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Henry sat where had been so impulsively deposited. Assuming a fetal position as he did so. Not so much for the cramped quarters of his ad hoc refuge. But, because of the way it was arousing him!

"I've created a monster," he muttered.

So, to keep his mind off his sensual surroundings, he started hypothesizing about this most unforeseen side-effect of his experiment.

"I woke up--quite literally--in the palm of her hand! Which means I'm, at least, sixty inches shorter than I used to be. There's only one feasible explanation for that: proton decay!"

"When my injuries accelerated the regeneration process, there was only one way my mutated metabolism could cope. Some of my corporeal mass was converted into neutral pions and neutrinos that are now part of the ambient atmosphere."

While this mood-killing mental soliloquy was in progress, Sheriff Marshall was getting head-shaking shrugs from all the other Golden Girls in the locker room.

"Honestly, Sheriff!" Claire-Ysabel finally interjected: "The closest thing we've seen to a voyeur, during our dress rehearsal, was that young custodian. Now, if there's nothing further, the girls and I have to finish dressing back up in our street clothes. So, we can return to our rooms, at the Holiday Inn, in time for curfew."

"Of course, ma'am. Just doing my duty, was all. After all; you are the guests of the Lone Star State! And, none of us would want anything un-toward happening to you."

"That's very kind of you. Merci beau coup. You, too, Deputy Dawkins!"

The two law men smiled; touched the front brims of their Stetsons, as one; and then left. Whereupon, Claire-Ysabel immediately withdrew her little refugee. Prompting the rest of the Golden Girls to reassemble around her.

"Well, Doc?" she began: "It looks like the cops backed up your story. Even if they didn't know it. The question now is; what do _we_ do with you?"

"I don't suppose there's anyway I could persuade you into taking me back across campus, so I could peruse my written notes?"

Claire-Ysabel and the others smiled.

"You suppose right. I wasn't lying to the sheriff. We're due back at the Holiday Inn by ten! And, I want to make our return with as much time to spare, as possible."

Henry smiled back: "Then, it appears we're at an impasse."

His benefactress' smile became a full-fledged grin.

"That's what you think."

Whereupon, she place him at the bottom of her gymbag and zipped it shut!

Five minutes later, he felt his ears temporarily stuff up as the bag was lifted off the ground. He and the rest of the contents then began swaying back and forth as the gymbag's owner started moving with it. And, the moment he heard the deafening sound of a motor starting up, he knew that Claire-Ysabel and the gymbag were on one of Magic City's crosstown buses.

Fifteen minutes after that, the gymbag was re-opened. Letting some much-welcome light into the darkness. Well, that; and a giant right hand belonging to his benefactress.

Henry did not hesitate in the slightest to climb aboard that hand. When he had done so, it ascended until he was literally eye-to-eye with Claire-Ysabel. And, the sight that met his eyes made both them and his manhood bulge!

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