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Author's Chapter Notes:
Lucy has a crush on the most popular girl in her school, Sylvia. Unfortunately, given her level of popularity, Sylvia is constantly surrounded by an impenetrable mob. So Lucy decides she needs to thin the herd, and provide herself an opening.
?So, what are you gonna do after school, Sylvia??

?Yeah, are you gonna like, go to Mark's??

?Everyone knows he likes you Sylv.?

It was lunch time and as usual, Sylvia, the most popular girl in school, had her regular teenage posse surrounding her. They wanted to ask the achingly beautiful girl questions about her plans, to grow closer to her. Being around Sylvia meant that you were popular by association, so dozens of girls spent every waking moment with the girl.

Decidedly cut off from this entourage though, was Lucy, a petite girl with short, black hair. While pretty in her own right, she wasn't blessed with the generous curves Sylvia was, and the boys in class always made sure she knew that. While annoying, Lucy didn't allow these opinions to affect her.

Sylvia on the other hand, was a completely different story. While other girls were jealous of Sylvia herself, Lucy could only bring herself to be jealous of the girl's surrounding her. Where others wished they had a body like Sylvia's, Lucy only wished to have Sylvia herself.

The high schooler was in love with Sylvia, and wanted to spend time alone with her, so the two could build up a relationship. There was a problem though, and it came in the form of the constantly yapping and tittering crowd of girls that had attached themselves to Sylvia in every waking moment.

Sitting at a table alone and within earshot, Lucy listened in on the girls conversations. Sylvia herself said nothing, while everyone else spoke incessantly. Lucy's mind told her to just sit up, and join the crowd surrounding the girl she had a crush on, but she already knew how that would end up.

?Sylvia, where'd you get that shirt? It's like, totally hot!

?I was just thinking the same thing! I know I couldn't fill a shirt like that out as well as you can Sylvia, but you gotta throw us a bone sometime!?

Lucy's grip tightened on her fork. It was one thing for the selfish bitches to absorb the attention of the girl she loved, but it was quite another to be throwing themselves at her. She was the only person right for Sylvia! Every other girl there was just hoping to piggy back off of her popularity, and didn't care for Sylvia herself!

Slowly, but surely, the gears in Lucy's mind began to turn. She was devising a plan to get rid of all that stood in her way once and for all. When Sylvia didn't have a school of parasites clinging to her she'd be a lot easier to approach. It all made perfect sense in her mind. Sure it involved murdering a few students, but the comfort of her love was far more important than anyone's life.

Breathing deeply, Lucy began to concentrate, while time around her seemed to slow. This continued for a moment, with not a single soul noticing, until suddenly time had stopped. Opening her eyes slowly, Lucy enjoyed the sight of the frozen lunch room. She'd had supernatural powers for as long as she remembered, but had never truly felt the need to use them arise.

Now though, she had a mission, and standing from her chair, she approached the crowd of girl's slowly. With a light tap on the shoulder, each vanished from sight, leaving Lucy alone with Sylvia. Approaching the girl slowly, Lucy ran her fingers through Sylvia's hair, face growing red as she felt how soft the long, black strands were in her fingers.

Shaking her head, Lucy let go suddenly, embarrassed over her actions. A small cry of panic came from the hard floor, and Lucy smiled, bending over. Much as she wished her powers could simply wipe people from existence, she simply wasn't able to do something on that scale. So, she instead chose to shrink those she wished to dispose of. The process had been instantaneous, and brought sentience back to the tiny, scurrying figures.

Counting seven small girls in her hands, Lucy considered her options. Part of her wanted to just ball her hands into fists, and end it. It seemed far too quick and painless an end for them though, and looking back at Sylvia, Lucy came up with a devious plan.

Sitting on the floor, Lucy slowly untied both of Sylvia's canvas shoes, and slipped them off. A certain scent filled the air, the scent of Sylvia, and Lucy shuddered to herself. Stuffing two of the tiny, screaming girls into the right shoe, she slipped it back onto the foot, tying it tight.

Then, her mind burning with need, Lucy rolled down Sylvia's left sock, revealing a soft, pink foot. It was just as perfect as the rest of Sylvia's body, the toe's shining in the light that was present beneath the table. Running her fingers along the arch, Lucy relished the warmth of the skin, paying the tiny girls no mind as she dropped two more into the sock.

Slipping it back into place, Lucy hugged the socked foot to her cheek, enjoying the frantically moving outlines under Sylvia's foot, before slipping the other shoe back on, and tying it just as tight.

With a quick snap of her fingers, Sylvia's frozen body floated several feet in the air. Running her finger along the hard, colored plastic, Lucy felt a tinge of jealousy over her little victims. Maybe she should have disposed of them herself, instead of allowing them to experience their moments with Sylvia.

Another shrill scream broke Lucy from her pleasant thoughts, and she dropped three more of her minuscule victims onto Sylvia's seat. Running her finger along each of the girls, they were each muted, and found they couldn't move a muscle in their body. The only sign of their sentience was their frantically darting eyes, with moisture gathering on the edges of them.

Moving out of the way, Lucy allowed Sylvia to hover down slowly, until she was sure the victims were smothered under the perfect rear end, and not quite crushed. Not yet at least.

This left two more girls to dispose of. They were pretty little things, begging to be spared, and Lucy tapped each of them again, shrinking them to a fraction of an inch. Where before they were relatively easy to spot, and definitely audible, they were now nothing but a pair of specks, and Lucy dropped them into her love's drink.

Taking the red, plastic straw in the cup, Lucy made sure that both of the girls were trapped inside the cylinder. Then, moving it closer to the edge of the desk, Lucy slowly opened Sylvia's mouth, and wrapped her beautiful, pink lips around the opposite edge of the straw. It would only take a single sip to dispose of the two girls in the straw.

Smiling over her actions, Lucy ran her fingers down Sylvia's arm, and cupped the gorgeous girl's hand in her own. Soon all the obstacles in the way would be gone, and then maybe, just maybe, Lucy could find the inner strength to approach Sylvia herself.

Moving back to her seat, Lucy sat down slowly, and counted down from ten. Time slowly resumed in the lunch room, and, closing her eyes, she concentrated on the tiny victims she'd dealt with.

The ones under Sylvia's shapely rear were lost in an instant, for as soft and shapely as Sylvia's rear end was, it still weighed more than the three girls could possibly hope to resist against. The bodies popped, and Sylvia never noticed they existed.

The pair in the straw were sucked upward slowly, as time resuming had affected the flow of the liquid in Sylvia's cup. Lucy imagined what it was like, to be inside of that beautiful mouth, and knowing they were going to meet their end in the belly of the girl they worshiped. It must have been terrifying, but Lucy couldn't view it as anything but a beautiful sacrifice.

Two girls were in each of her shoes, one pair even inside of Sylvia's socks, and Lucy listened in on their plight. There was a delicious cocktail of panic, fear, and sadness, that gave way to stoic acceptance. This was mildly disappointing to Lucy, as she wanted her victims to suffer until the very end, but knew they wouldn't be enjoying their positions anyway. The hot, humid insides of the shoes were not a pleasant place to be, but Lucy inhaled deeply, remembering the scent of Sylvia.

Their fates were sealed, and now all that she had to do was approach the girl who was now alone. Sylvia didn't seem bothered by the disappearance of her posse, and seemed to actually breathe a sigh of relief now that she could have lunch alone, and in peace.

Swirling her fork around her mashed potatoes, Lucy was beginning to have second thoughts. She wanted to approach the girl once and for all, and confess her love. What if she was rejected though? She wasn't sure her heart could take the disappointment.

Lucy sighed. For all her supernatural powers she still couldn't do it. She could only watch the girl live her life from a distance, longing for her touch, and affection. It should have made her sad, but she almost felt like it was better that way. Sure, she could simply use her impossible powers to force herself upon Sylvia, but that wouldn't be real enough for her. They both had to mean it.

Looking down at her own meal, Lucy found she didn't feel so hungry anymore. The lump of mashed potatoes on her fork didn't look so appetizing anymore, and the lonely slice of pizza wasn't doing anything for her either.

Resting her head on her arms, she simply tapped her fork up and down on the tray, looking at the wall. To her surprise, she heard someone take a seat at her table. Turning her head slowly, it took all of Lucy's willpower to remain calm when she noticed it was Sylvia.

?Mind if I sit here?? She asked, in her soft, lilting voice.

Lucy nodded her head nervously.

?Thank you.? Sylvia said, smiling warmly.

Lucy's heart melted, and she looked down at her lunch again. Things were tastier now that the mashed potatoes dripped down the side of her slice of pizza. She was sure it had to be a metaphor for something, but she really wasn't sure what.

Though she searched her mind desperately for some kind of way to initiate a conversation, she simply couldn't. So, the two sat, eating their lunch together in silence.

For Lucy, it was the happiest moment of her life.
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