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Jake is the youngest member of an all girl family, two devious older sisters and an overly protective mother. If he thought his home life was rough before, how bad will things get when he shrinks thanks to a freak accident and is at the mercy of all three of them, each with their own feelings towards him, and with their own method of coping with his new situation.

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Published: November 12 2012 Updated: April 20 2013
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I realize I haven't posted in awhile, so forgive me for starting something new, I was just getting tired of my other stories, plus blancing my final highschool year and my home life doesn't leave me much free time for stuff like this anymore.

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Never expected so many positive reviews guys, thanks for the support! I'll keep the chapters coming! Be patient for the good stuff though!

4. Chapter 4 by Hollow [Reviews - 11] starstarstarstarstar (1050 words)

You might be wondering why I suddenly stopped posting last time after I started up quality family time, and why i'm suddenly posting again, to keep it simple, last time I was posting I received a hateful message detailing what that person thought was wrong with me, my story, and he/she carefully went about how they thought my home life and my rekationship with my family must be in order for my stories to even exist. Needless to say I was angry, and I altogether gave up on writing out my fantasies, but for some unknown reason I checked this site again the other day, it had been a long time obviously, and I decided to see how my last post had done. To my astonishment you guys seriously seemed to like my story, and were willing to comment and review on it to keep it going. It gave me releif to see so many eager people share what they loved about my stories. I can't promise posts every day, week, or month, but when I can find the free time, I'll continue to add to my stories, thanks guys and gals.