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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thank you all for the positive reviews! I realise by reading them that some have high expectations, so that put me on a bit of pressure. Hope the second chapter isn't a disappointment. Enjoy!



Stan waits a few moments to regain his composure, it will be awkward when he sees his mother in the state he is in now. He hears his sister jumping down the stairs and makes a mental note,  to tell her that she should be a bit more careful if he actually shrinks. But he quickly changes his mind because then she would probably take him to the gym or something.

He walks in the kitchen and sees his mother already ate breakfast and is reading the Sunday newspaper while drinking some coffee. Stan greets his mom and sees his sister rummaging through the cupboards to make breakfast. He notices she put on a pink sweatpants and a simple white top. Mia always looks cute, but there is something about girls wearing sweatpants. It must be an awesome experience to be hidden into those pants, Stan thinks to himself. Not wanting to get excited again he quickly sits down at the kitchen table.

In the meantime Mia gathered her breakfast items and places them on the table, but realised she forgot some milk and walks back to the fridge. “Get some breakfast for me as well sis”, Stan says to his sister trying to tease her. Mia gets the milk from the fridge and closes the door slowly, leaning back against the fridge. She puts on a guilty pouting face and says “damn, I need to remember I have to feed you as well, sorry big brother, let me make it up to you’. She only takes a plate from the cupboard and puts it in front of her brother and quickly rubs his hair. She sits down at the table as well and while pointing at her plate asks what he would like. Stan feels he is losing the momentum but tells his sister that some bread would be nice. Mia takes some bread and pinches with her thumb and index finger at her bread and leans over to her brothers plate. She is rubbing her fingers together causing some crumbs to fall at his plate. “Oops that is a bit much, wait let me help you”. She licks her thumb and casually pushes down most of the crumbs so they stick on her finger. She holds it in front of her brother saying “you want these or the one that is on your plate?” She sees that her brother is looking intensely at her thumb and she knows he is probably imagining he is one of the crumbs. “The one on your plate then” and she slowly brings her thumb to her mouth while sticking out her tongue and slowly licks the crumbs of her finger, never taking her eyes of her brother. When she is done, Mia points at her brothers plate and says  “See, your sister will eventually give you some food, let’s just hope she doesn’t forget it too often. “ She leans back to watch her brother’s reaction with a huge toothy grin and when she is satisfied she concentrates on making herself breakfast.

Alex was already getting aroused from her actions. Her ability to turn every common situation to her fantasy of having him tiny and under her control was truly amazing.

Before he has a chance to say anything, their mother intervenes. Shaking her head disapprovingly at her daughter but with a sly smile she says “when are you two ever going to grow up”. She looks at her son who normally would just playfully stomp her and take her bread instead, but now only stares at his sister. “And why do you let yourself belittle like that?” she asks her son. Mia was just taking her first bite when she burst out in laughter about that last remark causing crumbs to fly everywhere and leaving her son looking angry at his sister, but soon making place with laughter as well.

Carol doesn’t understand the situation, but knows from past experiences that she should let them have their running gag. They always liked to tease each other so this was no different she thinks. Feeling she should change the subject to actually achieve a proper conversation she asks her son if he already made plans for the holiday.

Stan is glad the subject changes to something else, while reminding himself that the chances are very slim to actually shrink and he should act like the bigger brother again. He was just about to reply that he haven’t made plans so far, but his sister suddenly chips in. Mia looks at her brother with mild surprise and stops with eating her breakfast. “Haven’t you told mom your plans yet? she asks. Stan looks confused at his sister but dreading what she has planned. Not wanting to have her in control in every situation he turns to his mother to answer but Mia beats him to it. “There is a slim chance he’s going to travel around the country” she says very excited. “He will be away all holiday, he knows for sure this afternoon!”

Stan kicks his sister under the table mouthing that she should shut it. His reaction tells his mother that he actually is planning such a thing but is too scared to tell her. “And when were you planning on telling me this?” Carol asks her son. Stan is just about to tell his mother that he isn’t planning such a thing when suddenly it hits him. This would be a perfect way to actually stay shrunken during the holiday if he should win the lottery. “Er, well, this afternoon when I know for sure, I was going to tell you” he says to his mother which causes his sister to smile.

Mia is enjoying every second of the next conversation. Her brother really tries hard to convince his mother to let him go on holiday for the summer. For her it’s a win-win situation, when he actually shrinks they have an alibi, when they don’t win the lottery she at least can watch him get out of this situation. When her brother convinced her mother enough she decides to join the conversation.

“So what are you going to see and do when you’re away?” she asks very sweetly. Stan looks at his sister and he can tell she enjoys the situation. He is glad his mother bought his story and he actually thinks she will let him leave for the holiday. Wanting to end this conversation he just says that he haven’t decided yet. “Oh maybe I can help pick your destinations!” Mia says excited and suddenly gets an idea. She grabs her last piece of bread and raises it to her mouth but at the last moment you sister lets it drop between her legs. “Oops, clumsy of me”, and quickly picks up the fallen piece and continues talking “but as I was saying maybe you can visit a forest of something” while lightly brushing her piece of bread against her crotch, making sure her mother didn’t see. Then she lifted her piece to chest level, holding it very close to her boobs commenting that walking in the mountains could be interesting. “And when you’re there”, and she suddenly throws the piece in her mouth chewing a couple of times, “you can do some spelunking” and leans in at her brother and opens her mouth revealing some mashed up food glistering with saliva and yelling “aaah”.

Stan looks into his sister mouth and is glad he is sitting at the table, because he instantly got hard again. She is pushing his buttons again. The thought of being in there is overwhelming, but he regains his composure and pushes his sister away on her forehead. “You’re disgusting little sis”  he says to her. Mia just smiles and sticks out her tongue playfully.

Stan looks at his mother rolling her eyes and sighing. “You two are impossible, I hope you are more mature during your travels Stan”. Your sister looks at her brother and says “Yeah, you should have a supervisor or something the next few weeks” Mia laughs. “Don’t worry mom, this afternoon I will train him how to behave when he is feeling helpless in the future”. Carol rolls her eyes again and begins to clean the table.

There is no way to describe the mixture of feelings Stan is experiencing. The little show she just put on was too much. He quickly looks at his watch and sees it’s only 10 minutes to the announcement. He just have to win the lottery, he have to experience being shrunk by her. There is no way of telling how far her imagination will go to put him in any kind of situation whether he likes it or not.

Mia sees her brother totally in awe again by her little display. She gets up from the table and pulls his arm trying to get him to follow her. “Come big brother, let’s see if you actually go on a little holiday!”. Stan quickly shakes his arm loose, because if he gets up his mom will see his boner. “No, I’m all right, I will come in a few minutes” he says. Suddenly he feels his sister warm body leaning over him, “yes, I can see that” she says sweetly. She pinches him playfully in the neck and says “All right, see you in a few minutes, I’ll be in my room”


Chapter End Notes:

My intention is that this will be a long story, so hopefully in the end there will be something for everyone. I appreciate receiving all of your feedback. And if you have any ideas or fantasies of what Mia should do with her brother, let me know! ;)


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