really mattered in the grand scheme of things.

?Ahem.? Thomas said, standing slowly, and dusting himself off. ?You may rise, girl.? He announced, and she did as ordered. She was obedient, maybe he could use that.

?Anyway, my reason for visiting is simple.? Thomas began, formulating a new plan in his mind. ?Mary, I've heard of you, and-?

?Sire, forgive my interruption.? The village elder said. ?But, well, because you told her to rise, she can't hear you. Maybe try shouting?? He laughed.

Grumbling, Thomas didn't want to order the giantess to her knees again, for fear of what her presence that close would do to him, and instead cupped his hands over his mouth.

?MARY! I'D LIKE TO INVITE YOU TO JOIN ME AT MY KINGDOM, AS THE GREATEST KNIGHT IN THE LAND!? Thomas shouted up, knowing the offer would be too grand to resist.

?Oh! Really!?? Mary squealed, her booming voice shaking the ground. ?What would I have to do??


Mary's face grew unsure. While part of her loved the idea of living a rich life of luxury with the king himself, she'd been raised to be a very modest girl. She didn't feel like she was worthy of being tended to at every waking moment. That, and something about the King's demeanor rubbed her the wrong way.

Thinking back, she decided to employ a technique she remembered her parents doing when she was still a child, and could fit into their home. If she misbehaved, her mother would stamp her foot, and point to the door, and Mary knew it meant to go outside.

?I'm sorry King, but I'd rather stay here.? Mary said down to the dots at her feet.


?GET OUT! Mary shouted back, the echo of her voice carrying around for miles. She punctuated it with a fierce stomp, kicking up grass and dirt around a sandal, and sending it flying in the direction of the King and his knights.

Not needing to be told twice, Thomas brushed the dirt from his clothes, and ran after his horse, which had run away in terror.

Before it could get too far, Mary kicked one of her sandals off, and it hit the ground directly in front of the horse, stopping it in it's path. While the horse struggled to stop, and change direct, she set her now bare foot in the path it was going to take, nearly crushing the King as she did so.

Having caught his horse thanks to her help, he still found Mary to be an all-too dangerous presence to be around. Mounting his horse, he immediately urged it to go forward, leaving behind the colossal woman, and the small village she called home.

King Thomas never visited the village again, trying instead to remove the visit from his memory forever. Never knowing of the terror she'd stricken into the most powerful man in the land, Mary continued to live her happy, na?ve life, and the visit with the king was but one of many, many adventures she had.
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